De-Stress Yourself

We all have those days where it was just not going the way it is. This may be at work, while driving or waiting for your train or cooking or even at your shopping hour. So you get home, you just want to forget about this day...How do you destress yourself? A bubble bath perhaps? An online retail therapy? A whole 16" pizza? Or with a Ben&Jerry's and Netflix? 

Here are a few of what I have been using lately to calm not just my hormones but my skin before I break out from stress. So sit down and relax with your favorite box of chocolates or cupcake and let me give you some ideas on how to destress some more!

NYFW Fashionably Late Giveaway!!!

I was very fortunate to have attended and to work backstage for some NYFW shows last February, and I just wanted to share you some of the goodies the beautiful chaos of Fashion week had in-store!

#MeetEfva Event

Earlier this month, Swedish jewelry designer Efva Attling hosted a very intimate event at her Meatpacking District store in NYC. The guests were treated to take a look at her new collections including Catch a Falling Star and Take No Shit, which is a collection that sends a message of giving strength and gaining courage.