December 8, 2016

Holidays with Anjolee Jewelry

I don't have an engagement story to share. I don't have a crazy proposal story nor an engagement ring at all. He did asked me if I wanted one with my wedding ring but I told him, I'd rather spend that money somewhere else. Nonetheless, I do wonder how hubby would have proposed and how an engagement ring would look like on my finger. I wonder what kind of setting and design he would pick for me. I wonder what I would like for myself as well. What kind of setting, shape and design I would like. So I have been playing around and designing here and there of some rings on this jewelry website called,
ANJOLEE The Art of Jewelry

November 30, 2016

DIY Advent Calendar

In my search for what Beauty Advent Calendar to get for myself, I felt bad that I would be the only one opening a gift a day, and my husband don't have any. There weren't tons of Advent Calendars for men out there, and so I thought I will just make it myself. This
DIY Advent Calendar isn't just for the men in your life, make it for your children or Mom or best friend or for your niece! 

November 28, 2016

2016 HOLIDAY Beauty Gift no. 5 - ULTA Beauty Holiday Gift Sets

After the Thanksgiving holiday, there's just a few weeks left to get the rest of our Holiday shopping list, and so here we are with my "fi-th" (5th) Holiday Beauty gift finds for you from 
Ulta's Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

November 25, 2016

eShakti Fall Style

Have you ever purchased clothes online and even in-store that looks almost perfect on you, if only they just made it shorter or a little bit tighter in the waist/ hip area? And even if the fit was off, you still buy it because you can just get that altered later, but it's actually been years and the same dress or pants is still in your closet. Don't worry, it happens to me all the time!
Comes in eShakti - to have thought of a way to get your dresses, pants, skirts or tops to you in not just your size but in your exact measurements!
I was very curious about this as it is all done online, and all measurements were done by myself.
Will this really fit me perfectly? I'm not a seamstress, so doing my own measurements kinda scares me - will they be right when I receive my order? I definitely had my doubts on how this will work out.
Keep reading to see how it worked out for me when I ordered the gorgeous dress below!

November 14, 2016

2016 HOLIDAY Beauty Gift no.5 - Too Faced Merry Macarons

I know, I know, all I have been posting are holiday beauty gift finds. 
I did debate on this, should I just do a very long post with only product names and a small description on them - which you will probably see most websites (blogs and online magazines) will have OR post them individually and give you my thoughts on them as well. Hence, I went for the latter because in addition to the product informations, didn't you also want to read what I think about these products? 
On that note, let's move on to our 5th HOLIDAY Beauty Gift find which is the
Too Faced Merry Macarons