March 23, 2013

DIY: nail art

I have been thinking really hard what to post for my next DIY since I seem to only have one post here since I started, and I truly apologize for that! Winter wasn't as inspiring as Spring/ Summer to do any cool DIY's. I have a list of stuff to do when Spring/ Summer hits so watch out for a lot of DIY posts then!

Even though Spring is officially here, it's still pretty cold here in the East Coast but that doesn't mean I can't start sporting my new, loud, bright colored nail polishes! So here's an easy nail art for you guys that I have been seeing lately in fashion magazines. if you have been following me on Instagram, every few weeks I post my Nail of The Day (#notd) which are inspired by pictures I found on Pinterest. Yes those two apps are pretty addicting! I'm pretty much on those sites everyday and posting and pinning a lot of inspirational, random, beautiful stuff around me so come follow!

okay on to the nail art! so what you need are:
- two polishes to use for all nails and another color for the accent nail (3 total for the accent nail)
- a small dotting tool OR a toothpick OR a bobby pin
- a piece of glossy paper - like a page from a magazine.
- your favorite base and top coats

Butter London 'Slapper' ; Color Club 'Insta-This'; Butter London 'Jasper'

Step 2
Step 1: put on your favorite base coat on all nails! ( I usually do one hand at a time and do my left hand first)

Step2: After a minute or two, put on the polish you want the color to dominate more on all nails.
I used Butter London in 'Slapper' for my dominant polish. Do a second coat if needed. Then let this dry for 2-3 minutes. (watch a youtube video or check your texts - just a suggestion!)

Step 3: get your other polish, mine is Color Club in 'Insta-This', that we will put on the one third of your nail. it's like a french tip but thicker and we will criss-cross the polish! to get this inverted 'V' shape: place the brush on one side of your nail then brush diagonally towards to the top end of the other side of the nail. *i hope that made sense!
- then do the same on the other side and you should see your inverted 'V' shape! Mine were not all uniformly centered which is okay too! now you can call it a geometric style nail art!
Step 3: Inverted 'V' 

Step 4: do your second coat if needed.

Step 5: get your piece of glossy paper or any glossy flat surface to put some nail polish on. I have learned a paper towel will soak up the polish so that's a no-no! put some of your third nail polish color to do for the accent nail. Here I used Butter London in 'Jasper'.

Step 6: with your dotting tool, dip the tool on the polish and start dotting, tracing your 'V' shape, in between the two colors.

Step 7: let this dry completely, then put on your favorite top coat! Mine right now is Wet n' Wild Fergie's Collection top coat. (after my left hand is completely dry, I will start doing my right hand)

Step 5
and voila! your nail art mani is done! now relax, watch more youtube videos or a movie because you want to completely dry your nails before you start touching and holding stuff! update your twitter, take pictures tweet and instagram it!

*if there's anything not clear on this post please just leave a comment below and i will reply to it as soon as i see it.


  1. Wow amazing nail art, I love it:) The colour of Slapper here looks true to colour compared to my one which looks straight up blue lol! Jasper is really pretty, have you worn it yet?

  2. Thanks! I haven't worn the yellow one by itself, it looks streaky on first application. I might need to try it with a white polish base, hopefully that helps.