February 28, 2014

Vintage Glam No Buy March Collab

Do I need to say more?!?

This will definitely going to be a looong month as there will be NO BUYING of MakeUp for myself at all...for 31 days! 31 days!!!
I am happy to say I will not be doing this on my own and have my partner in crime, I mean one of my blog besties, +Liz Outh from My Pretty Obsessions, to be doing this with me! 

I have done a No Makeup Buy last year once, and have given you all a weekly update on how I distracted myself from not shopping at all and how hubby was not really helpful since he kept leaving the TV on the QVC channel! It was definitely tough doing it alone and so I am really happy to do this with someone who will understand this basic rule of no makeup buying to a beauty junkie!

Liz and I have also decided to share with you what beauty products (3-5 beauty items) from our makeup collection we are loving within the week, and share with you all what look we have come up with it. We will be calling this blog posts, Vintage Glam FOTD posts. 

You are probably asking why go on No Buy? A few reasons:
  • I have a list of products (I bought and some sent by companies) that needs to be tested and reviewed so I don't really need to be buying new beauty products as of right now. Those reviews will be up in the next coming weeks!
  • My beauty collection is getting out of hand and I need to fill up my "Empties" bag!
  • and most importantly, I may not have mentioned it before but I am going to IMATS-NY in April and go makeup shopping crazy while I'm there. I have my list and am just so ready to go!  

So to just give you all a heads up, if I sound bitter, depressing, overly dramatic or just sad the next few weeks - I am just going through shopping withdrawal, turning green of envy with all your shopping haul posts, new makeup products and stuff. No hard feelings please! 

Happy weekend everyone!

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