August 24, 2013

Week 2 Update: No Buy Beauty Challenge

Two Tuesdays ago, I started this No Buy Beauty Challenge for myself. I want so many things but I don't really neeed them so I just want to give myself a break before I become a beauty....collector! So going on week 2 here and just want to let you all know how it's been doing.

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- I almost gave in to buying this awesome NuMe hair tool for a discount early this week but I told myself again and again and again "No! I don't need it!" - I love my hair the way it is. There are so many No Heat Hairstyles online I can try for now.

- Did you know Michelle Phan, co-founder of Ipsy and the most watched beauty guru on YouTube have launched her own make-up line, Em Cosmetics?!? Very exciting! So I signed up to get the e-mails and this week Em has a really great price bundle, Get Started With Em Kit for $27.50, so you can try out her "luxury" make-up brand. I've checked out the site and the price is no drugstore price! So this is a really great deal! Her brand is under the L'oreal brand which I am a little disappointed since I was hoping it's a cruelty-free, made in the USA typed of brand. I do hope they include a sample in one of our Ipsy bags sometime soon, I'll still try it, see how it is.

- Hubby has been testing out my willpower by leaving the TV on QVC when Tarte or Josie Maran or any beauty sale is on. I still watch and tell him, I'm not interested anyway since I am looking forward to their Holiday Beauty Sales. I'm not sure how good the holiday sales are since I just started watching this year but even Sephora and Ulta will have really great holiday gift bundles so ha! He just better get ready with all the shopping bags he will be carrying then!

- Another way I have distracted myself this week is by starting a "beauty wish list"! So once I am done with this challenge, I don't get overwhelmed with what will I want to check out or buy first. This list is just stuff I either want or just to check out at the store and see if I really do want it or not.

- beauty contests! Benefit, Urban Decay, Ipsy. . . had beauty contests going  on, and maybe is still going on so I just keep signing up, just like lottery "You gotta be in to win it!" I just have been signing up with all the beauty contests lately since hey! It's free make-up products if I do win, and it doesn't hurt anyone!

- I did go shopping on this week for the Zumba Fitness Core for Xbox360. I really felt so guilty, eating so much, going over my 1200 cal/day last week that I wanted to go back to my usual workout schedule of 2-3 times a week and "upgrade" to a harder routine. I don't have a gym membership so any workout I can do at home is great for me, and Zumba burns so many calories (500-1000 cal/ 30mins) in less than an hour! *This has been my 2013 goal (weight loss) so I'm really happy I am liking this Zumba workout routine!

So far so good, I must say! I know I am half way there, and this week went better I think. I do hate myself for a minute or two when I see a good deal, but I just had to keep telling myself there will be more coming and maybe a better one too. I know these are all just business tactics to get us to buy it NOW and I will not be tricked and lured into that because I know they will be offering other sales eventually!

And for a good week going so well, I will need a reward and a s'more or two is calling my name in the kitchen!

Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend, and I will update you all again next Saturday!

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