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Jackie is a full-time house wife, married since 2007 living in Brooklyn, NY. A fur momma to three pets Wins, Keiko and Major. She started her beauty blog back in 2012 in-between their dog walks and play time. "FiveTwo" came from embracing her height and petite figure. This blog will only be focusing on her journey in the beauty world of skincare, makeup and fashion, hence the "beauty" in the name.   

She is in her early 30's and found her love with makeup just recently from watching a lot of YouTube makeup tutorials and beauty product reviews. She has taught herself how-to wear makeup by reading a lot of beauty-related articles and following a lot of makeup artists. By trying out different makeup techniques, she has learned what is best for her and this is what she shares on her blog besides her own beauty product reviews.

She has also been struggling with acne since her teen years and have gone to see different dermatologists and tried different prescripted and OTC skincare medications and products. As makeup and skincare products evolve, her search for the "perfect" makeup and skincare products continues and is shared on her blog "FiveTwo Beauty". Once in a while she will also share her fashion outlook here or on her social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) to give you ideas on how else to wear that tee or dress!

"Each and everyone of us have our own distinct taste, you may either love or hate my taste and what I have to say but this is just a way for me to share to everyone how these products have changed my life, which you may apply to your own beauty-decision making."  -Jackie


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