October 14, 2015

A Day At The Races

I had an opportunity to spend a day with America's Best Racing at one of the famous horse race tracks here in New York, Belmont Park. 
Though I am not into horse racing, I was excited to learn and experience a day at the races and to share all of it with you!

America's Best Racing 
America’s Best Racing (ABR) is a multimedia fan development and awareness-building platform, created and funded by The Jockey Club, designed to increase the profile and visibility of North America’s best Thoroughbred racing events, with a primary focus on the sport’s lifestyle and competition.
 After spending the day with Victoria Garofalo and Dan Tordjman of ABR, my husband and I learned a lot about horse racing, from placing a bet; reading the program's sheet, the horse's stats and numbers and tons more! Though it was an overwhelming flow of information all day, it was a really fun experience, that I do recommend for everyone, to try to spend a day at the races!

I know most of my fashionistas reading this are wondering, how do you dress for the day? Comfy? Casual? Warm?
 Dress as comfortable as you want or dress up! Have fun! Nobody's ever overdressed anyways!
For my outfit being my first time at the races, I went a bit dressy with comfortable shoes. This dress has such the perfect Fall color so I couldn't resist but dress up and yet still be comfy and warm for the day. I went with a pair of comfy boots since we will be doing a lot of walking inside Belmont Park. There are a lot of seating and picnic areas as well inside that has big screen tv's if you don't want to watch alongside the race track.

dress: DVF
coat: BCBG
shoes: Timberland
bag: Angela Roi

Thanks to ABR we had VIP Access to the Paddocks that time which is only accessible to the horse owners, trainers and their families and friends. 
The paddock is where the horses are prepped and warms up before the race. 
at the paddocks

We also had access to the box seats where only horse owners, trainers and their friends and families have access to watch the race. From the seats, there are touch screen monitors where you can comfortably place your bets. 

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Victoria and Dan were very, very helpful as we take a look at the program to see the races for that day, and see which horse or horses do we want to place our bets on. There are tons of information to take but as first timers, I basically just went for the horse's names. 
Once that bet is placed, I couldn't help but get excited for the race to start and root for my horse(s)! We definitely got into it, yelling, clapping, jumping from our seats as they race for the finish line. 

If you are looking for a trip with friends that is only a train away from the city, check out Belmont Park! You can bring your own food and drinks inside, so make it into a "Picnic In A Park" kind of day if you like! There are concessions stands inside if you don't feel like packing any food. There are no dress codes at all so wear whatever you want and be as comfortable as you want.

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