September 23, 2015

Korean Beauty Haul Review

The very first Korean Beauty Sample Sale by Peach and Lily was held last August in NYC, and of course I was all over this sample sale to hoard up on some Korean skincare and makeup products!

Peach and Lily is an online Korean beauty store. I am not very familiar with a lot of the brands they carry like Mizon, May Coop, Aromatica, PeriPera and so on, but from the past Korean beauty and skincare products I have tried, that was not stopping me from trying out more Korean beauty products!

So far I have been having great experience with Korean beauty and skincare products and so I am very excited of my haul!

Clio Waterproof Brush Liner in Kill Brown
I have been looking for a brown liquid liner and found this at the sample sale.
It has a nice fine brush tip and it goes on smoothly with no problem. Once it sets it definitely does not budge until you remove it with an eye makeup remover! It's waterproof and long lasting indeed!

Mizon Crystal Miracle Body Cream
I have not used this yet but like most Korean skincare products, it has a whitening ingredient.
I wanted to try this out on my arms since they are darker than my legs, so we'll see how this works!
I may just update you on my Snapchat: fivetwobeauty or on Twitter (@fivetwobeauty_) about it.

PeriPera My Color Gloss - Angel Orange
PeriPera My Color Lips - Golden Choco
The packaging on both these lip products are just so cute! I could not pass it up! Though there were few more shades available I wasn't sure of the formula of these so I only grabbed these two.
The My Color Gloss is formulated with floral extracts and rosehip oil for smoother application and non-drying lips. Angel Orange is a very sheer peach toned gloss with a lot of shimmer in it. I like to use this on top of a lipstick for that extra high shine.
The My Color Lips lipstick is a creamy lipstick that glides on the lips with no problem. It's non-drying as well but not long lasting after drinking and eating. 

The gloss does not have that tacky-feel like other glosses do. Both has some floral scent to it but it's not as strong as other lip glosses and lipsticks I have tried. The lipstick is very creamy and the shade, Golden Choco, is a nice pink mauve shade with blue undertones. It is pretty pigmented and non-drying on the lips at all. I definitely would love to get more of these two.

PeriPera Peri's Tint Crayon
These lip pencils glide on smoothly, very moisturizing and has pretty pigmented colors!

I love easy-to-apply; no-need-for-a-mirror lip products so I grabbed all three colors that were available. In all honesty, I wasn't going to grab the green one until I heard the girls talking next to me that the green crayon gives out a nice subtle pink color on the lips (like magic!) when applied on, and it does! It brings out the pink tones of your lips.
These crayons are very moisturizing! They twist up as well so no sharpening needed!

Moonshot Oil Relief Concentrate Serum Restore
Moonshot Cream Paint in 106 - Bonne Mares
$48 / $26
"The anti-wrinkle serum, featured with hippophae rhamnoides and centella asiatica extract, regenerates the skin and increases skin’s elasticity. The serum strengthens the skin and smoothes the appearance of wrinkles."
The cream paint is a multi-use lip and cheek paint that dries to a powdery finish.

I have been using this serum for the past month and have included it on my recent post, Skin Hydrants. This has definitely kept my skin hydrated, it sinks into the skin right away. 
The Cream Paint, I have only used on my lips and this color gives my lips that nice deep red berry shade. Unfortunately this is not a long-lasting lip product. I thought it would leave a stain on the lips afterwards but it doesn't. 

I had more stuff in my basket that day but after looking over it while on line for the register for almost 2 hours, I put back most of the skincare products I got. I started looking at the expiration dates on them and most were already over a year expired, hence a big sample sale! 
Sample Sales are held to clear inventory to make room for newer products coming. That's why I couldn't find any of these products anymore on Peach and Lily's website either.

I didn't want to discourage other shoppers during that time so I didn't say anything on any of my social medias when I was posting my haul. It is none of my business what they will do to their bags and bags of products BUT I am sharing this to you now just as a reminder before you do grab anything in great discounted prices. 

I am happy with my purchase and with a lot of Korean beauty stores popping up here in NYC, I would love to try out more skincare products from any Korean brands! It is great to see as well that Urban Outfitters carry some of these Korean beauty brands which makes it easy for us US-residents to purchase them!

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