August 21, 2013

Influenster Dasani Voxbox

This came in such a perfect time! I received this months ago, and apologies that I am just writing a review on this now. If you guys don't know what Influenster is, it's a website where they give you products to try out for free! All they ask from you is to write a review and spread the word on all your social media accounts! To qualify for their boxes, they will send a pre-survey and see if you are qualified to get that "Voxbox".To join you must be referred by a member, leave your e-mail below if you're interested, I have four referrals left! You can be reviewing full size beauty products, home, food and a lot of more for FREE!

So this one is called the "Dasani Voxbox", where they have included a bottle of their Dasani Purified Water and two flavors of their new flavor enhancers, in Cherry Pomegranate and Pink Lemonade


I am usually not a fan of these fruit flavored water enhancers since all I taste is the sugar substitutes they put in it. I was a little skeptical to try this out. I had my hubby try it out first since he hates to drink water and loves to drink juices, sodas, iced teas - anything but plain water! I thought his taste buds would be better to "judge" these flavor enhancers, since he has drank every orange soda, lemonades, gatorades and those new flavored waters he's been seeing in the delis lately.
I am not surprised he looves it! He said the lemonade do taste like lemonade! And the Cherry Pomegranate has a more sweet candy taste to it, which he likes with his drinks. I actually like the Cherry Pomegranate more than the Pink Lemonade which is great so now we don't have to fight over it! I actually add some lemon slices and blueberries in my glass since I want more refreshing taste to my water during the Summer months. 
Getting hubby to drink more water is sure a great thing since he is such a Coca-Cola drinker! Our house is stocked with soda since he refuses to drink good ol' water! He has always been curious how these water flavor enhancers taste since he kept seeing it on TV, and I am very fortunate to be chosen by Influenster to test it out because we are definitely going to try the other flavors on our next supermarket run!
I love drinking this when I am craving for something sweet and instead of grabbing for my chocolate stash in the fridge, I will just "flavorfy" my water and I will be good until I do need dessert after dinner. 

If you have not tried this out yet, go ahead and grab one at your supermarket. It's 0 Calories ladies!

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