September 11, 2014

Review: Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery spf50

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Whether it is cloudy or rainy or sunny out OR even on a late afternoon, I surely do not leave my house without putting some sunscreen on! Sunscreen has been part of my skin care routine ever since! Especially now I am on my 30's and using a retinol cream as part of my skin care, it is very important that I protect my face with a great sunscreen! I have used so many different brands of sunscreen and not all gives the same results to my skin. Some have given me breakouts and there are ones that just doesn't sink in to the skin and leaves me with a shiny face, but this one is different.

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 
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About the product:

"Help minimize skin-aging triggers with this medium-weight, emollient daily moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF50. Patented Oleosome encapsulation technology boosts sunscreen effectiveness for critical protection against UV rays, while a unique polypeptide helps encourage collagen-producing activities."

Dermalogica used half less chemical sunscreen agents on this product and yet was able to increase the SPF from 30 to 50 in it by using the advanced Oleosome technology!
"Oleosomes are naturally occurring spheres of emollient oils and Vitamin E found in Safflower seeds. These unique molecules are used to deliver active ingredients such as sunscreens directly to the skin surface, and release them over time to ensure maximum skin benefits."
As all Dermalogica products are, this has no artificial fragrances and no color parabens. This product is part of the Age Smart Product System, which helps to smooth away any fine lines and control aging triggers before they start! This product as well over time will reduce the appearance of hyper pigmented skin and the antioxidant White Tea in it will help regulate collagen degradation for a healthier looking skin!

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 "AGE Smart® contains scientifically advanced ingredients proven to impact the major biochemical reactions that contribute to skin aging before they start, so your skin is left smoother, firmer and healthier. AGE Smart® is the intelligent investment in your future skin."
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My Verdict:

This is one of my top favorite sunscreens! This is so lightweight on the skin that over my face serum, it sinks in to the skin really well. It has a nice pleasant floral smell that goes away after I massage the sunscreen into my skin. I do need to dab a tissue on my T-zone before I apply my face primer though, because of some of the natural oils (aka sweat) that has surfaced from going out walking the dogs. 

I only need one pump to cover my entire face and another pump for my neck and décolletage area. After some time and even after applying this on, my face do feels soft and looks more hydrated. 

This do have a hefty price tag but if you look at the benefits you get from it over time, I would say it is worth it! For me personally, I would rather spend more on my skin care products than makeup. As what I have learned from makeup artists and other beauty lovers that I have met, a great makeup application starts with a great skin, so don't ever skip or get lazy with your skin care routine!

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