August 17, 2013

Week1 Update: No Buy Beauty Challenge

I just survived the first week of my No Buy Beauty Challenge! Wooohoooo!!!!
Read what is this all about here:  No Buy Beauty Challenge

- I surely distracted myself with food this week! Ordered chinese take-out one night, ate chocolate mousse the other day, and today went to Brooklyn's Smorgasburg, where 75-100 local vendors gather from "ramen burgers", Vietnamese summer rolls, lobster rolls, vegan ice creams to mapled bacon on a stick! It was definitely food overload! You can check out my Instagram (here) to see more about the Smorgasburg. 

I have never eaten this much in a week, so yeh I must say I am going through beauty shopping withdrawal here people! *I need to Zumba double time!

- I have signed-up to receive emails to a few beauty websites and so my Inbox is filled with these newsletters everyday, and I would delete most of them since they are all about a SALE event happening on their site! Not something I should be checking out right now and if I do I will just cry probably OR scream at my monitor and myself. I have never gone through my Inbox so quick but I do feel good after deleting them all!

So far, I say this is going well! Hopefully I don't gain weight at the end of this challenge. I definitely need to face week2 in a better way. I actually got blog posts to write, mini home improvements to do and makeup products I have that I still need to test.

I will update you all again next week!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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