June 27, 2013

FOTD: quick reviews on products used

What's a better way to give you a nice quick review of products by using them for a Face of The Day!

I have been using these products for a while now and I thought I would also share with you guys how I use them and what kind of look I came up with it!

So for this look, I used the following products. Some you might have seen in previous blog posts and some I've had it for a while and forgot to include it in a haul post. 

For my face I used the following products, starting from the TOP Left:

  • Physicians Formula Super BB Powder in Medium-Dark: This claims 10+ Beauty Benefits (smoothing, perfecting, protecting, oil control, pore minimizing, air brushing, line softening, concealing, setting, long wearing) I would say this do meet most of it's claims! It has medium coverage but I would still use a concealer around my acne scars and blemishes. I use a flat my e.l.f studio flat-top brush and stipple it first around my problem areas then buff around my face, down my neck and around my hair line. I did not buy the rest of the BB cream line because I wanted to see first how this will work out on my face. So I have not broken out using this. It's not a matte finish powder, it has a sheen to it. This is a bit light on my skin tone right now and so I use the next product as my bronzer! 

I'm pretty satisfied with this BB Powder so I might go buy the concealer and cream when for Fall/ Winter since I like how this feels lightweight on my face especially when it's hot out.
  • Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Face Powder in Medium: I love using this matte powder to contour my face, so I don't look flat from using the BB Powder all over. Plus I read this is what  Blake Lively to give her that nice bronze look. Yes it did help that one of the most beautiful ladies in Hollywood (for me that is!) use this product!

  • theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer: This highlighter gives me that nice healthy glow, when I put this on my cheek bones and below my eyebrows.
  • NYX Mineral "Set It & Don't Fret It" Matte Finishing Powder in Medium-Dark (MFP02): Since the BB Powder leaves a shine and I'd rather put my own highlight with the Mary-Lou Manizer, I use this powder to matte out my whole face. I suggest getting the pressed powder since this lose powder gets pretty messy. This helped with my T-zone and I only had to blot once or twice during an all day errand run.
  • Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color in Vivid Coral: I had to play with this lipstick for a while since putting this by itself sinks into the lines of my lips, even after exfoliating my lips it just didn't look right! I love the color and how it feels moisturizing actually but the only way this worked out on me was to mix it with another coral toned lip product! I'm not sure if I would buy another color from this line though.
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti: I love the Revlon Lip Butter line and this one leaves a slight orange tint so this was perfect to mix with the Sonia Kashuk Vivid Coral to get a brighter orange color. Mixing both kept my lips pretty moisturized but once you drink and eat, you do need to touch up.
  • Josie Maran Argan Color Stick in Tenderheart: This gives my cheeks a light peachy blush and is not greasy feeling or shiny look on your cheeks. It stays on all day too!
  • Jordana Fabu-Liner in Black: Learned this brand from watching the funny and beautiful girls of EleventhGorgeous (http://www.youtube.com/user/eleventhgorgeous) on YouTube and how they swear by this liner, and so I got curious and had to buy it! I also have one in brown which I use more on my daytime makeup, but for todays' look the black looks stronger to do a winged look. This liner has a nice pointy felt tip pen and it goes on smooth as you glide it on your eyes. Let this dry and set though before curling your lashes since it do smudge off when it's still wet.
  • Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette in Light: This creases under my eyes even after using the setting powder in the palette. It has a pretty light coverage on my acne scars and blemishes. I use the Inglot cream concealer I bought recently more now than this. I am not liking her makeup line, maybe I would have a better luck with her makeup brushes.
  • Physicians Formula 100% Natural Origin Fake Out Mascara: I love how this elongates my lashes and just fans it out to give me that wide awake look. No clumps just long lashes! After a few hours though I would see smudges under my eyes from the mascara. Definitely need to layer a waterproof mascara when using this.

Now on to the EYES!!! I'm excited because I loove the colors of this palette!
  • BH Cosmetics Jenni Rivera Palette: This palette has 30 eye shadows and 6 blushes.
    • I bought this palette because of the variety of color here that can be used from day to night, and I know I will be using this palette more often than their famous 120, 80 palettes which I will get eventually.
    • Plus they had an offer that week so I bit the bullet and bought it! My total with s&h + tax was $17! Not bad for my first BH Palette right?!?
    • I did not know Jenni Rivera until I saw the news about her tragic death. I am sure she was a great singer and artist and she will surely be missed. I'd probably be a big fan of hers just by looking at her colorful palette, I would enjoy watching her in her different outfits and make-up looks every time she performs!
    • Back to the palette, the colors are pretty pigmented; not chalky and goes on pretty smooth. 
    • Easy to blend and the colors just compliment each other very well.
    • I have not used the blushes as blush but they're also great to use as eye shadows!

I got inspired by the Summer sunset pictures I have been seeing on my Instagram. Plus I wanted to try a colorful, playful look as a dare to myself, since I have always been wearing neutral shadows most of the time. 

  • After filling my eyebrows and priming my eyes, I used a neutral matte brown on my crease for a nice color transition as we mix a few colors here.
  • I packed on a nice shimmery light orange all over my lids with a flat brush. Start light and just build it to the color you like.
  • I used the reddish plum color all over the crease and blended the two with a clean blending brush.
  • I took the nice dark grape color on the outer corners of my eyes for a nice smokey look.
  • Don't forget to blend as you add more color to your eyes! And if you lose some of the color just add more of the shadow then blend some more!
  • Took more of that dark grape shadow to line the top and outer half bottom of my lids.
  • I took some more of the light orange shadow with some of the champagne shadow, and put this the inner corner of my eyes and halfway through the bottom of my eyes.
  • Now do a slight wing with a black liner. Use any liner you are comfortable with, gel, pencil or liquid.
  • Oh for highlight on the bottom of my eyebrows, I just used a small amount of matte white shadow since I already used a light colored concealer which I think was enough highlight for this look.
  • Put on your mascara girl and if you want some falsies then go ahead and add that too!
  • Now put on your best smile and have fun!

I am happy with this look. I guess if you use a white cream base the colors will pop more, but I like how its subtle, but the colors are still there! I definitely recommend this palette for those who are looking. I would probably check out the other palettes BH Cosmetics have since I heard they came out with those nice box ones with such vibrant shadows in them!

Apologies that it took me a while to post another FOTD when I said I would do this weekly. I guess I should correct that to. . . once a month. Adding to this series will be short reviews on the products I've used. I want to give you all a nice in-depth review of what I have bought and give you an idea how I use them, so hopefully this is more helpful and informative.


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