September 4, 2013

August 2013 Favorites

As you can see from the pic above, I only have a few faves for August. I wore very minimal make-up the past month, maybe because I was going through a "no beauty buy withdrawal"?!?
 Okay, I just made that up but ever since I started my no buy challenge, I was feeling lousy. I have noticed how my eyes are very dry lately, not sure if it's the high pollen in the air and the hot sun, but that also kinda made me not want to put on a lot of eye make-up too. Hopefully, as the weather gets cooler my eyes won't be as dry and I am able to play with my eyeshadows more for a fall make-up look!

Moving on! First off this Vidal Sasson Pro Series Shampoo (Smooth) & Conditioner (Moisture) samples: I received these samples months ago but just had used them recently, alternating it with my Clear Scalp Shampoo & Conditioner. As the bottle says, the shampoos helps smooths hair while reducing frizz, and the conditioner leaves dry, damaged hair silky smooth, and these claims are pretty much true! My hair feels so soft and smooth and so easy to comb through! I haven't seen any split ends since I've been using this!

This Noya Lip Balm in Cherry is from my August Ipsy Bag (here) and I said I might give this away but decided to keep it and I'm glad I did. This is super moisturizing that I use it before bed, and the next day my lips feels so soft. I think I only exfoliated my lips twice the past month! I don't smell or taste any cherry which is ok with me since I'm really not a fan of cherry flavored balm.

So I have reviewed this Pacifica Coconut Water Infused Mineral eye shadow in Treasure before (read it here), and you already know I love this shadow! This bronzy shade color with gold shimmer applied all over my lid is so pretty for a simple daytime makeup look. I have been lazy putting on primer too, and this stays put without primer underneath! No creasing either!

For my inner corners, I have been loving the Tarte SmolderEyes Amazonian Clay waterproof eyeliner in Champagne! Since I have purchased this with my other first Tarte products (here), I have been grabbing this a lot! Since I have dry eyes, I like to yawn and produce natural tears to hydrate my eyes since I hate using drops, and this stays put! It IS waterproof as it claims!

And then I just add the Pixie Lash Booster Mascara in blackest black from my August Ipsy bag again to finish my eye look. This do keep my curled lashes all day and is smudge free as it claims! It is just hard to remove even with an oil based make-up remover since I seem to wake up with some black residue under my eyes the next morning! I just remove it with some of my argan balm which I do use as my eye cream before bed anyways. I have worked out leaving this on my eyes and I'm impressed how my lashes kept its curl. I like how the brush separates the lashes giving me that natural look but I don't see it being dramatically long. It's nice for an everyday, all day look mascara, I think.

And that's my August faves folks! I am speechless how Fall is here but I'm excited! My hubby's birthday is in October as well as our Wedding Anniversary, the Benefit Lash Bash party is in a few weeks and next thing you know it's the holidays! I love the holidays, the weather and the people - have you noticed people are nicer around the holidays? Maybe it's just me but the spirit and energy of the city is different. Oh yeah, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is back! My Instagram feed has been filled with a picture of this drink. I do need to get my hands on that drink ASAP!

What are you guys looking forward to in the Fall?!?

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