March 4, 2014

Review: The Dirty Side of Fashion Book

I will admit it, I am not good at taking care of my clothes and so I keep it simple and stay with 100% Cotton clothes. Those with such complicated fabrics like silks with sequins or beaded, pleated wools and such, all those goes to my dry cleaners. 
So when I was offered this book for review, I couldn't wait to read it!

About the product:
  • Here's a description according to their website:
 "This 60-page guide contains heaps more than your average book. Stickers, hanger cards, tear-out cards and charts along with actual wardrobe-saving products are all included. But wait, there's more: links to exclusive videos are included to help you learn how to jelly roll like a pro."

  • It explains how certain parts of our clothes gets stains and what kinds or types they are! Since all stains are not the same!

  • It has a guide on how to wash certain fabrics. If silk needs ironing or what dry cycle does cashmere needs to be on.

I have been out of my Momma's house for years now, and I still make mistakes on how I should take care of my own dresses, shirts, sweaters and all that. And when in doubt with those delicate pieces I just handwash them! We hate going to the dry cleaners too, I think we only go once a year so any book that can help me take care of my clothes longer is much needed in my household. 

Also, you can follow them on their Social Media links here:

I have also been browsing their website: which has more information on how to take care of anything and everything you have in your closet! From your shoes to the collar of your shirt, so do check out their site for some helpful tips! They also sell different kits for those on-the-go fashion emergencies! Such as this Fashion First-Aid Purse Sized Kit (which I also received for review)

image taken from

            I have not used my kit for emergencies yet (knock on wood, I hope not) but if I do face an emergency, I have this kit handy in my purse!

            So if you are like me and you just put all your clothes in one setting for wash and dry, this is a handy book to have. It's straight to the point and easy to read. 

            *Have you experienced any fashion emergencies in your life? How did you solve it? 

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