June 27, 2017

Cyantific Skin Care

Every skincare review I do here on my blog, I always mention that my results may not be the same as yours if you use the same products. Unless you are taking the same acne medication (Spironolactone tablets and Tazorac cream) as I am, then maybe you may get the same results.

For this review, I have asked my Sister to try it out with me to see if it works differently with her skin.
And after weeks of using it, here's what we think of the
Cyantific Complete Anti-Aging Kit
image taken from cyantificskincare.com

June 19, 2017

Why Invest on a Leather Bag?

I don't define myself as being against items made from animal by-products as I do have leather shoes, leather bags and a car with leather seats; even my german shepherd's leash is made from leather. I do own handbags made from good quality real leather and faux leather. I don't discriminate, but when it comes to pieces I want to last me for a long time, I do prefer to look into high quality leather goods.

June 13, 2017

Go Classic With a GRAYTON Watch

A classic accessory never goes out of style nor out of trend. It goes well with every outfit in your closet and any arm candy you pair it with. It can be dressed down for a rooftop brunch or dressed to the nines. CLASSIC is what I think of when I see a pair of

June 5, 2017

Best of Kenra Professional: Hairspray

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I was never a hairspray user since my last experience with a hairspray was how it gave me such stiff, untouchable hair! I like combing my fingers through my hair throughout the day. I have a habit of playing with my hair when I'm thinking or watching TV or reading a magazine. I can't be held back with touching my hair, hence my ban to all hairsprays.
Until lately when I was sent this set of
Best of Kenra Professionals Hairsprays
that now I don't let a day pass I don't use one of these hairsprays. 

June 2, 2017

More Confessions of a Beauty Blogger (part II)

Thanks so much for your feedback and for sharing your own confessions with my last Confessions post. Just click the link above to read the first part of this series. I liked that it opened up a conversation with my fellow bloggers hence here we are with part 2 since I have 
More Confessions 
to share with you!