January 27, 2014

Review: NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipsticks

NYX Cosmetics recently released a new line of lip products this year called Butter Lipsticks. 
NYX Cosmetics has described these lip products as having:
"The unique texture seems to melt onto the lips, giving full, yet lightweight coverage with a luxurious satin finish."

NyxCosmetics.com have 21 different shades of these Butter Lipsticks. I purchased mine from the Ulta's website for $5.99 each. During that week though they also had a NYX sale of buy one, get one 50% off on these so I bought two to try them out. 
  • BLS17 - Pops (mauve)
  • BLS05 - Hunk (blue violet)

About the Product:
  • Packaging on these are the same shade as the color of the lipstick.
  • The clear plastic in the middle also shows you the color of the lipstick in the tube.
  • There's no sweet scent or any lipstick scent at all to these.
  • The color is pretty pigmented, very creamy and goes on smooth.
BLS05 Hunk (Blue Violet)

  • BLS05: Hunk - is such a nice purple with a blue undertone shade. This leaves a slight stain by the way, but re-applying after drinking or eating is recommended to touch up the color.
  • BLS17: Pops -  this is a nice nude, neutral shade color. It seems to have a slight pink undertone, but for an everyday wear or to pair with a smokey eye this would be my go-to nude shade.

BLS17 Pops (Mauve)

My Verdict:

  • I love how the packaging has the same color as the lipstick shade, which is great so it is easy to find in my box full o'lip products!
  • This does not have that glamorous look as the L'oreal or Milani or Maybelline lipsticks packaging. 
    • It reminds me of Wet n'Wild lipsticks packaging, it has that plastic packaging feel that every time I use it I just hope it doesn't fall apart on me, and it hasn't so far.
  • These are very moisturizing, goes on very smooth and has a very creamy texture.
  • It does not sink into the lines of my lips. I didn't see it feathering out either.
  • It's non-drying at all even after hours of wear. No need for a lip gloss or lip balm to moisturize! But I do need to re-apply after drinking or eating.
  • I was expecting BLS05: Hunk to have a deeper color to it but I still like this color. It's very wearable and I would wear this all year long.
  • BLS17: Pops - I am in-love with this color! I think I will stock up on this shade since this is "the one" nude shade that I would wear everyday or on days I can't pick a lip color!

Overall, this is one drugstore lipstick that I would keep buying. The color ranges from the nudes to pinks to reds to purples and for $5.99 each, you can definitely collect them all! You can pretty much find a shade that will match your skin tone really well. I have not seen the whole line in-person and only pictures of swatches online. Yes I bought these two out of swatches I've seen online and I am not disappointed on how on point the shades of these lipsticks are!

I am really happy with my NYX Butter Lipstick purchase and I will eventually buy more.
Have you purchased any of these lipsticks yet? So what other shades should I try next?

*here's a picture from my Instagram account of me wearing the NYX Butter Lipstick in Pops:

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