March 24, 2014

Review: Willa for Girls- Travel/ Sleep Over Kit

I may not have kids of my own but I do have a niece who is in her "tween" years, and I do know how important it is to be taking care of your skin as your body develops and goes through changes at this stage. 

For this post, I will be sharing you my niece's thoughts on this Willa Travel/ Sleep Over Kit they graciously sent to us to review. Before that though, let me share you what this company is all about. 

According to their site,
willa® began 4 years ago when my then 8-year-old daughter Willa was taking a bath and she asked why she had to use her little sister Julia's "babyish" skincare products. She wanted something just for her. I was thrilled Willa wanted to start taking care of her skin. So we looked in drug stores and department stores, but we couldn't find anything except for pink "bubblegum" products that were hardly safe or effective...
That's why we created willa®. We enlisted one of the best skincare labs in the country along with a top team of chemists and dermatologists to develop natural skincare products girls would want to use.
Our mission is to empower girls to make healthy choices with natural products so they will love the skin they're in.
- See more at:
About the products:
  • The kit retails for $30 on their website, HERE
  • It comes with a nice, color printed big cosmetic bag! *You can definitely fit all your bathroom essentials in here!
  • Start Fresh Foaming Face Wash
    • This is Paraben and Sulfate FREE product 
    • It is also DEA and Phtalate FREE
    • made in the USA and
    • not tested on animals!
    • Product description according to the site:
      • This luxurious liquid-to-foam face cleanser with anti-oxidant green tea leaf extract removes dirt, oil and the remains of the day with a gentle touch to reveal your most beautiful skin. Your eyes have nothing to fear. Glycerin hydrates, softens and smoothes skin to promote a healthy glow. With a fresh summer scent, your face always feels on vacation. - See more at: 

  • Face Friendly Clear Face Moisturizer
    • This is also Paraben-, Sulfate-, DEA and Phthalate FREE
    • Not tested on animals!
    • made in the USA
    • product description according to the website:
      • A tall drink of water for thirsty skin, this clear face moisturizer is made with only the best natural ingredients: aloe for its healing properties, green tea and mango extract for a shot of anti-oxidant vitamin C and eucalyptus, an excellent all-around skin balancer. It absorbs on contact, won’t clog pores, and you’ll never have to fear a greasy shine – not a good look when all you’re looking for is you, only hydrated. - See more at:

the Verdict:

  • I gave my niece a few basic questions to answer to get her thoughts on the products, and here's what she said:
    • Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try out Willa! I love the fact that Willa uses healthy ingredients, rather than harsh chemicals. The packaging is very appealing and I like the color and style of the products. Personally, one pump isn't enough for me so I use two pumps per face wash. I find the smell of the lavender very calming and relaxing. The moisturizer is perfect, although it is a little too liquidy. I couldn't be happier with the product. After use, it made my skin much softer! I also noticed that it is gentle on my skin, which is perfect since my skin is sensitive. I highly recommend this product and would definitely repurchase this product.

Thanks for reading guys! Do check out their website to see what other products they have. 

**a little disclaimer and a small fyi: This was sent to me for free in exchange for a blog review. When this arrived to my mailing address though, packaging was not labeled properly. There was nothing in the return address that it came from Willa, and there was no postage stamp either. You could say my hubby and I were freaking out on who(-the-hell!) have left a box in front of our doorstep!
Their office is in New York City but I was not informed by the company it was going to be sent to me without using UPS or USPS or Fedex. I am really not sure how they sent it since the only reply I got from them after telling them this was "Just glad you got it".
I surely did not want to bring this up with this review but I just want my fellow bloggers and readers who are interested in ordering or requesting for samples from this company that this could may or may not happen to you. I am really not sure how they ship their products but I think that was very unprofessional.

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