March 7, 2013

February 2013 Ipsy/ MyGlam Bag

First off, I apologize for not posting this earlier and give you my first impression and the discount codes for the brands featured. No reasonable excuse for it but I literally just forgot.

Okay on to the bag! For February's bag, the theme was "Red Carpet Ready". A pretty appropriate theme since this was the month of all those award shows and must-watch celebrities on the red carpet in their nice, sparkly super expensive dresses and accessories. I am not very big into watching red carpet award shows and stuff, but hey anything to get me "red carpet ready" is always welcome in my makeup collection!

So it came in this shiny black patent leather material with a red lining zip pouch. This material reminds of those "hooker boots" shoes you find in costume store, so I'm not really fond of this pouch. Not sure how this is "red carpet" worthy when patent leather is not really a fashion must (in my book that is!).

MicaBeauty Gel Eyeliner; full size $30-35
I love this eyeliner! I 'googled' it and learned how this is an all mineral makeup brand which was great since I am trying to lessen my usage of heavy chemically contained makeups. Besides that, this was really easy to use! It goes on so smoothly and doesn't budge at all until you remove it with your eye makeup remover. This is something I would stock up on if I truly can't find another gel eyeliner out there as good as MicaBeauty, but for now I'm keeping my eye out for more budget friendly gel liners.

Pixi Poreless and Flawless Face Primer; full size $29
I have heard good things about Pixi on Youtube, but I was just not that intrigued to buy it myself and try it out. So glad Ipsy included it in this month's bag for us to try out, and this is another brand that keeps their product ingredients with less harsher chemicals. Unfortunately this one has Salycilic Acid in it and this reacted with my sensitive skin pretty fast. I would have loved this primer if not for that because it really made my makeup look pretty flawless! I tried it for a week but I started seeing a few red bumps showing up in my face so I had to stop. Salycilic Acid reacts backwards with my skin I guess. I will try other products on this line though and see how Pixi works out for me.
*Salycilic Acid is to help clear the skin from acne and prevent from anymore blemishes to appear, that's why you see this ingredient a lot added on face products.

POP Smokey Lash Kapow Mascara; full size $18.50
I did not like this mascara. It was clumpy after just one coat. I see it has smudged after a few hours of wear. Really disappointed but then I wonder if my sample just got dried out? The weather here in NY has been really cold, and that could have affected the formulation of this mascara.

Coastal Scents Shadow Palette Sample; price varies 
I haven't really used the palette from this bag but I have received a Coastal Scents Shadow Palette Sample before and it's ok. I would like to get more eyeshadows though that uses more natural ingredients.
I really love that Ipsy features more brands which I haven't heard of that uses a lot of natural ingredients lately instead of giving us samples from the big branded companies that doesn't really need anymore...publicity? 

Lash Card $6.99/10pk
This thing just added 5 minutes to my makeup routine! I have not really tried to put a card when I put on my mascara ever so this was something to get used to. I tried Michelle Phan's technique and I blinked too many times and made a mess than have a cleaner, full looking lashes. For short, this is not something I would say you MUST have in your makeup collection.

Here is the video where she shows you how she uses the Lash Card, and the rest of the products featured in February's Ipsy Glambag:

Pretty good bag for the price we pay again monthly, which is $10!
 I see in their Facebook page how Ipsy is gaining popularity that there's a waiting list now! So if you are interested to try out this Beauty Monthly subscription bag by Michelle Phan, full of 4-5 sample makeup products sign up now and be patient. I am not sure how long the wait is but I am sure it will be worth the wait! 
I am pretty content with the products I have sampled with Ipsy for the past 5 months.

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