August 23, 2016

Conture Kinetic Toning System - Skincare Update

Some people still think I look not a day over 25. A really huge compliment that always makes my day! What they don't see up close are the fine lines and wrinkles that are slowly aging my skin.

 I am over 30 and wrinkles are "natural" to have by this age. I'm not super desperate nor super conscious about it either that I would go to extreme measures and get Botox regularly or facial surgery for it. I just want to delay them just a few years, hence my very serious-take on my skincare regimen in addition to working out and eating healthy. 
**Comment below if you want to see on Snapchat (fivetwo beauty) my AM or PM routine!**

I am curious though how those non-invasive anti-aging devices work, and so I was really excited to have received the
Conture Kinetic Toning System
I have been using this device, and the products they have sent me, for the past two months already, and I'm ready to share you my results and overall thoughts on this tool. 

August 10, 2016

ZOEVA Warm Spectrum Palette

I have mentioned on my last eyeshadow palette review (HERE!) that I have been using another palette this Summer, and that's the
ZOEVA Warm Spectrum Palette
which was also part of my London Shopping Haul (you can check that haul HERE!).
I actually wanted to buy the set of rose gold makeup brushes but I have spent so much money already so I went to pick up this palette instead. It was hard picking which palette to get since they were all beautiful and had great color range. I still have those brushes on my list and will just buy them next time.

August 2, 2016

hourglass vanish foundation review

If you ask me what's my HG foundation, I may not have that answer yet as I am constantly trying out different brands of makeup including foundations. Ask me for recommendations and I can give you a few that I like. If you ask me what's my favorite beauty brand and I will give you my top 5, and that includes Hourglass Cosmetics. I have fallen in-love with this brand since I've tried out their Ambient palette, Modernist Eyeshadow palette and their primer. So when Influenster gave me a chance to try out their new,
Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation and
Vanish Foundation Brush
I was very excited and had to control myself to not use it before I take my blog pictures.

July 21, 2016

2016 Summer Essentials

This Summer,  I have not worn much makeup because I would rather just let my face detox (aka sweat) than breakout from all the makeup. I pretty much just keep it to a No-Makeup makeup look if I do need to put on makeup for an event or when I go out. I have never been excited to keep my beauty products to a minimum and this
agn├ęs b. Red Leather Pouch
have been holding all my Summer essentials.

July 15, 2016

TechStyleNYC: Urban Oasis Experience

From swimsuits by B Side Swimwear, that can be worn in so may different ways and styles, to clothes by Heisel, that were made by a 3D printer, to t-shirts that had LED lights (and I think some even play music) by Flashion Statement
TechStyle NYC: Urban Oasis Experience
was one event that was full of wearable, stylish tech!
Pool floats from Big Mouth Inc.