July 29, 2013

quick Summer beauty haul!

So over the weekend, I had coupons and weekly sales that I needed to check out at CVS, Walgreen's and Target! 
First stop was CVS, early Saturday morning. It's the last day for the weekly sale and I wanted to stock up on my Organix Body Wash which was on sale for $4.99! It's a super steal when they're originally $6.99. My favorite is the Coconut scent since I go daydream in the shower I am in Hawaii or somewhere tropical and the ocean is just a view away! *sigh*
Moving on!
Next was a Milani Runway Eyes palette that will be used for a collaborated tag with DeBresha of Life of a Makeup Junkie! Watch for that post coming soon! I had some Rewards Bucks to use so I went to check out their beauty aisle. More on this palette on the coming tag post soon!

BTW, my CVS had all Physician's Formula for 40%off! Which was such a huge temptation but I didn't need anything so I skipped on that. See if you're local CVS have that going on still since that's a good discount. I am in-love with their Super BB Powder which covers and evens out my skin tone! That would be the one thing I would have bought from that sale but they were out of stock.
Walking out pretty proud of myself to have not gone shopping crazy in CVS, I could not wait for Target!

On my phone I always have a list of beauty products I want to check out so I don't get overwhelm by all the aisles and aisles of beauty brands in front of me when I do go to a drugstore or any beauty stores! Plus my mind goes blank when I get distracted by all the pretty colors of shadows and lipsticks in the store, so notes are key to focus!

But my list had failed me when I saw the red stickers all over the almost out-of-stock Milani Cosmetics shelf! Would you ignore it or check out what's left over?!? Wouldn't you join me too? I wouldn't really shop make-up products that are on clearance, which could either mean these products are expiring or they're getting new products from Milani so they're trying to clear the shelf for newer products! Either way I will not keep this long in my dresser and use it as much in the next weeks or so.

First thing I checked were the Milani Color Statement lipsticks. The only shades left were nudes and this one Orange-Gina shade for $3.48! I have been eyeing this shade but was not really sure how to wear it. The swatch of it looks so pretty on my tanned skin but I really have not worn it so we will see in a few weeks if I will like this. It's a nice shade to wear though for the Summer.

Next was the Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liner in 02 Black Gems for $4.88. I have heard great reviews on this liner and this was the only color available and a purple one I think. I wanted a brown one too but I didn't see one. I wanted to compare this with my go-to liquid liner for now, Jordana Fabu Liner liquid eye liner, since that one smudges on me pretty easy.

After swatching this liner, I love how sturdy the fine felt tip of this liner! It does have a little sparkle/ "gem" effect to it so it's not totally matte or just a glossy finish, so we'll see how this will look wearing during the day time.

And lastly from the Milani Clearance was the Milani Nail Lacquer High Speed Fast Dry polish for only $1.98! Only a few limited colors were on sale and I grabbed this #26 Rapid Orchid shade. It's a super dark plum color that it looks black from afar and in direct light or sun light, you can see the eggplant shade to it. This will be great for the Fall, if this don't dry out on me first! I don't owe any Milani High Speed Fast Dry polish so we will see how this is!
Before I went to leave the beauty aisle, I went to grab one of the new Maybelline Color Tattoo pigments. There were tons of colors to choose from but I went for the Summer-y wearable everyday color, #35 Breaking Bronze  for $5.99. I read and saw great YouTube reviews on this so I was intrigued since I do love the Color Tattoos. Watch for a review and a look using this in a few weeks!

Hubby and I decided to stop by Walgreen's before we go home since it's on our way home and only two blocks away from the house. Plus I know once we get home, we would not want to leave again so we try to go to everywhere we need while we are already out!
Anyways, so again I go check out the beauty aisle first just to check out the sales and what nots. Lo' and behold they finally have the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers for $4.99! I have been looking everywhere for this lip product and now my Walgreen's have it, but then there was only a few left and then most are opened! I would have grabbed more but only settled with Galaxy which I always wanted to get. I am wearing this today and I love it!
This has a nice purple tone to it and that's what I have been wearing lately too. Goes on smooth and does not feel thick and creamy on my lips. It actually feels like I only put on a lip balm! They better stock up soon because I want more of these!

Besides the sticker seal telling me this one has not been opened, the product itself also has this clear area in the tube that when the wand is pulled out the clear tube will be filled with product. This tells you that not only they broke the seal but also took the wand out! See from the photo above.

Finally some swatches!

swatches fr Left: Milani liquid eye liner, Maybelline Breaking Bronze, Orange-Gina, Rimmel in Galaxy

So that's all the drugstore beauty products I bought over the weekend. Nothing super new here. Seems like my area gets the deliveries pretty late when new products come out so I am pretty behind with some of this products.
If you have purchased any of these, let me know in the comments below what you think of them! Is it worth collecting the rest of the line or not?

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