September 27, 2012

September Birchbox Review

So this month's Birchbox has the "September Issue" theme and according to their little card that comes with every box: "September marks the starting line for the season's fashion bonanza."
Inspired by the fashion world and the start of Fall, the have filled this month's Birchbox with what will be trending in the fall of 2012. In that note let's look at my box!

NOTE: This box also came with their very own fall Lookbook, which is pretty much a compilation of fall inspired trends from make-up, hairs to nails. The products used can be found in their store and the quick tips are also posted in their blog. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too since they do a lot of giveaways there!!!

Color Club: Birchbox Custom Polish in Insta-This: This is a very opaque cobalt blue and with my tanned skin this looks great on my toes! I just love how I only need to put one coat of it. It's not streaky and it dries quick. Without a topcoat, my toe polish have lasted two weeks! 
Jouer- Matte Moisture Tint in Hazel: My first thoughts were "oh my goodness this is tiny! This will only last me one day!"- Wrong! I have used it three times already and I think I have a little bit left for one more day. I actually don't need a lot! Two dots in the cheeks, forehead and chin and I am good to go! I don't use concealer for my acne scars and this evens out my skin pretty well. It does go matte and it do help with my oily T-zone. Still need to blot after a few hours but not as much as before! I love this product.
kate spade new york: Twirl:  This is my third Birchbox and this is my third perfume sample. I know I can get this perfume samples after walking in every counter in a department store and so I am not thrilled to see this another perfume sample in my box =( I don't hate the smell (light and and sweet and floral) but I am still in-love with my Juliette Has A Gun perfume sample from two months ago.
Skin, An Apothecary: Soy Body Whip in Poppy: This is a great sample size for a lotion I was excited to see this in my box BUT do not put your nose to close to the jar because this one has a strong floral smell! Don't tell me I didn't warn you! I use this all over my body after a great shower and the strong smell kinda goes away after a while so you don't really smell very "Poppy" all day or night that you would get sick of yourself. It feels good on the skin, not greasy and very moisturizing - pretty perfect for the weather change when my skin do dry up big time! 
twistband: Birchbox Custom Lace Hair Tie: I have seen this twistband from others Birchbox unboxing videos on Youtube a few months back but this lace design is a Birchbox exclusive. I was excited to try this out since I have long hair and very intrigued why this is better than my cheap hair tie when this is basically just an elastic fabric knotted to form a hair tie. Unfortunately this didn't hold up after two-three uses, the lace design wore out and all you see is white with a hint of orange. Not impressed with this one and I am surely gonna pass buying this even if it's 99cents. *Sorry*
I also got a Lifestyle Extra of Hollywood Fashion Tape: It came in different sizes but not in pairs, so my left boob will be hanging out while the other one is all taped up! I guess. This will be stored in my Fashion First Aid purse when I do decide to go wear that daring low plunging black dress in my closet. =)

All in all, not bad I have my fingers crossed that Birchbox will hopefully stop putting perfume samples in mine and put more make-up products specifically lip and eye products since I looove playing with those and anything to enhance my big wide eyes and pouty lips =)

September 11, 2012

Fashion Night Out 2012

If you have never heard of Fashion Night Out (FNO), it is Anna Wintour's answer to the slow fashion business economy. By bringing a one night only extended hours for shoppers to shop at their favorite participating department and high end stores, Miss Wintour thought this will help the fashion economy back in business and not through depression. Okay, that is more of my perception and personal opinion on FNO, you can google it for a better explanation on it.
I have only gone twice, last year and this year. This 6-11pm shopping night with freebies of alcohol n other treats once a year never really got my interests when it started in 2009, until my sister drags me to go with her last year. I looked at what they had to offer, the stores that she wanted to check out: more of scouting what they have to offer. Obviously, its impossoble to go to everything so we sorta agreed to stay midtown. I didn't know it's a night for people to party with their favorite celebrities too but I didn't really care about that because I know they will still be surrounded by security and after a picture and autograph you gotta move on! And that's what happened anyways, for u to be able to get a pic with them and their autograph, you need to buy their own branded product or from the store! So forget that and I'll just go have fun, shop what I want while drinking champagne!
The stores I went to has really nothing special to offer for that one night except maybe a good discount if you spend a good amount of cash in their store. Best deal I got is from Henri Bendel this year, but if you didn't know about it the associates won't tell u either. It's after spending $50 in the store you get a free iphone4/s case with customized swarovski crystals on it! This deal was posted on their Facebook wall two weeks before FNO and it seems like none of the employees that night know about it or something. I had to ask a few associates and go up and down their floors to find a nice associate to help me out, and eventually I left with my goodies and my blinged out iphone case! Yay me!
My tip to u guys whose planning an FNO2013 is to check out the site, their Facebook and Tweeter of the stores you want to go to before. Since its all over the city and impossible to go to every store, see which store has the most exciting party and celebrities (if you wanna see one) and just stay in that area. Mostly the stores around it too will have their own FNO party so you still not limited to one store.
I don't think I will be attending anymore FNO's after this year since I didn't see a lot of stores giving out good discounts for shopping, there's really no point to come out anymore for me. Plus I see articles online on how this night turns out into a disaster of drunk mobs on the streets and it's not really a scene i'd like to be if i am carrying newly bought stuff! Noo thanks! Ye just be careful guys. It's fun to experience it but I am not a fan of crowded stores either. I went to Henri Bendel early because I plan to check out other stores but nobody else beats the free gift I got from Bendel so I went home early. *i really just wanted to shop at Bendel since Uniqlo or Zara or Sephora didn't have anything to offer but cocktails.
Plan out before heading out! Best way to enjoy the night :)

September 3, 2012

August Birchbox Review

Its the end of another month and it's that time again to update you with what I think of this month's birchbox after trying it out before the September box comes.
Disclaimer: I subscribed to Birchbox with my own money and all my reviews here are real and true.
Honestly, I am not impressed with this month's theme of "Back to School" box. The Schick Razor that was an extra in this month's box would have been more useful in the beginning of the summer since duuh! its beach season! I'll still thank you for it since that's one less thing I need to stock up on now.
Now on to the samples I received for August:
 - LashFusion XL Mascara: I have never heard of this product and was excited to see a lot of good reviews on it online. Personally though, I really don't see any wow-factor compared to my Shiseido mascara. It didn't hold my curl, I had to recurl my lash after putting it on, but I really didn't see any added volume or length to my lashes.
- Viva La Juicy La Fleur sample perfume: I love this scent! It's light and sweet and a little bit floral. But again this would have been a nice scent to wear during the summer, not in the end of summer! I'd still wear it when I do my weekend morning errands because its a good wake-me-up scent with my cup o'latte in hand.
- Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream: I used this on my dry toe cuticles (not sure if that's a real term) since all that sandal wearing all summer really dries up my toe cuticles, and it works! The menthol smell goes right away as what the paper that came with it say and it's not as greasy as it looks. It may remind you of vaseline petroleum jelly but it is not the same consistency. My skin absorbs it right away and I can go back to texting or to my iPad and not leaving greasy finger marks on the screen. I tried it on my lips but its not moisturizing enough for me. So if you're looking for a non-greasy cream for dry skin, this totally works!
- Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo: I got one packet of this and to give you a review after just using it once is not a true opinion for me on what I think of the product. I only have a Shu Uemura lash curler so I really don't know how his hair products are either. I suggest to read reviews online before buying this product.
There's no harm in doing a little bit of research before buying any products peeps so take a few minutes and Google instead of impulse buying.
Hopefully the September Birchbox will have more exciting products since it is the Fashion month so I have learned after watching "The September Issue".