March 12, 2013

March 2013 Ipsy/ Myglam Bag

If you are not on the Ipsy bandwagon yet well this is a $10/month beauty subscription bag that has 4-5 deluxe beauty samples. This can vary from makeup, makeup tools, hair, skin and body care. It's really a surprise what you will be getting every month as long as you don't check their Facebook page for their sneak peeks.

"The Great Escape" is this month's theme, hence the travel friendly products inside the bag. 

Let me talk about this cute lightweight zippered pouch that it came in. The cute nautical blue and white light fabric material just screams "Travel with me!". This ones definitely going in my travel bag! I wouldn't be afraid to take this out in the airport bathroom or on the plane or at the beach shore and grab my travel essentials from it since it has that really fun pattern!

Time for first impressions! I literally just got this yesterday, Monday Mar.11th which is pretty early. Ipsy would usually just start shipping at around this time and I wouldn't receive the bag until the mid-month. So yay Ipsy for sending it out earlier than expected!!!

This is a cute case! I have never owned a Z-palette but that's what I have been reading it is being compared to. So supposedly  you depot your eye shadows and/or blush pans and put it in one of these magnetic base palettes for easier access to travel with. Unfortunately I don't own a lot of single eye shadow or blush pans either so I wasn't sure how to use this cool bright pink case. I always carry bobby pins and safety pins in my bag so i tried putting it here and it works! I'll insert a picture right here:

4/11/2013: I've added my Yaby eye shadows in it and this compact case fits perfectly in my makeup bag, I love it! Now I can fit more lip glosses and eyeliners in my little bag!

this is a size of credit card which is great for travelling!

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist; full size $22

I was really excited to get this in the bag because I have seen this brand in Sephora and been wanting to try it out because of it's "Certified Organic" stamp on it. 

So I used this yesterday after my Zumba workout to refresh my skin as I rest before I go shower and oh my gosh! I was not expecting the strong smell of roses from this! I was thinking more on the citrus side since that  citrus scent to me feels more refreshing and hydrating than the rose scent. I may not use this on my face, especially when I have makeup on but probably more on my chest and arms during the summer days when I'm out with my dogs in the park. I will keep using this though after my workout and maybe that first spray just really clouded my judgment. I really want to love this product so I am not going to give up on it! Updates later!

4/11/2013: I leave this in the fridge and spritz myself after I have put on my makeup. the scent goes away so it has not bothered me at all. i'm saving this to use during the summer heat waves, this will feel so cool on my face!

LA Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover 8ct Pouch; $1.99, ON SALE NOW for $1.49 click here
I haven't really used this but I am actually scared to use this just from reading the comments on the product at the Ipsy site, here. Yes I know I will never know how it will react with my skin until I use it but I hesitate using this on my face right now since I am trying to reduce my use of face products that has parabens and other strong chemicals in it. I use baby wipes right now to remove heavy makeup. I wash my face with Fresh Soy Cleanser, which removes my everyday makeup pretty well and recently I have added using Thayer's Witch Hazel with Aloe Toner since the Pixi primer from last month's bag broke me out. 
This is a nice travel size to have in the bag though for those emergency eyeliner or mascara melt downs, so yeh I'll keep it with my other travel essentials.

4/11/2013: I haven't used this yet, hopefully it doesn't dry out on me when that time comes.

Yaby EyeShadow Refills in Seashell and Azalea Petal; $3.15/pan
I am not really thrilled to receive this eye shadow samples when I just received a Coastal Scent quad sample last month which I still have to use. I have never heard of this brand but then I basically only know what's in the mainstream stores such as Ulta and Sephora. 
Left: Seashell (light shade), Right: Azalea Petal
*apologies for the bad picture but this was taken with an iPhone5 
This was founded by a Canadian make-up artist who wants an easy way to customize her make-up kits for easy travelling and organization. The formulation on this will be great because I'm sure as make-up artists, they would want something versatile; easy to use wet or dry and to mix and match, so you don't have to carry a lot of individual color pans. 
The colors I got are really neutral unlike the other girls who got the teal and yellow pans which is exciting to play with! For now mine are unopened and I still yet to play with. 

Overall, this months bag isn't that bad but I am not that excited about it. I am looking forward to be playing with all of this products this month and see how it works with my beauty routine. I'll say the brands they have featured for March are pretty high end, not just drugstore brands.These samples are probably still worth more than $10 in total.

I will update this entry at the end of the month to see how it worked out so keep an eye on that! For now don't forget to click on the products to take you to the Ipsy site where their discount codes are posted.

4/11/2013: I looove these eye shadows! I have used it as my everyday eye makeup! It's very pigmented and I have stored this in my GlamRX case with my bobby pins so this has been my travel companion as well when I need a touch-up. The Seashell eye shadow is great for highlighting on my cheeks too!


  1. Great review!! you did great. :) I cant help but look at the monthly hints.

  2. thanks! ye same here and read the comments to see what they think it is! its still pretty exciting when i get my bright pink bag every month :)

  3. lol.. me too girl! thats funny.