December 28, 2012

Fave Lip Products of 2012!!!

let's take a break from reviewing all this beauty bag subscriptions and let me share you my best lip products *or some call "lippies" of 2012!!!
I have never been this excited to have accumulated so many lip glosses, lip stains, lip balms, lipsticks and everything else in between this year. I have never really been this obsessed with what I wear on my lips until this year!
Plus, when I get lazy and don't really want to spend...a really long time! doing my whole face I just grab my tinted lip balm or put on one of my lip stain on, just powder my face and conceal any blemishes and I'm out of the door in five minutes!
*If you click on the name for each product it will take you to their official website and you can get more info there, instead of me trying to explain to you all that stuff.
Ok enough intro and let's start the list! In no particular order and categories since I am no pro with what the different types and kinds of lip products are out there, here is MY FAVE LIP PRODUCTS OF 2012:

1- Fresh Sugar Lip Balms

      Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy: Got a sample size of this from an even they had during this summer and my lips love this balm! Especially after wearing heavy lipstick on all day, scrub it off then put this on and my lips feels very moisturized and no dryness or chappy lips the next day!

      Sugar Rose Tint: This year Sephora gave out the Sugar Lip Balm and this one on your Birthday month. Very moisturizing and has a very slight tint on my lips.
     Sugar Berry Lip Tint: Purchased this during Spa Week because of the deep plum tint it leaves on my lips! It looks great with my tanned skin and keeps my lips hydrated during this cold weather.

2- Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter: These are very hydrating, very pigmented and has awesome color choices! These are great during the winter months also. Only con is it's not long lasting, you do need to retouch after eating and drinking, and so for my next favorite is the. . .

3- Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm StainI love how it leaves a nice stain on my lips all day, I really don't need to touch up that many times! It is not drying either but it is not moisturizing enough for me during the winter season. I would layer a lip gloss over it or the Lip Butter and I'd be fine. Color is pretty pigmented and leaves a little minty feel on your lips after you put it on. Revlon really hit a home run with this product because I would stock up *a lot! on these if they would ever stop making them!

4- L'oreal Colour Caresse by Colour Riche: This may look like a lipstick but it feels like a lip balm on my lips! As like my other faves I can never get enough of moisturizing lip products and this one is one of it! They have a very limited color choices from this line but Silky Java is my go-to color for doing a nude lip look *layering this over the Creme Brulee Lip Butter. Again it is not long lasting so it is something you need to touch up a few times in the day, but I wouldn't mind pulling this out of my purse since this has a really nice gold packaging with a strip of the lip color inside.

5- Maybelline Baby Lips: in Cherry gives me that red lips as if I just ate one of those cherry Popsicle. I use this mostly in the summer since it is not hydrating enough for me during the winter days. I don't put this as often as I thought since it has a very long lasting moisture on my lips not like other lip balms I have tried.

6- Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balmin Hibiscus is my perfect match! Not only it keeps my lips moisturized, it also leaves a nice tint to my lips. I have dark pigmented lips so I always go for the darker tinted lip products and this one gives me a nice just right deep red color I need when everything else in my face is neutral.

7- bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Glossin Daredevil was one of the sample sized products I received in my November Ipsy bag and I love it! This has a dark red tint to it which I love. This leaves a nice minty tingling sensation on your lips and it feels nice when the cold air blows on my face! This has no tacky feel to it at all and helps to keep my lips hydrated in the winter, so this is definitely a winter lip product I would be using a lot this next three months!

8- NYX Mega Lip Shine Lip GlossDefinitely another product I would love to collect all the colors! I call this my liquid lip balm since it goes on so smooth with no tacky feel to it at all! I love using this on top of my lipsticks that gets my lips chappy afterwards. You get a lot for what you pay for with this product, actually with this brand overall! No need for me to be splurging on high end lip glosses to get that perfect shine since this one covers that!

Oh my gosh, that summed up my favorite "lippies" of 2012! I have never really collected that much lip products before but most of this drugstore brands turned up the notch and released a lot of really good lip products this year! win-win!!! I'm sure it will just get better in 2013 and I can't wait to see what they have up in their sleeves!

What's on your list for 2012? I'd love to know and see if I missed any lip products out there that I should have in my collection.

December 27, 2012

December 2012 Ipsy/ MyGlam bag

"From Ipsy With Love; Happy Haute Holidays" is the theme of December's Glambag.

*FYI ladies: On their Facebook Ipsy Page, they would post a clue on what's going to be in next month's bag. So if you want to be surprised when your bag comes DO NOT check their FB! But if you're like me who can't wait to see what kind of beauty products we will be getting go take a peek and join the guessing game!
Since I have joined in October, Ipsy hasn't disappointed me. Though my dresser is overflowing with lip, eye and face products and sample sized make-up stuff, I am not going to complain. For $10, I am still pretty lucky to get an eyeliner, lip gloss, an eyeshadow and a primer that will last me more than a month!

