October 11, 2013

Lash Bash Party Pics

There were so many things I wanted to share with you all the past weeks after the Lash Bash Party, that happened on Sept.21 (Saturday) that's why I am posting this just now.  If you haven't read my posts about the Lash Bash Party, basically 1,000 Ipsters (Ipsy Glambag Members) out of all the Ipsy members that entered, were chosen by Ipsy and Benefit Cosmetics to host, at their own homes, a Lash Bash Party (makeup party!) with their 9 guests! All the make-up products and gift bags for you and your guests were all provided by Benefit Cosmetics, and all they ask that this party has to happen on Sept.21, share it on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag "#LashBash". So everyone, nationwide were having their Lash Bash all at the same day! 

Above picture is part of the email they sent. & the picture below is the one I submitted to enter, Me and my co-host.

I was luckily one of the Ipsters that had the oppurtunity to host a Lash Bash Party and I literally started planning this thing as soon as after I received my email, danced my Happy Dance, texted my hubby and quadruple checked the email to make sure I was not dreaming that morning! After I calmed down and caught my breath. 

LOCATION & TIME: I did it at our friends place since we have no room at our place plus we have two dogs and a cat, and some of them are allergic to my pets. Originally it was for the afternoon so we can grab a drink afterwards. Show off our pretty make-up that night but some people can only come after 4 so we made it dinner time instead.

  • I chose pinks, golds and creams for my color theme. 
  • Going for a Glamorous Night theme, I added some DIY gold glitter decor on my table setting and wall decor. Also some added faux pink diamond gems on the table.
  • The glittering dots on the wall and the make-up tray were DIY! Yes made by moi! Check out my DIY on an iPhone case, HERE, it's the same concept. It's all about the Modge Podge baby!
  • The tissue paper flowers were from a DIY Pinterest! 
  • The speech bubbles in the corner of the table were made by hubby! Yes it was his suggestion to put them in long dowels (from Home Depot), even the Realsies window card they provided!

Table Setting
Wall Decor

  • I know my wall is looking bare but Sis had made most of the flower tissues and I took this picture before she came since she was running late.
here's another shot of the DIY tray with all the makeup to sample from Benefit!

  • Hubby wanted pizza and being in Brooklyn, we do have a lot of Italian pizza places here, so it was just best to order.
  • We also ordered some lasagna and stuffed shells. 
  • My Cocktail menu needed to have a non-alcoholic drink, besides the champagne and wine. I also named each drinks as what was suggested at the Benefit page party prep site. I guess so it would be Lash Bash themed appropriate, and so I went for it and put it in a nice frame!
  • The Sugar Rock candy sticks can be put in the drinks, either in your champagne or with the sparkling cider. Got that idea from Pinterest, again!
  • I didn't serve any strong liquor, since that doesn't go well with champagne. I didn't want my girls to get drunk since we still all had to go home that night!
  • Prosecco Wine, Champagne, Sparkling Cider and Soda were served that night.

We all ate dinner first before we head on to the make-up products. I did a small intro about Benefit Cosmetics since a few of them have never heard of it. Explained about Ipsy Glambags as well to see if anybody is interested to sign up.
 While we were doing our makeup, hubby had fun taking our pictures, playing paparazzi with an iPhone cam hehehe! Most of the candid shots here are all taken by him, props to hubby!!!

Group Pic!

Cheers to a gorgeous night!

the best Realsies shots
The Peek-A-Bright Eyes Kit was the favorite of the night and the Brow Gel. Not everyone was a fan of They're Real mascara, as you can see in our Realsis picture since most have short lashes. I told them it takes time to get used to the brush and just keep playing with it, it is part of their gift bag anyways! Plus the weather might have been affecting our makeup then since it was hot that day and probably from our bubbly drinks  hehehe!

All in all, it was a fun night! Everyone went home with full stomachs, a tad bit buzzed and with new make-up goodies! My friends were pretty surprised how everything from my utensils and plates and decors all matched and color themed! We usually don't decorate if we have get togethers like that. We just plan what to bring, what food and drinks, and then chill the rest of the night. This was my first time as well hosting so it was a big deal to me that everything is what I planned and is Instagram- and blog- worthy hehehehe! But what's most important of all is that everyone will have a great night! I had back up plans too if anything fails and I wouldn't be really able to do all of this without the help of hubby. He was very helpful as I organize my stuff, helped me calm down when I was freaking out like most of the time and was very patient with me as I fill our place with pink flowers and gold glitters everywhere!

And of course thanks to Benefit Cosmetics and Ipsy Glambag for giving me this opportunity!!! I do hope I get to go to Benefit's San Francisco Store and office, I am sure it is as beautifully as the packagings of their make-up products!

I really do enjoyed having a night of make-up with my girls and would love to do this again, but no more glitters and decors just make-up, food and cocktails! Less stressing! I hope I can do this with my #bbloggers and readers as well! OMG! That would be soooo much fun, fun, fun, fun!!!!! Riight!?!? 

Anyways, hope you all have a great weekend! Enjoy the nice Fall weather gorgeous peeps and apologies that this post took a while!

Now time to spend the weekend with the birthday boy and I'll see you all on my next post! Did you see my new pic post on Instagram? Yup my October PopSugar Must Have Box is here! I'll let you know more next week!

Happy Weekend everyone! 
Love, love, love you all!!!!

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