November 1, 2013

Wet n' Wild Lipstick Collection Review

So a few posts ago, I shared with you my disappointment with a few new Wet n'Wild products. You can check out that post, HERE.
On this post, I want to share with you my new fave drugstore lipsticks!

A little background about my lipstick experience before I go on with this review. I am no pro at makeup but I am pretty picky of what I put on my face and especially my lips! The last experience I had wearing lipsticks were years ago, I can't really remember. I think my mind just kinda deleted it in my head, all I know is it was such an awful experience that I did not want to wear anymore lipsticks ever! It just made my lips really dry that's why I stuck with tinted lip balms ever since. Too many rules back then too on how to wear a lipstick properly when all I want is some color on my lips in 2 seconds so I can go catch my bus! 

So when I saw the lipstick is back on trend and how a lot of YouTube Beauty Gurus and fashion blogs and articles are raving about lipsticks again, I wanted to give it another chance and see if after so many years maybe they have finally found a way to make these lipsticks less drying on the lips!
Ipsy has converted me to a lip gloss fan so why not jump on the hype of these lipsticks and see if I feel the same way about them.

And so here we are with one of my fave drugstore brands, and now one of my fave lipstick brands as well. These five lipsticks are what I have bought this year from Wet n'Wild and I am just in-love with them! I have been waiting for Fall to wear them. I can go heavy on my lip products in cooler weather since I know it will not be melting off my lips! I kept it light during the Spring/Summer season and used tinted lip balms or just a bit of lipstick for a stained effect then topped it of with gloss or lip balm.

Fuschianista / Ferguson Crest Cabernet / Bebot Love

Okay before I go off topic let's start already with these Wet n'Wild's Fergie Creme Lipstick Collection  ($3.99) that I got.

"Soft, velvety lipsticks glide on silky-smooth for weightless wear. These longwearing formulas are specially formulated with anti-aging technology, as well as vitamins and minerals to keep lips soft, smooth, and kissable all-day. Moisturizes and conditions for rich colors that won’t cake, feather, or bleed."
  • Fuschianista: from the tube it looks like this nice red with blue undertone shade, which I look for on my reds. I think blue undertone lipsticks seem to complement my yellow skin tone really well. Then I swatched it, bam! There's the loud bright fuchsia color! Love it for those days I need some color in my face!
  • Ferguson Crest Cabernet: this was said to be a good dupe for MAC Rebel. I don't own the MAC Rebel lipstick so I won't know. You know me though, I just love my dark purpley-red shades and then it's named after a red wine = I'm sold! I saw this was used on a YouTube make-up tutorial and I knew I just had to have it!
  • Bebot Love: This is a nice nude shade. It's more in the darker shade of the nude color spectrum which I think will not wash me out. I have to admit I bought this one because of the name. Bebot is one of my fave Black Eyed Peas songs, so I just had to have it! This is actually my very first nude lipstick purchase! I have been wearing it with a pink gloss on top, though it looked nice by itself I felt "naked" without any color. Baby steps here peeps!

Arm swatches will be down below and let me apologize now for the lack of lip swatches on this post. My lips are dry right now because of this weather change, so let's just stick to the arm swatch for this post. If I do post selfies on my Instagram (follow me: _j4ckie_) I will mention it on the description!

The other two I got are from Wet n'Wild's Megalast Mega Last Lip Color Collection ($1.99): 
Lips take center stage! This 4-hour, longwearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, crème finish in one stroke.
    • Glides on easily with rich, velvety color that doesn't cake, feather, or bleed
    • Made with hydrating skincare ingredients
    • Hyaluronic microspheres provide extraordinary adhesion to lips
    • An exclusive polymer complex offers cushion like feel and texture
    • Natural marine plant extracts coenzyme Q10 and vitamins A&E help smooth lips
Spiked With Rum / Sugar Plum Fairy

  • Spiked With Rum: this is a nice Cinnamon shade, that's what it reminds me of when I look at it. The nice color of that cinnamon stick, perfect for Fall!
  • Sugar Plum Fairy: this is almost the same shade as Ferguson Crest Cabernet but this one has more purple tone to it, and brighter on the lips. It looks dark when applied on but it leaves a nice bright almost fuchsia-like stain on the lips. If you are going for a deep berry shade, this is not it.

My Verdict:

  • The Megalast lipsticks gives me that nice semi-matte finish, since a full matte lipstick dries my lips out, these don't!
    • It's so creamy so it's easy to apply.
    • It's a very pigmented lipstick. Those swatches are 1 swipe swatches!
    • Staying power is pretty good, I only need to re-touch a little bit after drinking and eating.
    • I have no problem with this feathering out or bleeding, so no need for a lip pencil before application! Yay!
    • I do put some lip balm on before I apply this, and exfoliate my lips to have a smoother base for the lipstick
  • The Fergie Creme Lipsticks are creamy as well but can be a bit drying after a few hours of wear so have a lip gloss on hand for touch ups.
    • I also moisturize with a lip balm and exfoliate before applying the darker shade lipsticks.
    • The swatch above, Bebot Love is the only one I had to swipe twice to show the color. These are pretty pigmented lipsticks too.
  • For the Cons  on these lipsticks: Packaging
    • I think I hold my breath every time I put back the cap on these! The lipstick cap is a clear plastic cap so you can see the shade right away but because it sticks out, it's hard to put the cap back on. So when you are in a hurry, don't grab for these.
    • I know this is an inexpensive brand and I should not expect much, but I just have to put it out there, the plastic packaging feels cheaply made. I do not want to be dropping this at all, I feel like this will shatter in pieces if it does!

Overall, the lipstick is great. It is great for the price you pay, this may vary depending on where you buy it. It's still worth getting it. If you are just starting to build your lipstick collection OR like me just getting back to lipsticks you can start with these! 
You can always depot them, just search on YouTube on how to do that, if the packaging bothers you. If I do find a nice container for these, I might just do that!

What's your favorite drugstore lipstick? If you picky lips like I do, do I have any other lipstick recommendations for me?!?

disclaimer: I bought all these lipsticks with my own money. I was not asked nor got paid by Wet n'Wild to do this review. This is my personal opinion and experience with these lipsticks and nobody else's.

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