October 1, 2015

Get The Look (hair & makeup): Betsey Johnson NYFW SS16

50 Years of Betsey Johnson on the runway were narrowed down to 3 different hair & makeup looks. 

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Kelly Thompson was the lead makeup artist, and Kryolan, The Professional Makeup - was the makeup sponsor for the Betsey Johnson's SS16 show.

Rafe Hardy for Sexy Hair, was the lead hair stylist. 
"The Curious Case of Betsey Button" 
50 years of fashion that is narrowed down to three looks.
In the picture Rafe Hardy is holding a Sexy Hair Limited Edition Betsey Johnson 50th Anniversary commemorative Spray and Play can. Only 1,500 cans were made just for NYFW!

Hollywood Glam
"2000-Now, we have the Jessica Rabbit or Veronica Lake, Marlena Ditrick...real Hollywood deep, deep side part with deep waves, very very polished almost exact opposite of the 70's and the crimped."
Photo Credit Alexandra Wyma

How To by Nadirah Volpe 

STEP 1: Prep all hair by spraying lightly with Style Sexy Hair 450 Protect. Create a deep side part on top. 
STEP 2: Beginning in nape area, take a 1 inch horizontal section and then subdivide into approximate 1inch wide sections with alternating diagonal partings 
STEP 3: Using a 1 inch wand, elevate each section straight out. Hold wand horizontally and wrap from roots to ends. Spray lightly with Style Sexy Hair 450 Headset before wrapping. 
STEP 4: Moving up the head, continue wrapping 1inch sections. Make sure each curl is wrapped in the same direction! 
STEP 5: When you get to the top front sections, backcomb gently before wrapping. (Big Sexy Hair Powder Play may be needed for extra fine hair) 
STEP 6: Once all curls have cooled, use a boar bristle paddle brush to brush out and form all curls together. 
STEP 7: Lift ends with fingers and spray Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo or Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable, depending on hair type, into the lengths of the hair to add width. 
STEP 8: once desired width is achieved, spray your boar bristle brush with Smooth Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal and very gently smooth the surface of the hair so as not to disturb width and volume. Use a comb for any fine detailing. Finish with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play.

Crimped Look
"She (Betsey) likes the kind of look 'This is me, this is who I am' kind of feel. Something lose, very natural the way it falls but very textured with a crimping iron."  -Rafe
How To by Chasity Bogard
Tools needed: Micro crimper and full size crimper (picture below)
STEP 1: Section out top from parietal and clip away.
STEP 2: Starting at nape, section 1/4 inch sections and crimp with large crimper using Healthy Sexy Hair Soya Want Flat Hair on each section.
STEP 3: Work up the head shape taking 1/4 inch sections alternating between crimpers.  Some sections should have both sizes of crimpers used on it (example: micro crimper fades into large crimper)
STEP 4: When you reach the parietal, start crimping lower to allow less volume on top.  Continue alternating crimpers.
STEP 5: Once entire head is finished, use Big Sexy Hair Push Up and shake some of the sections loose keeping some prominent crimps in front.

70's Punk
"kind of a modern day punk, not the true essence of punk punk like pink hair and mohawks...and this is covering the 60's and 70's"   -Rafe

How To by Kelly Bileddo

STEP 1: Part off the crown and clip away. Leave down the sides and back.  Apply Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo from roots to ends for texture and grip. Back comb vertically the sides and back.
STEP 2: Subdivide at the occipital creating two sections. Clip away top section. Smooth the lower section over to the left applying Big Sexy Hair Spritz & Stay for shine and hold. Cross pin at the center for security. 
STEP 3: Repeat movements in subsection 2 smoothing hair to the left with Big Sexy Hair Spritz & Stay for hold. Cross pin at center for security.
STEP 4: Combine both subsections and smooth hair to the right creating a French twist moving upwards. Pin secure.  Use Style Sexy Hair Play Dirty for shine and to eliminate fly-aways. 
STEP 5: Subdivide the crown in half horizontally and clip away the section closest to the hair line. Using Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo, spray section from roots to ends. Smooth the hair back creating a pompadour and cross pin just above the French twist. Roll the remainder of the section up and pin a barrel curl above the French twist. Expand ends so there are no gaps on the ends. Use pins for security.
STEP 6: In the fringe subdivide diagonally and use a 1 inch iron to create 2 barrel curls. Use Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo and spray the curls from roots to end and back comb. This will help create bend and movement for the faux fringe.  Now smooth the section towards the right eye for maximum height. Twist softly one time towards the back and move in a c shaping towards the front. Pin for security. Then place the ends accordingly using Style Sexy Hair Play Dirty for shine.  
Everyone’s hair is different. If there is long hair in the fringe you may need to twist around 2 times to shorten the length of what’s left out. 

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