March 21, 2014

Radiant Orchid Lip Shades Faves

 Because of the dry winter air my lips have not been well to rock bold lips so I thought I would still share with you though my fave "Radiant Orchid" lip shades that I I think is just a fun color to wear and adds that nice pop of color on any outfit or makeup look!

I want to share you a few of my favorite lip products and how I wear them for everyday or special occasions. I think this is a color that a lot of people thinks is hard to pull off, but I believe anybody can pull this color off, you just need to find the right shade for you! 

For an EVERYDAY wear:
  • Those who are not sure if purple toned lip shades do look good on you, I suggest trying for pinkish toned ones liked the Almay Liquid Lip Balm in Lilac LoveThis liquid lip balm is very hydrating on the lips and the lilac color is very subtle! This is great for everyday wear and can be layered with your other pink-nude lip products!
  • if you would like more color but suitable for work or daytime, I recommend NYX Butter lipstick in Hunk. This lipstick goes on so smooth on the lips and not drying at all! The color is actually great to transition from Winter to Spring! It is on the reddish-purple side but not too dark nor too bright. With a neutral eye makeup this will definitely stand out and give your look a little oomph!
  • The Winter weather has been making my lips dry and wearing deep lip shades are hard when lips are all chappy. No worries ladies but I found the perfect berry color to wear even if you are having dry lip problems! The FreshBeauty Sugar lip treatment in Berry is the perfect lip product to fight those drying lips! This is super hydrating and the color leaves a nice tint on the lips that this can be worn all day through the night!

For SPECIAL OCCASSIONS (date night, Girl's Night Out, parties):
  • Now you're ready to sport a bold lip on that night with the girls or hubby and would love to try something with a hint of purple in it. I like to grab for my Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Venom. This has more of a deep raspberry color to it with blue undertones that gives that subtle purple shade when worn. I love this lipstick! It's very moisturizing and has a good long wear time.
  • If you think blue undertoned lipsticks just does not compliment your skin tone, I love this drugstore brand that has a feel and packaging of a high end lipstick. The Milani ColorStatement lipstick in Uptown Mauve has more of a pink undertone and gives a more fuschia-purple color to the lips. A nice one to wear in the Spring and would look great on any neutral everyday or smokey eye look!
  • You decide you want to make a statement or standout in the crowd or make a dramatic entrance at your friend's party, the Revlon Colorburst Matte balm in Shameless is the way to go! This very moisturizing lip crayon has a matte finish which is the perfect statement piece to an outfit! It is just the perfect purple than can be toned down so it's more wearable at work by mixing it with a pink-nude gloss or to tone down the purple color try layering it with your red lipstick.

I hope this helps you to try out this shade. It is a beautiful shade but just like a red lipstick, you just need to find the right purple toned lip product for you! They definitely vary from the pinky-purples to the neon bright purples to the deep red-purples! This is one simple way to add some pop of color into your wardrobe; into your style, so go head to the beauty aisle and grab your perfect purple lip shade!

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