February 21, 2014

Review: Marc Jacobs Beauty LightShow Luminizing Powder

Some of you have noticed from my last post, HERE! How my skin was glowing in the picture.
I would love to take all the credit for it but it is actually this beauty product that gives me that glow.
Marc Jacobs Beauty
 Lightshow Luminizing Powder 

my skin condition:
  • The Winter weather has not been very nice to my skin actually. I have been breaking out a lot, I do have dry patches and all over just looking dull. I have amped up my moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated and drinking a lot of water all day. I have given my argan oil a break this winter since I am trying out other skincare products and this could also be a factor on my dull skin.

about the product:

  • This is a limited edition Marc Jacobs Beauty product that was inspired by the Fall Marc Jacob's 2013 Runway.
  • This retails for $58. 
    • *I purchased mine during a Sephora Sale back in December and this is my very first Marc Jacobs beauty product!
  • Here's the company's description of this beautiful product:
    • A limited-edition luminizing powder inspired by Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2013 runway show. This multidimensional powder flatters all skin tones by diffusing light and minimizing imperfections. The formula provides a subtle glow with a universal blend of three complexion-brightening shades, dusted with gold accents for a radiant, glowing complexion.

  • Packaging:
    • The powder comes in this black pouch with a snap closure. 
    • Like every Marc Jacob Beauty packaging this comes in that nice sleek black case with a silver "button" you press to open the case.
    • The compact's overall size is pretty big, bigger than the palm of my hand but it is still comfortable to hold.
    • It has a nice big mirror inside when you need to touch up or need a mirror on the go.
    • The powder pan as you can see is smaller than the compact and it weighs 0.38oz 
    • The powder has a gold dusting on top which will eventually come off after using it for a while.
    • There are three shades underneath (white, light brown, medium brown) which can be used individually or swirled altogether.

arm swatch:

  • this a swatch with the gold dusting on top of the powder
  • once the gold dusting is gone, the powder is pretty sheer and was hard to get a swatch. Do read my verdict about this instead.

My Verdict:

  • The gold dusting on top was very shimmery and so at first I only used this to highlight my cheekbones and only at night. I think the gold shimmer was too much for a daytime look.
  • Once the gold dusting was gone, the finely milled powder was pretty sheer on the skin and it does leave the skin a nice beautiful glow.
    • I used it at first with a powder brush all over my face and I felt like the whole look was just too "glowing" for me, especially I get oily on my T-zone after a few hours.
    • After playing with it, I learned that using my ELF Studio small tapered brush to pat mostly the white and middle color under my eyes towards my cheekbones - works really well for me! My skin has that nice healthy looking glow and not looking oily at all!
  • I love Marc Jacobs Beauty packaging, it doesn't feel flimsy nor cheap. It has that nice sophisticated feel to it every time I whip this thing out.
  • I always keep it in the pouch so I don't know if it easily gets scratches but I do suggest to keep it in the pouch if you can.
Overall, I am really happy to have bought this on such a good deal! I will agree that this will compliment any skin tone. This definitely gave my dull, dry skin that nice glow that I needed. If you get a chance to find this online, don't hesitate and get it. It is a bit steep for the retail price but what limited edition product isn't??? 

Here is a picture from my previous post where I used the powder under my eyes towards my cheekbones. I dabbed whatever is left on the brush in the middle of my forehead and top of my brows. I used the light from my SimpleHuman Sensor mirror (which I wrote a review about HEREsince it is the best white light that shows the makeup really well on pictures. 
*update 4/22/2014: Also check out www.simplehuman.com to see more other SimepleHuman products.
If you would like to know what makeup I used on this look, just click HERE and it will take you to that blog post!

Do you guys have a favorite highlighter or luminizing powder or whatever you call it to fake that healthy glow? Let me know in the comments below!

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