September 29, 2014

Mascaras for Different Occasions

*Some samples here were sent by the company for review. Read my full blog disclosure located at the "Disclosure Policy" tab.

I usually do not open three-five different mascaras at a time but for beauty research purposes and ok, I can't hold my excitement to try out the shiny new package sitting on my desk so I end up having a few too many ones opened right now. 

We all know not all mascaras give us the same outcome. Different formulas and different wand bristles gives our lashes different results, from lengthening to volumizing to thickening; from natural looking lashes to a very dramatic one, these mascaras aren't all the same! 
For the past few months, I have been rotating four different mascaras and to keep them on rotation, I try to use the right mascara for the look that I am going for. Such as for a wedding party, I went for a smokey eye and so I wanted dramatic lashes to go with that; for an early morning errand, I just want natural lashes that will help me look awake and so on. I will let you know which mascara I use for a certain look down below as well, and so be prepared to read for a bit here.

"A precision mascara that adds volume, length and curl."
On days when I go for dark eyeshadows or heavy on the winged-eye liner, I use this mascara.
I received this sample size back in May as part of Sephora's Birthday Gift Set. It's actually to the point it's dry now, but it still works great for my lashes. The formula still keeps my curl all day and give my lashes that lift and volume it needs. The conical shape of the brush gets the finest hair in my inner corners easily, and lifts the outer lashes really beautifully.

"Pumped up volume up to 16X with the first double shot brush that scoops up an extra shot of plumping formula for the most pumped up volumizing lashes ever."
Wearing this alone will smudge on me since I do rub my eyes (*gently!) but it gives my lashes a really nice length and thickness! When I know I will not be out all day, just to run errands with the hubby or groceries, that's when I grab for this mascara. It really opens up my eyes, especially when I am just applying a shimmery golden shade on my lids. I haven't really tried layering this with a waterproof mascara but I'm sure it will help to keep the mascara from smudging. 

"This award-winning Quattro Variable Lash Mascara features our revolutionary FX DIAL for a customizable application from natural to extreme lashes."
Winner of HBAGlobal 2014 International Package Design Awards in Cosmetics Mass, this mascara has changed my outlook on layering and applying more than one coat! At first, the formula for me was too wet but it is the most pigmented mascara I have ever used, and it doesn't clump up as you layer. 
  • Dial 1: lengthens and separates for a natural look (the one I use the most)
  • Dial 2: enhances fullness and curl
  • Dial 3: boosts lashes density and extends (I apply this as my 2nd coat after dial 1)
  • Dial 4: amplifies lashes for ultimate length, volume and curl (this coats my lashes a lot, this dial goes for a super dramatic look!)
"...the innovative blend of waxes and polymers that create fullness without flaking, clumping or smudging."
Because of the very wet formula of the mascara, I use this when I have time for the mascara to dry before applying another coat, and not on days I am in a hurry. With just this mascara alone, you can achieve different lash looks! I usually use the combination of dial 1 and 3 to achieve a super dark, thick, curled lashes when I go for a neutral eye look with a bold lip. It gives a nice dramatic look to the eyes, really nicely!
What's great about this product is it's a drugstore brand that is affordable and definitely budget-friendly! You can find Eddie Funkhouser products at Rite-Aid stores.

"Double Trouble Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara adds double the definition and twice the volume for seductive sultry eyes..."
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This has been my everyday mascara since I have received this product! Especially on days I will be out for a long time since this does not smudge nor get flaky on me. I love the small wand on the 1st brush which extends and separates lashes. I am able to get every single lash on my upper and lower lashes without making any mess! 

1st Brush: extends and separates lashes
With the 2nd brush, this will add volume to the lashes. After a few seconds to a minute, I would apply a second coat with the 2nd brush and this makes my lashes look thicker without being clumpy nor too dramatic. This gives my eyes a wide awake look especially when I just apply a light shimmery shadow on my lids. 

2nd Brush: adds volume

If you are interested in purchasing any of the mascaras mentioned or would like to read more about it, just click on their product names above, and it will directly send you to their product links! 

Have you tried any of these mascaras? Which one are you loving the most? I am always on the lookout for the next best mascara out there especially there is such an overwhelming choices of mascaras from drugstores to high end! In the next month or so, some of these mascaras are going to be thrown away and I cannot wait to open another shiny new mascara package! Until the next mascara update!

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