October 14, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Creaseless Cream Shadow Review

"Bikini-tini" & "Bronze Have More Fun"
Here's a little info of these  Creaseless Cream Shadows from Benefit Cosmetics website:

"Our award-winning cream shadows are as crease-proof & budge-proof as ever! The 10 incredibly wearable shades (including original favorites r.s.v.p., birthday suit and skinny jeans) glide on easily and last all day long. It’s fresh & fabulous color for all."

DISCLOSURE: I received these products as part of my Lash Bash Party package and did not get paid or asked by Benefit Cosmetics for this review. This was part of a prize and so I did not pay for these products. The views and opinions on this post are solely my own.


  • The cardboard box reminds me of the vintage style hat boxes in the 30's. It's so cute! 
  • The shadow itself is in a nice glass container. 
  • There's 4.5g, Net wt. 0.16 oz per container.
  • The jar has a weight to it, for me not travel friendly. 
  • I love how the jar is big enough even if I am sporting some long nails, it will not be in the way! 


  • Shades I received are: Bikini-Tini (champagne shade) &  Bronze Have More Fun (antique bronze color). Pretty neutral and very wearable everyday colors.
  • It is very creamy like buttah! You don't need a lot of pressure to dip in, just press on gently and glide to the creaminess of the product and you'll have enough product on your finger.
  • It is suggested to use your fingertip for application. And I found this the best way as well to apply it on to the lids.
  • You can use a synthetic flat brush but for me it applied patchy on my lids.

THE TEST: Of course I had to put it to the test myself! To see is to believe and can't just believe all the hype. 
  • I did not put any primer on my eyes. And just used both shades: Bikini-tini on the inner corners and Bronze Have More Fun all over the lid and up a little bit to the crease. 
  • Since I was just at home doing the "crease test" on these products, I did not put anything else on my eyes. Not even mascara on!
Daylight lighting so color is a little washed out on the picture
  • The above picture, I used the sunlight coming from the window so it washed out the color. 
  • I just wanted to show here that there's nothing else on my eyes but the two products, that morning. So sorry, if my application was a little bit messy here and not that pretty. I wouldn't go out of the house either having my shadows looking like a mess!

I used the white light in the bathroom and gives truer color of the creams!
  • After 6 hours, I used the light in our bathroom. It's Daylight CFL light bulbs and this showed a truer color of the creams actually.

  • Looking at the After picture above, it is truly a creaseless cream shadow!
  • The color didn't fade either. It has a pretty good pigmentation which can be built up.
  • Best way to apply it is with your finger tip and pack it on lightly and build your color from there.
  • I am not sure if I would call this smudge-proof. Since the Bikini-tini in my inner corners have faded from me wiping away "yawn tears". But I'm sure with some powder shadow over it, this will last a good day!
  • On their website this cost $20/ each. I think this is an over priced product. I feel like you are paying for all the packaging. I know they are known for their cute packaging but I'm sure the prices of their products will be lower if they just keep it still cute but simple!
  • Here's the link to their site, if you want to check the other shades: http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/product/view/new-creaseless-cream-shadow
  • The color choices are pretty neutral and it will not be hard to find a dupe for them at the drugstore.
  • Since I just got this recently, I am not sure how fast these dries out but hopefully the jars do seal pretty tightly that this will last me a while.
  • If you really want to splurge, yes I would recommend you to get these. But if this is something not within your budget, I do have a drugstore recommendation for you too (comment below if you don't know what product I am talking about here).

Overall, yes I am very impressed with the staying power of this shadow and how it did not crease at all! I am just meh! for the color options in the line since they are not so out of the ordinary colors. It's not like you can only find it in this line. It is not something you MUST have or NEED right now but I would recommend this if you are looking and planning to purchase just Benefit Cosmetics products. 

My blogging brain (caffeine deprived) is a little off today but I wanted to post this already before my "blog list"  piles up again. If there's anything not clear about my review please just comment down below! 

Thanks for stopping by my blog all you gorgeous peeps and hope to see you all on my next post!

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