June 16, 2013

Ipsy June 2013 bag: First Impression

Ipsy is getting bold and giving us such a surprise this month! 
"On The Wild Side"
 Wonder if this is their take on "go big or go home" saying  "thinking outside the box and try on these stuff!"? They gave us 5 full size products this month! Again, according to the card that it came with, the products in my bag were personalized for me with ipsyMatch (This is from the results of your Beauty Quiz and your activity in Ipsy.com)

So have you opened your bright bubbly pink package from Mr. USPS?!?! I was greeted by this cute animal printed bag with such an "in-yo-face!" neon zipper! I gotta admit though from spying at Ipsy's Facebook page and MakeupTalk Forum, I was expecting a bigger pouch. This size is actually just perfect to fit all my everyday essentials, and I can't wait to be pulling this out of my purse when I need a touch-up.

June 2013 "On The Wilde Side" Ipsy Bag

1-  Freeman Beauty psssst! The TRUE Original Dry Shampoo: This is a travel size dry shampoo which is a nice sample size to see if I would really like this dry shampoo or not. Ipsy has given us a dry shampoo back in April (check out my April review HERE) well that one was more of to add volume to your hair, which I haven't really been using since I don't really style my hair much lately. But with this one OMG! I love this one! I have only used it yesterday, my second day hair, and it gave my hair texture to give me a nice messy pony look, instead of a flat, greasy hair.  It's odorless too, which I like since I can just spray my own favorite fragrance onto my hair.
This retails for $3.50 on drugstore.com. This may vary in different sites and drugstores so check out Ipsy's discount promo code (by clicking the name above to get the link) for more price comparisons!

2- Cailyn Cosmetics, Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner with Brush Built-in: This is a full-size product and I got mine in purple. I am pretty excited with this one since I have enough black gel eyeliner and eye pencils and have been looking for purple based liners and shadows lately. I'm working on expanding my neutral brown/ black eye looks to more colorful eye shadows and this is just perfect!

I tried it out last night (sorry I forgot to take pics!) and this goes on pretty smoothly! I only wore it for a few hours and my cat-eye stayed in place and it came off easily with my Simple Eye Remover Pad!

The packaging says its "Water Resistant; Smudge-proof; 24-hour wearing and Safe for Sensitive Eyes". This is also an all-natural, cruelty free and Made in USA brand, which is awesome! I love it when Ipsy is introducing us to more cruelty free and Made in USA brands so thanks Ipsy!

This retails for $21 on their website, click the name above to link you to an Ipsy discount code!

3- Starlooks Lip Pencil in "Tickle Me Pink": Another full size product that retails for $12 on Starlooks.com. I have only swatched this on my wrist and it went on pretty smoothly. A pretty creamy product for a lip pencil. This color is great to wear everyday. I can't wait to make a Look with the liner and this pencil.

I don't know much about Starlooks, so I went to check out their website. Starlooks are "artist quality makeup at pro prices!...color selection and product choices that are all M.A.C quality (or better!)". They also have their own monthly beauty box for $15/ month which will feature different Starlooks makeup products, so if you're interested head over to their website and sign-up. I don't have this subscription box..well not yet. We will see if this liner will seal the deal for me and change my mind. 

Swatches! LEFT: Starlooks lip liner in Tickle Me Pink; RIGHT: Cailyn gel liner

4- NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Tickled: Some members either got the Powder or Mosaic or a Cream blush in full size! I am not sure what shades it came in for the others but mine is this pinky-peach with gold shimmer in it. This cream blush claims to give you a dewy, long lasting finish.

You can't see much on the swatch below but this leaves a nice glow from the gold shimmers in it! The only other cream blush I have is from Josie Maran which has Argan Oil in it and my skin has been loving that one. I have to try this out for a bit and see if this will break me out or not. Updates later!

This retails for $6 on NyxCosmetics.com, so if you're interested in getting some NYX products for your makeup collection don't forget to add the Ipsy discount code to make that purchase sweeeeter!

the NYX Cream blush swatch is all the way on the LEFT.

5- J.Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette in Suzie: This is a body glitter which it did not say in the packaging at all. Good thing I did not put this on my eye lids right away! And I did not spy on this online much since I do want to be surprised which ones I will get this month. 

This palette looks sooo pretty! I can just stare at this palette all day, but I have no idea how I will be using this! I did swatches on this on my wrist. It is pretty creamy as I dipped my finger in it but when I tried to take it off, OMG! this thing ended up all over my arm! It was pretty but I know this will end up all over my clothes and throw pillows so I was washing my arm off like I had paint on me for daaays! I need to watch some Ipsy videos and get some ideas how they will be using this palette.

J.Cat Beauty is a brand that has high quality products in decent prices. I have never heard of this brand so I am going to need to try out more samples (hint! hint! Ipsy!!!) before I go shop at their website. Ipsy has given a 25%off discount on their site, and this palette comes in so many different color palettes for only $4.49!

J.Cat Beauty Cream Palette BODY GLITTER in Suzie

All in all this bag is not bad. I am surprised how Ipsy has given us FIVE full size products this month. I am definitely gonna be using four out of the five here. I would definitely be using that animal print bag a lot too! So what goodies did you get on your bag ladies?!? 

And if you are not a member of Ipsy yet, which is an awesome monthly beauty subscription for only $10 (plus tax depends on your state) then click HERE already and sign up! This is my personal referral link, and Ipsy will send me a gift on my next bag. You will get your own personal referral link too after you sign up and email that to your family and friends!


  1. Oh man, I just got my Ipsy bag. I really wanted that dry shampoo. xD I guess it's my fault for not putting down hair stuff as something I'd want. Lol. I guess I'm retaking that test!

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

  2. i was hoping to get that too so ipsyMatch did good this month hehehe.

  3. great review.. We got the same bag. I'm also loving the dry shampoo... I think Jcat gave out hints on there facebook page about showing up in future ipsy bags! I also want to try them out some more. :)

    1. i sure hope Ipsy works with them so we can sample more from their brand :) That would be really great!