June 12, 2013

Battle of the Nail Polish Quick Dry's!

We have another battle of products here ladies! Last time I did one of my "battle" post was about hair ties, which you can read here. And I have to say I am still in-love with my Fly Ties from FineFeatherheads! I have not bought any other hair ties out there claiming the same thing since! One Fly Tie have lasted me weeks! Though I rotate my usage from the four different ties I have, they all still are in great shape and elasticity! It has held my buns and high ponytails pretty well!
Ok enough about that and focus on our new battle here: The Battle of the Nail Polish Quick Drying Products! Who is stating the truth and will get my pretty mani ready in less than an hour!?!

"Leet's get reaaady to baaaattttllleeee!!!!"

On our left is the Nailtini Dry Martini Nail Polish Drying Spray (try saying that five times fast!). This has been in my monthly favorites and I have been using this all year since I got it in January as part of my Ipsy Look Prize Gift.  I have found Nailtini products in Duane Reade (drugstore store chain here in the NYC area) and this spray costs around $12. You can also find it in their website, here. This is a glass bottle that sprays such fine mist and leaves a nice light citrus scent on your hands. The scent kinda masks the strong nail polish smell in the my hands, pretty nifty! 
I love this product! You spray twice on each hand after 45secs of putting your top coat on.  I watch a 30-min or an hour long shows when I'm drying my polish, and before I met Nailtini's Dry Maritni, even after an hour of drying time, my polish will have dents or chips on them, and that's with a supposedly fast-drying top coat too! This spray truly helps cutting drying time and I have no chipping; no dents or scratches on my nails after 30 minutes!

And to our right is the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dry + Go Drops. This goes for around $7.33 in drugstore.com, $7.99 in Walgreen's website, just check your local drugstores see if they have this in stock since that's not a bad price for a nice glass bottle with a glass tiny dropper by Sally Hansen! 
So this claims the nails will be dry to the touch in 60 seconds and totally dry in less than 2 minutes, according to their website, here. I gave each of my nails one-two drops. Waited a minute to totally dry my left hand before I started on my right. My nails held up and they look nice and shiny! I go do my right hand, give them two drops each and sat there for two more minutes (just to make sure they are totally super dry on both hands!)* Now this is the time when we appreciate our touchscreen smartphones since we don't have to fumble with the little keyboard or the num-key pad to text back! *Just reminiscing those Blackberry, Nokia old phone days!
After half an hour, my nails were pretty dry, and I don't see any chips or dents after I went to fold some laundry and washed the dishes.

In conclusion, BOTH nail drying products held up what they claimed to do! BUT this only works for a regular nail polish of base coat + two coats of polish + top coat on each nail. Once you start layering, let's say for a nail art, you do still need to stay put longer than 5-minutes to get that nail art to dry completely. Of course the thicker the layer of polish, the longer the drying time. I still think it do cuts off the drying time still since I would be sitting there for an hour and a half (a movie length long) to get my nail art polished nails to totally dry. Cutting that to half an hour is still pretty amazing!

For my personal use, I do love my Nailtini Dry Martini Nail Polish Drying Spray. Besides being this named after my favorite cocktail drink, I definitely would buy this again when I run out since I just love the scent it leaves on my nails after! I have been using this spray since January and you can see from the picture I have not even used half of it, after using this spray every two weeks when I do my mani! 

This battle has ended in a DRAW! Both do cut drying time but if you are like me and love to do nail art, I would sit there longer and check it a few times before doing anything still. A lot of factors still need to be looked at here; like how thick are your layers of polish and the texture of your nail polish (fine glitter or those big chunks). 

Thank you all for joining me on this close battle, hope to see you all again on our next Baaattlleele of the Beauty Products!


  1. I never used a spray before...maybe I should try something like this because I HATE waiting for my nails to dry. I use the In a Hurry air Dry Top Coat frm Sally's and that one dries pretty fast.

  2. Nice product! I always mess up my nails while waiting for them to dry. I find "Instadri" works fairly quickly though!

  3. great suggestions ladies! I will add this to my list to check next time I'm browsing and low on quick dry nail stuff =)

  4. Great post! I've been looking for a good fast drying top coat/serum because I hate waiting around for my nails to dry and so far, nothing that I've tried works :/ I really like the idea of the Nailtini being a spray so I'll be giving it a try.

    Also, I nominated you for a liebster award! You can check it out here:



    1. Ye I like the spray too! I recently saw Sephora has their own quick dry spray now too!