April 2, 2014

Review: Perfect Beauty Tweezers

If you think all tweezers are the same (like I did!), keep reading!

*Sample for this review was provided by Perfect Beauty Tweezers

I am not a fan of eyebrow waxing. I still have to try eyebrow threading but for now I rely on a good pair of tweezers! I thought all tweezers were the same until one pair pinched my skin a lot, one was just not getting the fine hairs and there was one that was actually too sharp it poked me every time I use it! You can say I've gone through a lot of pairs and part of it may just be the way I do it but now I learned it does matter what tweezers you use! 

For this post I will be reviewing this pair of tweezers from a company located here in Brooklyn, NY called Perfect Beauty Tweezers! 

Perfect Beauty company was started by a sister/brother duo that focused on creating high quality, great craftmanship and very stylish designs on their beauty tools. They are internationally known around the beauty industry with such loyal followings from makeup artists, aestheticians, celebrities to eyebrow experts.   

Besides their website, you can also find them (and feel free to follow them!) on the following Social Media Sites:

I also want to share with you this great diagram they have on their website about their
  Perfect Beauty Tweezers

image taken from http://perfectbeautytweezers.com
About the product:

My Verdict:
  • There is definitely a difference with using this with my other tweezers! 
  • The design on it is very pretty and fun! Makes me look forward to tweezing (which is always painful!) a bit better than being anxious of the pain I will get!
  • The tips are pretty sharp but not to the point it pokes my skin. 
  • The slanted tip gets those fine hairs easier without me pulling my skin as much!
    • I do try to tweeze my brows after a shower while my pores are still a bit open.
  • Because it's so easy to pluck the hair out with this pair of tweezers, just be aware you can over do it and not realize it (from enjoying how easy tweezing can be now!) so stop now and then and check your brows in the mirror.
Here's another screenshot I took from their website (http://perfectbeautytweezers.com) that I think is very helpful! *you can find this info when you scroll all the way down of the Home page.

So if you are on a hunt for a new pair of tweezers, check Perfect Beauty Tweezers! You definitely can't go wrong with those cute designs they have going on with a lifetime guarantee + free sharpening! Who says NO to that?!? 

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