June 16, 2013

Marine Wife Beauty Blog Giveaway Prize from May 2013!

Last May, Ann of Marine Wife Beauty Blog or MarineWife22 (check her awesome blog by clicking HERE) had an awesome giveaway for her readers and I luckily was picked as her winner!
I just wanted to thank Ann for having such an awesome giveaway and I actually have used some of them already! I received my prize pack a week ago and am just overwhelmed of what was inside.
I am sharing with you guys what I got because I also want to give you a quick review on some of the products I have used already. If you like to read more on beauty products and beauty box subscription reviews, subscribe to her blog already and watch out for her next giveaway! Again here's the link to her blog: http://marinewife22.blogspot.com/ 
Now on to the pictures and a quick review on some of the products. I have split them in four categories: Fashion Accessories,Hair & Body Products, Make-up & Nail Products and Skin Care Products. 

I will start with my favorite of them all! This WildFox Owl Couture Necklace which I posted on my Instragram as well. I have been wearing this necklace since I got it and got so many compliments from it! My mother almost wanted to snatch it from my neck but I held on tight to it and kept ignoring all her hints of leaving it on her kitchen table hehehehe! *Sorry mother! From the young to the old, this necklace was a hit and has been my "bling of the month! 

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Here's the rest of the Fashion Accessories that I received in my prize pack.
  • Deux Lux Coin Purse: it's a heart shaped purse in metallic pink. 
  • Silver Bow Earrings from Vera Wang's Princess line: These are just adorable!
  • Lydell NYC hoop Earrings with different shades of mint green gems in it. 
  • Flea Market Girl Eiffel Tower Charm Necklace: I love this one too and great to layer with my other dainty necklaces.  

Next are the Hair & Body Products:
  • Dye Ties Groovy Cool Hair Ties: "Each hair tie &headband is handmade and unique! They are fashionable, fun and functional. Won't pull, mark or damage. Comfortable, slip free, one size fits all." I am a huge fan of hair ties and have been using one since I fell in-love with FineFeatherheads Fly Ties, this one will definitely be in used for the Summer.
  • The Olive Bar Natural Beauty Cleanser in Lemon & Lavender: I used this ASAP since I get excited with all natural beauty body products. This had natural oils in it to keep your skin moisturized BUT I felt it did not clean me well. It felt more greasy (I guess with all the different natural oils in it) than feeling like a soap, and I did not smell anything close to Lemon or Lavender at all. 
  • Layers by Scentsy Hand Cream in Enchanted Mist: I have not opened this product yet since I have a hand cream I am finishing right now. As soon as I am done with that I will be using this one. I have never heard of this brand but according to their website this is packed with shea butter and aloe vera that will help heal dry hands.
  • Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment: I have not used this product yet.
  • Redken Outshine 01 Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk: In the back of the tube it says, "Define frizz with super shine and clean definition. Light cream styler with shea butter melts on outspoken shine and smoothness." Sounds good to me and can't wait to try it out!
  • Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Luminizing Body Butter: This gave my skin a nice sheen to it. Not in a glitter way but in a nice glowing way. Love the coconut scent on this since it's pretty subtle and not overpowering. Great to layer with the Pacifica Vanilla scented roller-ball I got from my May Ipsy bag.

Make-up & Nail Products:
  • e.l.f Luscious Liquid Lipstick: This is still sitting in my makeup drawer but I love e.l.f so I know this won't disappoint! This shade is in Caramel Candy which is great for everyday wear.
  • Pixi Beauty Nail Colour in Metallic Mermaid: This has a nice blue-green holographic effect to it which looks so pretty on my toes! I have never bought a Pixi polish before and I have only worn this for a day so I can't say if this chips easily. 
  • Urban Decay Nail Polish in Woodstock: This bright neon pink will be awesome for an accent nail or nail arts and/or on my toes! I don't think I could wear this alone since this is just too loud for me.
  • Two Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadow in Heartache: I have received an exact same one from my Ipsy Bag and love the formulation on this shadow. It's pretty pigmented, goes on smooth and looks great on my tanned skin! This would be a great backup when I finish mine or give this to my sis.
  • Yaby Concealer in Pecan: I love Yaby Cosmetics and am liking my Yaby concealer in Vanilla for under my eyes. I have added this to my Rx Palette but have not used it yet since this is too dark on my skin right now. I'll wait 'til I get a little tanner probably.
  • Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Moonspoon: I will be giving this to my girl friend since she goes out more than I do and this is great to wear on a night out or date night or on special occassions, which she goes to a lot. I think she will have more use of this than I do. I love how this looks in the pan but not on me unfortunately.
  • Pixi Fairly Light Solo Eyeshadow in Alluring Apricot: This has a peachy-golden tone to it, which is great to quickly swipe on the lids and go. It gives my eyes some color and glow. I can probably wear this on my cheeks too to give me that I-just-came-from-the-beach glow!
  • NCLA Self-Adhesive Nail Wraps: This I would probably use as a french tip or an accent nail since having this on all my nails is to much for me. Never heard of this brand so I can't wait how this one holds up.

And lastly the Skin Care Products:
  • Befine Fine Food Skin Care: I have not used this yet. I'm saving it for when we travel sometime this year. I won't list them one by one, since it's all posted in the picture below.

Befine Fine Food Skin Care Box

  • Suki Butter Cream Salve: This has organic lavender extract + organic cocoa butter. 
  • Own Eye Cream & Night Cream: These are anti-aging creams which I'm excited to try.
  • Skyn Iceland Hydrocool Firming Eye Gels: I am saving this for when that day I had only three hours of sleep and have to be picture ready the next day - or something.
  • fit Mixer Amino: This will be used on our long drive to Connecticut next week.
  • Yes To Carrots Body Butter: This was thick in consistency, and smells great. I used the whole packet on my entire body and it felt so creamy and moisturizing. I would purchase full size of this! 
  • Yes To Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment: I will be using this next after I finish. . .
  • Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado: I just started using this last night and I like it! There's a little cooling sensation after you pat it on. I feel it sink into my skin right away. I can't say if it helps with keeping the concealer on or helping with fine lines since I have not used it that long yet. I love Kiehl's brand though and I know this will not disappoint.
  • Self Tan Wipes: I used both wipes all over my chest and legs, which are looking pale right now, and I did not see any streaks. It left a very subtle tan on my skin. This has no odor so it does not leave any scent afterwards.
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Sample: This kept my eyeshadow in place the whole day so this has sold me to purchase the full size next time I'm in Sephora!
  • Makeup Forever HD Primer Sample: I'm saving this when I go out with my ladies and take tons of pictures all night.
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer Sample
  • Kerastase Heat Activated Restorative Milk: I forgot to add this with the hair care products but this is obviously another hair treatment which I can never get enough of since I love to find new hair care products out there.
  • The Body Shop Firming Day Cream
  • LA Fresh Instant Body Smoother: At first I thought this is an exfoliant on a wipe but it's a wet wipe that has a sweet peppermint scent to it. It felt nice after being out under the hot sun, but not sure if it did anything to my skin with exfoliating it. I only felt refreshed afterwards.

I am so sorry if this was super long, I tried to keep it short but some of these products just got me all excited and cannot wait to share you all my opinions on it!

Thank you again to Ann of Marine Wife Beauty Blog for hosting such an awesome giveaway! I am really loving my prizes! Subscribe to her blog already if you haven't so you don't miss her next review or giveaway or any exciting announcements and posts she has going on!