August 28, 2013

ftc Top 10 Beauty Wish List

So I have made a Beauty Wish List since I can't buy anything for two more weeks.
Check out my post about my No Buy Beauty Challenge here: 

I even have a different wish list for IMATS 2014! We will talk about that next time hehehe. Since I just started getting into beauty recently, thanks to all d beauty blogs I read, Ipsy monthly bag and YouTube beauty gurus, my makeup collection is getting big but I still don't have a lot of what most have such as UD Naked palettes, Sigma brushes, NARS or any MAC makeup.  So this list is pretty long and just keeps growing! But I will just give you my top 10. No particular order on what I will get first but these are the 10 beauty products I would like to have now... Not all at once! Either before the year ends or before next Summer!

10- NuMe Curling Wand: I have been eyeing these wands since I got a discount coupon from an Ipsy bag. I do keep seeing a lot of discount codes for this site tho so there will never be a time that these products will be bought on full price! I never own a curling wand ever before but watching enough hair curling tutorials have enticed me to start practicing my "curling skills". But now I have such a hard time picking which one to get!

9- Sigma Travel Kit- Mrs. Bunny: I have added this on my Amazon Wish List as well but if the Sigma site has a better discount, I will get it from there. I already have bought the Sigma Brush, F80, a flat top kabuki brush which I am soo in-love with! My foundation goes on pretty evenly and cuts my buffing time in half! This kit seems to be a good way to test out some more eye and face brushes.

8- LORAC Pro Palette: Through the Viggle app, that gives rewards for watching TV, I am able to redeem it for Sephora gift cards! I will never buy anything from Sephora full priced ever! So once I am able to redeem another Sephora gift card, I will get this palette! 

7- Michael Todd Skincare Line: I have been seeing this skin care line in the YouTube beauty channels and have always been curious how it is. Thanks to Ipsy I was able to test out one of their products and I can't wait to try more from this line. I hate it that I can only buy this online and not sold at Whole Foods or any drugstore or Sephora or Ulta. Hopefully they are working on that for the future.

6-  NYX Butter Gloss: I am not sure which shades or how many do I want to try out right now but I know for sure I will be heading straight to NYX aisle at Ulta and grab me some!

5- Emma Jean Cosmetics: two words --> scented polish! 

4- Yves Saint Lauren Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Lipstick: I just want one. I tested it out at Sephora and it goes on like buttah! It feels very moisturizing too and the color compliments my med-tan skin tone beautifully! The peachy-coral toned one wasn't too bright, so I got my eye on that one!

3- get a lip product from BITE Beauty Lip Lab: This pop-up shop from Bite opened up in SoHo here in New York this year, and I am not sure why I haven't ran to their store yet, but this is definitely in my check list. 
You basically make the lipstick shade of your dreams here and it's with all-natural product! You come in here with an idea and come out with the tube of your perfect lip color product!

OMG the possibilities are endless!!!
2- a haircut at a nice salon: I never had a go-to hairdresser ever! I have gone to different ones every year and either they leave the salon, it was pricey or I just didn't like how I was getting treated and my hair! I may be being super picky but I want to be pampered like a VIP, and I can only seem to find that at a fancy salon which I still am looking for too.

1- Hautelook: I have missed out on such great sales on Hautelook during this No Buy Beauty Challenge such as Eve Pearl, Stilla, Urban Decay and some pretty clothes and shoes, but I know those sales will be back just like how I see theBalm goes on Hautelook every few months! 

I have checked out the Marc Jacobs cosmetics line at Sephora a few weeks ago and I eventually would love to have the eyeshadow kit. Not anytime soon tho since it's a very pricey one! I am planning to check out Em Cosmetics once they open their own store here in NYC, which is rumored to open in October. 

I would love to check off my top 10 before I can go further buy other beauty products but I know that will not happen. No promises here but I will have more self-control since I have no room anyways in our house right now hehehe!

What are on your Beauty Wish List?

August 24, 2013

Week 2 Update: No Buy Beauty Challenge

Two Tuesdays ago, I started this No Buy Beauty Challenge for myself. I want so many things but I don't really neeed them so I just want to give myself a break before I become a beauty....collector! So going on week 2 here and just want to let you all know how it's been doing.

To read more about my No Buy Beauty Challenge, click here: No Buy Beauty Challenge Post
To read about how my first week went, click here: Week 1 Update 

- I almost gave in to buying this awesome NuMe hair tool for a discount early this week but I told myself again and again and again "No! I don't need it!" - I love my hair the way it is. There are so many No Heat Hairstyles online I can try for now.