And here is a picture of Ipsy December Glam Bag:

This month it came in this awesome dark metallic silver boxy pouch with the signature "Ipsy pink" lining zip up case. This has replaced my old, worn out everyday make-up pouch. I love it!

Obviously, these products is to help you prepare for the holiday parties coming up, but I want to see if I can use this in a day-to-day basis such as a day-to-night look!

Oh for this month's bag, I also got an extra sample product. Ipsy included a note saying as being an active member on their Ipsy site (All I did was participate in their monthly challenges, comment, like other's Looks and sharing my own Looks), they have asked me to try the Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm! This is not available in stores until January!

Just like any other BB creams out there this claims to do a lot of stuff besides priming. It supposedly  perfects, protects, treats and hydrate skin *click HERE to read on what they mean by all those!
I have only used it a few times and I am a fan! I used this as a primer since it goes on clear with no coverage at all. It did helped keep my make-up on all day and gave me that glow and hydration my skin needs during this cold season. It didn't make my skin greasy or greas-ier or irritated my sensitive skin. No breakouts which is great news! I can't say anything about the other stuff they claim such as firmer skin, even out skin tone and lesser fine lines since I have not used it that long. I actually might purchase it when it comes out since my make-up did goes on smoother, lasted all day and great to use in the winter weather.

If you didn't get the BB cream, there's another primer in the bag, Mirabella Primer for Face & Eyes. I used this as an eye primer since I don't want to try out too many different products on my face, and this worked great! No creasing and the eye shadow looked more saturated.

The NYX Loose Pearl Shadow in Walnut, stayed on great. For the DAY look, I just patted this on lightly all over my eyelids giving me that light bronzey smokey look but not too heavy for a day out. I've never used a loose eye shadow before but I learned by using a flat brush with synthetic bristles it goes on well. This does not have a lot of fall out either which means it's not gonna end up all over your cheeks or blouse! *Just tap out the excess from the brush before patting it on! I kept the rest of my eye shadow matte since this one was shimmery enough. I used a matte taupe on my crease and matte white eye shadows on my brow bone and tear duct area for highlight.
for NIGHT: I used the same flat brush but sprayed a bit of water to it before getting more of the loose eye shadow and this helped to make the color more pigmented on my lids.You will see the little gold pigments in the eye shadow more, so it gives you more shimmer when you wet your brush. I patted more in the middle, used a dark brown eye shadow in my corners and just blended this a bit on my crease, and this gave me a nice brown smokey look for a night out!

With the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero:
For DAY: I tight lined my upper lids with this awesome eyeliner, and smudge a brown eye shadow on my lower lid.
For NIGHT: I used it on my water line, lined my upper lids and smudged it a little. And with an angled brush I took some of this color to wing out the corners. Go as dramatic as you want with the eye liner but because I was just going to a dinner that night I just made a subtle wing.
This is like the best eye liner I have used! It goes on so smoothly and this stayed on all day and night with no smudging! You really need to use a make up remover to get this eyeliner off!

To finish the look, after contouring I used the Mai Couture Highlighter Paper on top of my cheekbones for a DAY look. For the NIGHT look, I added some blush and swiped on some more of the highlighter paper on my cheeks, on the bridge of my nose and chin to give me that "JLo Glow". For pictures, it made my face look oily (I think) but in person I love how it gave me a great glow *harsh flashes don't do justice!

Oh and of course I used the Be a Bombshell in Hot Mess Lip Gloss at NIGHT, lining my lips with a red lip liner first but just a nude lip during the DAY time. This lip gloss does not feel like a gloss at all! It doesn't have that tacky feel to it. I actually forget I have this on because it feels like I just put on a lip balm. It's so hydrating and that red- OMG! is so perfect for the holidays! Or for day time just wear it by itself and keep everything neutral and it will look awesome! It's pretty opaque that you don't need to line your lips before putting this on but for long lasting color, a liner would help. This comes off easily once you drink or eat so you do need to touch up a few times.

And here's a pic of my day-to-night look that I came up with. Nothing too dramatic since I still like to keep it simple. I am no expert with make up. I am learning the same time I have been receiving my Ipsy bags every month, so judge as much as you can; suggest anything and I will make notes. Love to hear any feedback you have =)

This is another great bag from Ipsy! These brands are pretty much well known brands already in the beauty world but they are definitely products that I would not have purchased on my own. So thanks Ipsy, I get to try something that I wouldn't think these brands would make such great quality primer, eyeliner, beauty balm, loose pearl eyeshadow or lip gloss besides for what they are known for. 
Again, just to remind you guys, if you click on the product names above, it should take you to the link to the discount codes on those products from Ipsy. I was in debate on getting more of those NYX Pearl Shadows but during the holidays a lot of the colors I want were out of stock so I'm out of luck, boohoo!
I can't wait to get next month's already!

