Mally Beauty Secret to Happy 7-piece Collection

You know that feeling when somebody dangles your favorite cupcake or donut or chocolate in front of your face when they know you are on a sugar-free cleanse!?! Don't you just want to strangle them!?! It's the same feeling I get when hubby changes the channel to QVC when he sees Tuesday/ Friday Night Beauty is on! I can usually control myself and not grab my phone to purchase BUT when there is such a really good deal like this
Mally Beauty Secret to Happy 7-pc Collection
How can I not?!?

a natural flush from a blush!

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I have read and watched beauty reviews on blushes and always have a huge question mark on my face when they say, "This is a great shade if you just want that natural finish on your cheeks...". I thought you put blush to give you those rosy cheeks look? To add some color to your face, why do you want a natural finish on your cheeks?? I did not understand this statement until this blush came to my doorstep.
Paula Dorf Cheek Color in Passion