- Did you know Michelle Phan, co-founder of Ipsy and the most watched beauty guru on YouTube have launched her own make-up line, Em Cosmetics?!? Very exciting! So I signed up to get the e-mails and this week Em has a really great price bundle, Get Started With Em Kit for $27.50, so you can try out her "luxury" make-up brand. I've checked out the site and the price is no drugstore price! So this is a really great deal! Her brand is under the L'oreal brand which I am a little disappointed since I was hoping it's a cruelty-free, made in the USA typed of brand. I do hope they include a sample in one of our Ipsy bags sometime soon, I'll still try it, see how it is.

- Hubby has been testing out my willpower by leaving the TV on QVC when Tarte or Josie Maran or any beauty sale is on. I still watch and tell him, I'm not interested anyway since I am looking forward to their Holiday Beauty Sales. I'm not sure how good the holiday sales are since I just started watching this year but even Sephora and Ulta will have really great holiday gift bundles so ha! He just better get ready with all the shopping bags he will be carrying then!

- Another way I have distracted myself this week is by starting a "beauty wish list"! So once I am done with this challenge, I don't get overwhelmed with what will I want to check out or buy first. This list is just stuff I either want or just to check out at the store and see if I really do want it or not.

- beauty contests! Benefit, Urban Decay, Ipsy. . . had beauty contests going  on, and maybe is still going on so I just keep signing up, just like lottery "You gotta be in to win it!" I just have been signing up with all the beauty contests lately since hey! It's free make-up products if I do win, and it doesn't hurt anyone!

- I did go shopping on this week for the Zumba Fitness Core for Xbox360. I really felt so guilty, eating so much, going over my 1200 cal/day last week that I wanted to go back to my usual workout schedule of 2-3 times a week and "upgrade" to a harder routine. I don't have a gym membership so any workout I can do at home is great for me, and Zumba burns so many calories (500-1000 cal/ 30mins) in less than an hour! *This has been my 2013 goal (weight loss) so I'm really happy I am liking this Zumba workout routine!

So far so good, I must say! I know I am half way there, and this week went better I think. I do hate myself for a minute or two when I see a good deal, but I just had to keep telling myself there will be more coming and maybe a better one too. I know these are all just business tactics to get us to buy it NOW and I will not be tricked and lured into that because I know they will be offering other sales eventually!

And for a good week going so well, I will need a reward and a s'more or two is calling my name in the kitchen!

Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend, and I will update you all again next Saturday!

August 23, 2013

BaubleBar Pop-Up Shop Sample Sale Haul

*Hey guys sorry for such a super late post on my BaubleBar haul. Please believe me when I say this was all purchased before I started my No Buy Beauty Challenge, which you can read more here: No Buy Beauty Challenge Post 

 Over the Summer, BaubleBar, the online shopping site for affordable bling, opened a pop-up shop in SoHo here in New York City. So how am I suppose to just ignore that when every week they have different events going on and free Godiva cocktails on some nights?!?

I have even gotten my girl friends to go Bauble shopping with me, and I'm glad they do love the pieces they bought!
A few weeks ago unfortunately was their last day at the shop and for their last three days they had their Sample Sale.
Oh the madness that this did to my credit card! I am a happy camper though and went home with a few goodies at such amazing prices!
Read my first trip to this shop here:  BaubleBar Soho PopUp Shop + PopSugar Must Have July Box

August 21, 2013

Influenster Dasani Voxbox

This came in such a perfect time! I received this months ago, and apologies that I am just writing a review on this now. If you guys don't know what Influenster is, it's a website where they give you products to try out for free! All they ask from you is to write a review and spread the word on all your social media accounts! To qualify for their boxes, they will send a pre-survey and see if you are qualified to get that "Voxbox".To join you must be referred by a member, leave your e-mail below if you're interested, I have four referrals left! You can be reviewing full size beauty products, home, food and a lot of more for FREE!

So this one is called the "Dasani Voxbox", where they have included a bottle of their Dasani Purified Water and two flavors of their new flavor enhancers, in Cherry Pomegranate and Pink Lemonade


I am usually not a fan of these fruit flavored water enhancers since all I taste is the sugar substitutes they put in it. I was a little skeptical to try this out. I had my hubby try it out first since he hates to drink water and loves to drink juices, sodas, iced teas - anything but plain water! I thought his taste buds would be better to "judge" these flavor enhancers, since he has drank every orange soda, lemonades, gatorades and those new flavored waters he's been seeing in the delis lately.
I am not surprised he looves it! He said the lemonade do taste like lemonade! And the Cherry Pomegranate has a more sweet candy taste to it, which he likes with his drinks. I actually like the Cherry Pomegranate more than the Pink Lemonade which is great so now we don't have to fight over it! I actually add some lemon slices and blueberries in my glass since I want more refreshing taste to my water during the Summer months. 
Getting hubby to drink more water is sure a great thing since he is such a Coca-Cola drinker! Our house is stocked with soda since he refuses to drink good ol' water! He has always been curious how these water flavor enhancers taste since he kept seeing it on TV, and I am very fortunate to be chosen by Influenster to test it out because we are definitely going to try the other flavors on our next supermarket run!
I love drinking this when I am craving for something sweet and instead of grabbing for my chocolate stash in the fridge, I will just "flavorfy" my water and I will be good until I do need dessert after dinner. 

