August 13, 2013

No Buy Beauty Challenge

So I have seen some beauty gurus go on a no buy challenge for a month or so to either save up for an upcoming IMATS event, huge makeup sale, a beauty event or because they have accumulated enough beauty products in such a short amount of time. And yes, I will be taking this challenge starting today! Can I get some applause please?!?

Why, you ask?
It is my own choice and conscience to do this. It has nothing to do with my hubby, who actually forwarding me emails from MyHabit sales and BaubleBar newsletters, that he gets in his inbox! I also told myself after I go check out the Baublebar Sample Sale yesterday I will go on a beauty hiatus to give my credit card a break. . .And just enjoy all the products I have accumulated sitting on my desk and in the storage cabinet. I have so many hair products from the Allure Summer beauty box I still have yet to try, samples from my BeautyArmy (that I have actually unsubscribed), Ipsy and PopSugar subscription boxes. 

For how long?
I will try to do this for a month, until Sept. 10 (Tuesday). And if it goes well, maybe I will extend it to another month or week!

What's part of this No-Buy Beauty Challenge?

  • No makeup products from drugstores,  Ulta, Sephora, department stores, beauty supply stores, online stores such as Hautelook, Amazon, MyHabit and so on. These are:
    • face and cheek products (bb/cc/dd creams, foundations, concealers. . .)
    • eye products (eye shadows, liners, mascaras. . .)
    • lip products  (balms, glosses, lipsticks, lip stains, lip liners. . .)
  • No beauty products. This includes:
    • hair products (hair spray, hair texturizer, serums, oils. . .)
    • skincare products (face moisturizers, face masks, scrubs, face wash, eye creams. . .)
    • body products (hand and body lotions. . .)
    • nail polishes 
  • No fashion hauls! Online and In-store as well. This includes:
    • jewelry
    • hair accessory; hair clips
    • clothes
    • shoes
    • handbags; wallets

*OMG!!! I am just listing this as I type it, and that's a pretty long list! I am kinda freaking out here but I do need to take a break and focus on what I have and not what I want, right now.
Anyways, I am noting and sharing this to you all because that way I have no excuse to back away and change my mind when I have told the public what I'm doing. 
You are all welcome to join me if you like and we can all share our experiences here!

Before I forget, some Footnotes:

  • If I do run out of shampoo and conditioner OR body wash OR sunscreen, obviously I will need to run to the drugstore and get me one! This will be unlikely since I just bought them recently!
  • I will be keeping my monthly beauty subscriptions though (Ipsy and PopSugar boxes), since I only have two. That will be the only two places where I will be getting new products from this month I am on a beauty break.
  • Any gifts are of course welcome! I didn't buy it and it's rude not to accept it! I will have to exclude hubby on this one since he is just too nice to buy me whatever!
  • I will update you guys how I am doing every week, maybe a Saturday update post on my blog, to let you know how I am going through the shopping withdrawal or if I fell off the wagon (Is that how the saying goes?). So keep an eye for one this coming Saturday!
  • This also excludes DIY face masks or lotions OR any DIYs that I already have in my cupboard! 

These are just rules that I will be giving myself during this challenge. If you are interested in doing this challenge with me, use this as an outline. Do this for yourself so think of the rules on how it will apply to your lifestyle. You have a great coupon for a product and it's expiring next week, you can exclude that. Or you work at a store and they're having a huge sale at the end of the month or something, it's up to you if you want to exclude that or skip the sale! It is all up to YOU!

And if you ave you ever gone on a beauty break before, how long did you last? And do you have any tips?!?

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