January 20, 2014

review: Stila Best of Kitten Set from Sephora

"Shimmer, dazzle, and glow on the go with this best-of set that comes with its own festive cosmetic pouch for the holidays and beyond." 

I bought this set during the Sephora Holiday Sale + 20% off coupon that time. This set is unfortunately not available anymore on their website but if there's one product from here you are interested to try, they are all still sold individually.

The Best Of Kitten Set, $29 has the following products:
  • cosmetic pouch in white with gold shimmers
  • Stila Eye shadow in Kitten
  • Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer
  • Stila Lip Glaze in Kitten
  • Stila Smudge crayon in Kitten

Stila Eye Shadow in Kitten (if bought by itself - $18)

This eye shadow came already broken but because I was confident I can fix it (with the help of Pinterest and YouTube) with alcohol to put the eye shadow back to its nice pretty pan. Unfortunately, it still kept breaking on me and so I decided to just use this as a lose pigment and transferred it to a small clear plastic jar I have bought before from the Container Store.

I have read such great reviews on this eye shadow and was the main reason I bought this set. I have been using this as my inner corner highlight and a little bit on the center of my lids and it quickly just gives me that nice awake look!

Stila Smudge Crayon in Kitten (the re-designed smudge crayon on Sephora retails for $22)
This is a nice nude-shimmery liner that I have been using on my lower lash line. Another thing from this set that gives me that wide-awake look! My only problem with this is the packaging. The twist mechanism on this is I think broken. I have twisted this for so many times and only a little bit comes out. It just felt cheap but because I like the product so much I will try to keep using it still.

Stila Lip Glaze in Kitten ($22)
This is a very shimmery gloss. Unfortunately, I prefer glosses that glides on smoothly and has a feel of a lip balm on my lips. This will not be my choice of gloss to wear everyday but for special nights and I want that pop of shimmer in the center of my lips, I would put this on as it stays put and will not move or slide all over my lips, and it looks good on pictures!

Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer ($20)
The gold tint of this liquid shimmer may look scary but once you warm it up between your fingers and pat it on the cheekbones area, it gives that nice glow to the face! This has been my go-to highlighter actually and have moved my fave theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer in the back of the drawer.
This comes with a brush tip for easy application but I would have preferred a pump so it's easier to mix it with a moisturizer or foundation.

arm swatches!!!

My Verdict:

  •  My favorite of all the products in the kit is the all over Shimmer liquid luminizer. I would not repurchase it though as this will last me a while and would love to try out a new highlighter by that time I finish this.
  • I do like the Stila eye shadow in Kitten but it came all broken! But it does look nice to put all over the lid but I am loving this as my inner corner highlight shadow.
  • The Stila lip glaze I would not purchase by itself, for the price of one ($22) I could just get another Urban Decay Revolution lipstick which moisturizes my lips more than this. OR get two Revlon Matte balms from the drugstore! 
    • I just look at this lip glaze as a freebie in this kit.
  • I definitely got my money's worth for this kit (+ 20%off coupon!) and do use most of this products for most of my looks! 
  • My recommendation if you just want to try ONE from this kit, I would go for the eyeshadow.
    • Buy it in-store so you can check if the shadow is broken or not before going home with it.
    • I'd suggest the liquid lumizer next.
This is my first time trying out Stila makeup products and I do think they are priced too high for the quality and the packaging. I really am upset my eye shadow came all broken and the smudge crayon packaging just feels flimsy! I don't like to whine for the price I got for the kit but these are definitely not worth their full price.
If you are interested to try out some Stila products I suggest to try find some sales first because it's a brand I think you will either like or skip. I would probably try another single eye shadow to see how the quality is before investing on a Stila palette. If they have another line of lip products I would try one as well on a discount or redeem it with Sephora points, so I am not totally crossing off Stila on my makeup list yet.

If you're a Stila fan or have tried products from Stila, what product do you recommend? 

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