If you have not tried this out yet, go ahead and grab one at your supermarket. It's 0 Calories ladies!

August 20, 2013

beauty tips for an easier morning

I always don't put a full faced makeup everyday. There are days I'm just feeling lazy, and there are days I just don't have the energy to be perfecting my contour or blending my eye shadows perfectly well or drawing my eyebrows to the shape I want. And of course there are those days, hubby and I just need to get out of the door and start our day! Even though he has been very patient, waiting 30 minutes to an hour for me to be ready, I still feel bad that he falls asleep in the couch waiting.

And so I started looking around, what can I improve and change with my routine. I have been reading a lot of articles online and magazines, and watching beauty gurus see if I can get some pointers on how can I have a faster routine in the morning, and still looking put together and not missing any eyebrow or cheek color in the process. 

After trying out a few, here's what has worked for me:

  1. Giving myself a "Get Ready" bin on my makeup table, makes me not fumble around on what should I use for  that days look. This is just a small plastic ware for now, where I will put all the makeup products I will be using for the morning. I fill this out the night before, just like how I get my outfit ready for the morning the night before, just to get 5 more minutes snooze time OR 5 more minutes in front of the mirror!

  1. The makeup brushes that I will be needing for the products I have on my bin are placed in a cup (shown in the picture below). I have my face brushes in a glass jar on top of my table, but all my eye makeup brushes are in a makeup folding case, so I like to take out what I need already so I don't need to go through it in the morning. 

  2. When in a hurry, I have learned that using multi-purpose beauty products cuts half the time of my routine! 
    1. Such as a BB creams - I was not a believer of this since I have so many skin problems (acne scars, redness and blemishes). If you have been reading my blog, I have been using my Physician's Formula Super BB Powder which covers well! I do still need to use a concealer under the eyes and some problem areas but this versus a foundation that needs to be buffed and evened out and maybe need another layer afterwards, I will go with the BB powder.
    2. Maybelline Color Tattoos - When in a hurry and I just need some color on my eyes, I will just swipe this all over my lids. This is also great as a base for loose pigmented shadows. I pair my "Bad to the Bronze" Maybelline Tattoo with the Mica Beauty Shimmer Powder in Bronze and it gives my eyes that "just-came-from-St. Tropez (I wish!)" eye look! It keeps the shadow all day and no creasing either! No need for a primer with these Color Tattoos, so one less product cut off the routine, wooot!
    3. Cheek and Lip Stains in one - such as Benefit's BeneTint and Josie Maran's Color Sticks. Both can be used as cheeks and lip stains. If you need to touch-up your look, all you need to have in your makeup bag is this product! You don't have to worry if you forget to grab a lipstick that day, this will cover that!
    4. Long wearing, smudge-free, waterproof mascara: This may not work with everyone, but I have noticed that waterproof mascaras have been holding my curls better and lasts all day! I don't wear fake lashes so anything that will keep my lashes looking long and curled all day is a must-have in my books! And if you do, cutting out the time you put on some fake lashes is another time-saver! Unless you are a super pro at it and that only takes you a minute or less!
  3. I wash my hair the night before and I usually don't style them anyways. But if I do want some voluminous, curly hair for the next day, I will spray some of the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray on my damp hair, put it in a bun after air drying it a bit and just finger comb it in the morning! I add some hair serum to my ends to tame the frizziness.
You are probably thinking, I am one of those girls that packs for a vacation, days before than the last minute. Yes I am! I really don't do well the last minute - that has happened to me and my luggage was a mess and I did not even wear half of the outfits I packed then! 
Funny story, when hubby and I went for a two week vaca in Hawaii, I made an excel sheet for my outfits for every single day! Different outfits are needed for sightseeing, walking around town, beach days and romantic dinners! I need to see what accessories and shoes to bring with every outfit! I don't travel a lot so when I do I like to be prepared. 
For me being prepared just helps to get me out of the door faster. I end up with a makeup look I really like and pairs well with my outfit, and hubby is happy and still awake! 
You can try it out yourself and see if it helps. If there's something that I need to try that you guys do, please comment below, I would like to know!

