September 10, 2013

The End...of my No Buy Beauty Challenge!!!

Omigosh where's the champagne and my credit card?!?!
It is time to start swiping again and no more window shopping for this lady! bwahahahaha!!!
Okay maybe that was a bit much but damn I'm glad this challenge is over!

So how did it go? How does it feel to be done with it?

  • Not to say I will never do it again since this is a great way for me to take my time and choose wisely of my purchases actually, and enjoy the products I have now that has been ignored and just accumulating dust!
  • I'd be lying as well if I say this challenge didn't suck since it did and I felt like I chose the worse time to have done it! I missed on the "End of Summer Blowout Sales" and "Labor Day Sales"! I just kept telling myself tho, "The holidays are coming!" to look forward to (holiday kits and sales!!!)
  • I have avoided the beauty aisles at my drugstore or avoided completely going to the drugstore if I can the past 4 weeks so just not to get a glimpse of what I have been missing out. 
  • It was hard as well reading other beauty bloggers and watching beauty gurus with their beauty hauls and reviews on new beauty products since I have to wait until the end of this to get my hands on them (If I do want to buy it!).
On a more positive note. . .
  • I love how my credit card balance was going down as I pay it slowly the past month. Woot!
  • I am finishing this challenge at a perfect time since I am eyeing a product from Ulta's 21 Days Of Beauty Sale.  That TooFaced Shadow Insurance is going on sale at 12mn tonite and I will be right here in front of my computer purchasing it! 
  • The Ipsy discount code for Michael Todd products expire at the end of September and so I am planning to use and stock up on some of his products!

Now some tips I have learned as I went through this challenge. 
  • For those who wants to try this out, you don't have to do a month. Start slow and you can do a week or two or even try a weekend of not getting anything!
  • I stuck to my rules I gave myself ( here ) but you can tweak this to your lifestyle and liking.
  • Distraction is a must! Being busy kept me away on window shopping at Hautelook, Ulta, Amazon or any online shopping websites. 
  • I know men don't understand how hard this is to us, but you can actually compare this to what they love the most (football, soda, home depot) and ask them to give that up for a month. Watch them be your number one supporter as you go through this. 
  • Blogging about this helped a lot since putting it out there means there is no turning back now! Hopefully I have inspired some of you too that this can be done. It is possible!
On that note, I actually just want to thank you all for being such great cheerleaders as I update you all every week on this. Us, beauty bloggers, may be the only ones who understand how this challenge can get difficult on us, and I all thank you for being such great supporters. All your positive comments is what got me through the end. I seriously had days that I wanted to purchase something, but I did not want to put you all down and fail on this for myself. 

I am actually thinking of my next beauty challenge, but that will have to wait since I need to catch up on what I have been missing! I will definitely do this again probably next year before IMATS 2014 since I am planning on going to that one!

Now time to open a bottle of champs and celebrate and start Ulta browsing wooooot!!!!

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