October 22, 2013

Clarisonic Mia2: 2 Wk Update

I was planning on updating you all earlier than two weeks but honestly speaking here, when my blogging brain is off and my post is not how I want it to be - I will not post it! Just like when a Chef is not satisfied with his dish he will not serve it, type of analogy.
Moving on, you probably are all wondering (or not! either way I'm still going to tell you!) how it has been between me and my Mia2. Here's a quick recap of the past two weeks, since I do want to share a few pictures here of the Clarisonic Mia2 box:

  • After first time of using it, my skin already felt smoother and softer! Better than when I exfoliate!
  • I have been using it every Sundays and Wednesdays nights only, to not irritate my skin since my skin is pretty sensitive. 
  • I have also changed my skincare products to the new Michael Todd Acne Skin Regimen Kit (a separate blog post review soon!) in addition to my prescribed topical creams. You can check it here for the product list.

  • After Week 1: The acne I had from my hormonal breakouts, dried out faster! Like in a few days! It would usually take weeks for it to disappear but with this new regimen I can only see improvements! Trying to stay positive here.
  • After Week 2: My skin is going through dry patches right now, I think it's because of this new skin care routine I am in (or the weather, I'm not really sure) but hopefully it just goes well from here! I have not seen any new breakouts (knockin' on wood!)
  • My moisturizer and face serum sinks in to the skin faster!
  • My liquid foundation (UD Naked Foundation) looks better already on my skin after I have only used the Mia2, five times! My skin is not flawless but it feels smoother than it used to, except for the dry patchy areas.
  • I have been keeping a photo diary of my skin as I use this, which I will share with you all when I have an "after" picture for you all to compare. Not sure when that will happen but no pictures for now (sorry!).
  • I've used it in the shower and over the sink and it's easy to handle and pretty light.
  • I do wish the brush is smaller since it's hard to go around the nose with the big brush. 
  • Wish the timer could be longer so I could add my neck area. Or maybe just do a minute in the neck area? Has anybody else have done that?
  • I have not used the High Speed setting since I am still breaking it in to my skin regimen.
I do want to share you all a few pictures of the Clarisonic Mia2 packaging:

front packaging
open the front flap and more information about Clarisonic 

this is the Pacific Sunset color

this is what it came with my Clarisonic Mia2. I love Fresh and this is truly gentle for sensitive skin. I haven't use the Lotus Youth Cream but I only read great things about it!

a size comparison with a full size They're Real Mascara

the back of the box packaging
I guess that's it for now. As you can see I have added a tab on my blog called "ftc Mia2 diaries" so you can just click on that tab if you just want to see my updates on my use of the Clarisonic Mia2. I am not sure how often I will be posting an update but if I do see any changes I will definitely let you guys know.

Thank you guys for stopping by and see you all on my next post!

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