July 31, 2013

my Husband/Boyfriend Bought My Makeup Tag!

This is a new tag that I collaborated with Debresha of Life of a Makeup Junkie. She has great beauty reviews and hauls, check her blog here: http://makeupjunkielife.blogspot.com/
She came up with this idea when her husband grabbed a beauty product for her that she have never used or noticed before. We thought it's a good idea to start a tag on it since this is a great way to try new products we usually don't notice in the store! Because a new set of eyes who have no idea what it is for picks it for us, it becomes a challenge to see how this would work in our beauty routine! 

Here's how it works, ask your man or your guy friend to pick you a beauty item or two at the drugstore, Target, Walmart, beauty supply shop or anywhere you go beauty shopping. If it's something you already have, just tell them to pick again, besides that you cannot help them pick! Whatever catches their eyes! And then try to make a look out of it once you get home with your new beauty item(s)!

So this is what my hubby picked when we were at CVS, Milani Runway Eyes Palette in 05 Glamorous Gems ($10.49). He said this caught his eye because the Milani products was in the main aisle, instead of the beauty aisle, and so the display sticks out more. The pretty colors of the eye shadows caught his eye because he wants to see what I would do with these bright colors. He basically just got excited when I told him about the tag, and really wanted to challenge me so he goes pick the most colorful set in the display!

unfortunately there's no name for each shadow, but look how gorgeous those colors are!

The colors are so gorgeous and how I don't have those shades in my collection so this will be a good challenge! I have never really tried the eye shadows from Milani, I do love their Color Statement lipsticks which has been in my monthly favorites, and their baked blushes are just pretty and pigmented, so let's see how this holds up!

Without further ado, here's what I came up with! A pretty soft green smokey shadow that can be worn day or night, perfect for Summer don't you think?!?

  • After priming my eyes, I used the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk to hopefully make the green shadow stand out more. From the inner corners up to my crease.
  • With the lightest shadow (very top shadow in the palette), I used a small flat brush and patted that in my inner corner and 1/3 in towards the middle. I added a little bit of the yellow shadow because I want that to be really bright.
  • With a medium sized flat brush, I took some of the second lightest green shadow in the palette and patted that all over my lid. Keep patting until you reach the desired color.
  • And with the darkest green shadow, grab your crease brush and put this in the outer corner doing a V-shape motion. 
  • I wanted to make that outer corner really dark, so I grabbed the dark blue shadow, Matt Johnson, from my Meet Matt(e) Nude. Applied this with a light hand and focus this where your outer eye socket area is.
  • For the lower lash line, do the same color gradient! Lightest color in the inner corner, the medium green shadow in the middle then a mix of the two green shadows towards the outer corner! Pretty easy right?!? 
  • I lined my top and lower waterline with Ulta Smokey Eyes Automatic Liner in Ivy. You can use black but I just wanted to see how this dark emerald green would look, and it's not as harsh as black. Not bad, but my eyes were burning afterwards. I have never used this liner before too so that's my fault!
  • And as usual, I add my winged liner using my new Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liner in 02 Black Gems, this has glitter particles in it so it catches light and leaves a glossy finish to my line, and my Benefit They're Real mascara for the top lashes + my lower lashes gets the waterproof mascara, my go-to mascara right now, Maybelline Lash Discovery Waterproof in black!
  • For lips: I used my favorite pink lip color right now, Starlooks lip liner in Tickle Me Pink and topped that of with NYX Megashine lip gloss in Tea Rose. 


I love the colors on this palette a lot and cannot wait to try this out with a wet brush, the colors will probably stand out more! The shadows aren't as pigmented comparing it to my theBalm shadows. I had to keep going back to the palette to grab more shadow to build it up using a dry brush. I will keep playing with this palette since these are very wearable colors for me! 

Hubby by the way just smiled when I showed him the look I came up with. I'll take that as a good job on my end since he usually have witty, funny remarks when I dress up. Men do not understand fashion nor makeup so a smile is a good sign!

So I challenge you all to do this tag and let your man pick your makeup! The only RULES are to follow Debresha and I back! Mention and include our links of the tag on your post, and comment below the link if you did the tag!

Hope you enjoy this tag as much as we did! Goodluck =)

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