August 26, 2015

Skin Hydrants

Because of the acne (oral and topical) medications I take, my skin would be drier than normal if I was not hydrating and moisturizing myself enough. I do believe that my 5-step skincare regimen has really helped my skin to be looking healthy and glowing, and of course to my forever love to drinking lemon-water all day, everyday!!!
I have recently been using a lot of skin-hydrating beauty products which I want to share with you,
StriVectin Instant Revitalizing Mask
Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Oil
Moonshot Oil Relief Concentrate Serum Restore
Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Treatment

StriVectin Instant Revitalizing Mask
$62 (
Instantly brightens and revitalizes skin for a more youthful glow.
A 10-15 minute facial mask that restores clarity and immediately illuminates the skin. An effective dual-action complex of skin brighteners and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) helps unify uneven skin tone and promote a smoother, younger looking complexion.

It has clinically proven that:
93% agreed skin tone looks brighter
89% agreed skin tone is more even
85% agreed skin looks immediately revitalized

One way to wake your skin up when it's looking dull is by using this mask in the morning. It really gives you that instant glow; that boost of energy that your skin needs! 
I like using this at night too especially on days I've had some wine or two. Alcohol dehydrates not just our body but it will show in our skin as well.
"Patented NIA-114 technology strengthens the skin barrier as it hydrates and boosts the efficacy of the AHAs to visibly renew and revitalize skin. Powerful botanicals and nature AHAs work synergestically to help even skin tone."

Skyn ICELAND was born from a mission to treat and alleviate the effects of stress on skin while promoting a stress-free life full of balance, health and wellness. Free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum and mineral oil. It is also cruelty free and is 100% vegan.

"A daily age-defying omega-rich face oil that replenishes natural moisture while sealing in round-the-clock hydration to help balance, revive and rejuvenate skin."
Extracted from the Camelina Sativa plant that thrives in sub-zero temperatures, Camelina Oil is naturally sourced and cold pressed to retain maximum nutrients. It is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that also soothes, calms and protects the skin. 

I use this all over my neck and face every night. This is the last skincare product I apply on at night. It is absorbed quickly by the skin without feeling and looking greasy. I put 3 drops on my palm and rub my hands together to heat up the oil before I apply it all over my neck and face. 

Moonshot is a beauty company from Korea. This product I bought from the Peach and Lily Sample Sale. Unfortunately, this product is not on Peach and Lily's website anymore but if you are interested to trying out some Korean beauty brands, do check out their site! If you click on the product's name, it will take you to Moonshot's website where you can purchase the product!

"The anti-wrinkle serum, featured with hippophae rhamnoides and centella asiatica extract, regenerates the skin and increases skin’s elasticity. The serum strengthens the skin and smoothes the appearance of wrinkles."

I was very excited to have found this at the Sample Sale, as Korean beauty products can be in the high end price. This serum gives my skin that extra hydration boosts besides using the moisturizer and face oil. I apply this right after I wash my face every morning and night, and pat it all over. Skin absorbs it right away and then I apply my retinoid cream (Tazorac 0.05%) and moisturizer afterwards.

Aquaphor® Healing Ointment protects skin to help enhance the natural healing process. 

I have been having a dry lip problem that none of the lip balms I have, yes even my go-to favorites from the drugstore and the all-natural ones I have, done nothing. My dermatologist recommended it when I told her about my dry lip problem. After applying this on my lips for the night, the next day all the dryness was gone! My lips were looking plumper too and lipsticks were going on really smooth.

Before I do go out, I apply a lip balm with SPF since Aquaphor don't have any SPF protection in it. 

The past few days, it has been a stressful one for me but my skin glows like I just came from the spa (which in reality was nights of 3-5hr sleeps). 
Plus I have started doing some basic yoga at home (besides doing Zumba), thanks to +Liz Outh of My Pretty Obessions for introducing me to Sworkit App!!! This app has made "no gym workouts" easy to do at home, from stretching to strengthening exercises to cardio to yoga workouts without the need of any weights or exercise machines! 

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