December 5, 2012

Influenster Cosmo Voxbox 2012

Finally, I have been selected by Influenster to review one of their Voxbox! If you don't know what Influenster is, I wrote a blog on it here: Influenster
They have given out a lot of their themed boxes this year and I am not sure how they choose. They email you to fill out a survey to see if you qualify for an upcoming box and in a week or so you either get another email if you are qualified. Besides that as a factor to being chosen, also your social media connections helps to be chosen.
I signed up with Influenster in July of this year but my social media connections were weak. I think it has improved but it's still not as strong as others have. My blogs don't have a lot of subscribers or readers. My Pinterest don't have a lot of followers since I wasn't really active on it. My Facebook which I cleaned out recently have fewer people. I may know hundreds of people but only a third of them really knows me, what I post on FB is like welcoming you to my home. I do have a Youtube account but that's only to post my dogs cute videos and comment at others videos, plus to keep all my Favorite videos in hand! And back in July, I didn't have an account with Twitter. All these social medias are connected with my Influenster account and just today they asked me to connect my Foursquare which I recently abandoned since I really don't have friends who uses it but whatevs. Either way, all these apps or websites are out there and what's the harm for getting Influenster inside my profiles with all these "apps"?!?
Okay I know you're dying what's in the Cosmo Voxbox I received so here's a picture:

I've only had this for a day but I have tried the. .
Forever Red Exclusively at Bath&Body Works and it's a scent I would not buy myself. It has a blend of pomegranate and red osmanthus , and vanilla rum. It smells very very sweet and musky but it is definitely perfect for the winter months. It is a scent I do need to get used to since I have always worn ligth floral perfumes, this is one I'm glad I get to sample.
there's also two pens they have included in my box. . .
FriXion by Pilot Pen in Black and Purlple Ink: I was excited to test these out since the day before I received this box, my husband was asking me if I were going to write love letters to him since I recently just bought a set of journals from the Target Limited Edition Holiday24 Collection . I was surprised he brought up the topic since he's not the mushy type, but I am! I was going to wait until the New Year to make this part of my resolution but what's the harm on starting that early!?! It's so nifty how the rubber end of the pen really do erase the ink! Not messy as rubber erasers either! Great excuse for me to use my new fancy Carolina Herrera notebooks and make my husband smile with little love notes he needs to find around the house, his closet and socks!  =) next were some blades!
Gilette Venus Embrace razor & Venus&Olay Razor refill I already am a fan of Venus. I have tried Schick and Bic and Venus is the only one that gives me that perfect shave. Smooth skin all the time! I am excited to see this in the box since that's $10-12 I don't need to spend to buy me some Venus razors! *a final review on it coming soon!*
Finally for the chocolate tooth on me, and what a perfect timing since 'tis the season I go overboard on sweets, they have included a huge bar of. . .
Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Sea Salt Escape bar: A milk chocolate with sea salt and crushed roasted almonds. I am already drinking a new found recipe I found of Sea Salt Caramel Hot Chocolate this season, and what's another sweet seat salt to add to my diet! I'm not a fan of nuts of any kind on my chocolates tho so this is another one I'll see if I will get use to or just not like it at all. Check back soon for the update!

For the price of. . .FREE, this is a pretty great box to receive! But just because I got it for free doesn't mean I will be giving these products flying colors. They will definitely hear my honest opinion and suggestions! That's another thing I do here online. I have left reviews on Amazon and Sephora and other sites and now have started my own review blog! I read other's reviews when I go online shopping or when I am researching for products or I am on debate what to buy and these reviews surely helps with the decision making.

December 4, 2012

UPDATE: Coastal Contacts Dilemma

From my recent post Coastal Contacts Disappointment, I have written what I went through to get a pair of free glasses. It was a test of my patience and good thing I am ordering a pair not because I needed one but to have an emergency pair if ever my glasses break on me. I feel bad for those customers who had waited as long as I did and others who have waited longer and have no eyeglasses at all to see day to day as they wait for Coastal deliver the said free pair to their customers. I've always wanted a pair of cat eye frames, and what a great way to try this out by getting them for free!
It has been 7 weeks since my order from and when I have given up on waiting for my glasses to come - last week there it was by my patio door a little box left by my mailman, Mike. It didn't have the Coastal logo all over the box, so I wasn't really sure what it was until I saw the mailing label says "international mail" with an address from Canada.
I couldn't believe it. It's finally here! After  TWO FAILED deliveries across the border, my free glasses is finally here. Though it wasn't the Derek Cardigans that I have originally ordered, I'm actually satisfied with my Love L740 Black Passion pair. My eyes are still trying to adjust to the frames since I have never worn thick framed glasses before. I love how they look on me, and definitely gonna keep them. I can't wait to play what make-up looks would go great with the glasses and the outfits to pair it with. I am pretty excited as it is not just to help me see but it's fashionable enough that I am proud to wear it outside the house!