August 17, 2013

Week1 Update: No Buy Beauty Challenge

I just survived the first week of my No Buy Beauty Challenge! Wooohoooo!!!!
Read what is this all about here:  No Buy Beauty Challenge

- I surely distracted myself with food this week! Ordered chinese take-out one night, ate chocolate mousse the other day, and today went to Brooklyn's Smorgasburg, where 75-100 local vendors gather from "ramen burgers", Vietnamese summer rolls, lobster rolls, vegan ice creams to mapled bacon on a stick! It was definitely food overload! You can check out my Instagram (here) to see more about the Smorgasburg. 

I have never eaten this much in a week, so yeh I must say I am going through beauty shopping withdrawal here people! *I need to Zumba double time!

- I have signed-up to receive emails to a few beauty websites and so my Inbox is filled with these newsletters everyday, and I would delete most of them since they are all about a SALE event happening on their site! Not something I should be checking out right now and if I do I will just cry probably OR scream at my monitor and myself. I have never gone through my Inbox so quick but I do feel good after deleting them all!

So far, I say this is going well! Hopefully I don't gain weight at the end of this challenge. I definitely need to face week2 in a better way. I actually got blog posts to write, mini home improvements to do and makeup products I have that I still need to test.

I will update you all again next week!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

August 16, 2013

Ipsy August 2013 Glambag

I guess for all the Ipsters out there that are going back to school soon, this bag was made for you! Ipsy have themed this August's Ipsy Glambag "Glamour Academy".

The nice purple color of the bag actually matches my toe nail polish color! And it reminds me of the OPI by Selena Gomez "Pretty in Plum" nail polish they gave away last month as the bonus item! This will go in my Ipsy stash box for now until I do need a bag for travelling. Love how the quality of this bag feels pretty good and not flimsy at all.

Moving on to the items I received this month, first is this Michael Todd Pumpkin Nutrient-Rich Facial Mask
*click on the product names to see the discount code!

"The Pumpkin Nutrient-Rich Facial Mask is a nutrient rich mask that is blended with Pumpkin and Glycolic Acid. This rejuvinating facial treatment removes dead skin, impurities and toxins, moisturizes and firms, improves elasticity and pliability of the skin, unclogs pores allowing skin to breathe and facilitates movement of skin oils. Adds brightness and radiance to the skin and significantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. "

I am pretty excited to try this brand since I have been reading such great things about this skin care line! I was hoping to get the Jojoba Charcoal Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub which is one of the "or" item for this month, but I am still excited to try this out!
Since this is like doing an at-home chemical peel and I being already on a prescriptive retinoid cream and other acne meds, I really have to be careful of what I use on my face right now. I could check with my dermatologist but I couldn't wait last night to use it, so I just applied it on after I washed my face. Felt all the tingling sensation when I left it on for 3-5 minutes, and I can actually feel my skin is pretty soft and see it glowing! Like I just had a nice facial at a fancy spa! This morning, I don't see any allergic reaction or redness or any bad reaction to the mask, so I will use this again next week. Once a week for now.
It does look like mushed pumpkin with glycolic acid, hence the tingling. The scent on this mask makes you want to eat a pumpkin pie, so now I can't wait for pumpkin season and have a real pumpkin pie with whipped cream! 

Next is this loose pigment Mica Beauty Eye Shadow in Bronze. I just swatched this and OMG! I love this eye shadow! It's basically my skintone color, tan, but shimmery. I know this will look gorgeous just all over the lid for a simple eye look, especially when you are running late to your class!

The Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream is another item in the bag which I am not thrilled about. I do love the Pacifica brand, you can actually read my review on this here: Pacifica Wanderlust Beauty Set Review. Not really excited to see this so this will go to my friend!

I am intrigued to try the Pixi Beauty Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Black

"This unique mascara truly boosts your lashes, giving them a "push-up" effect that lasts all day. The dense, rich formula coats lashes with maximum pigment, for long-lasting full color and the cone-shaped brush coats each lash evenly. Long lasting, smudge-free and waterproof." 

If this will really keep my curl up and not smudge throughout the humid day, I will let you know. I have been looking around for a nice waterproof, smudge-free mascara and this claims all that, so I will definitely put this to the test!

Another product I am not really excited to get is this Noya Lip Balm in Cherry. But hey, a girl cannot have enough lip balm, right?!?

"The noya Lip Balm is a lightweight, all-natural formula that moisturizes, smooths, softens your lips and packs a full punch of flavor. And because it’s natural, you can lick your lips as much as you want – and trust us, you’ll want to often."

This will either go in my lip drawer or to my cousin as part of her little Going-To-College gift bag I am putting together *ssshh! So I have not really took it out of it's packaging.

And this month since two of YOU! My lovely awesome readers, used my referral code, I received this month's bonus item which is the Lime Crime Nail Polish in Crema de Limon! Again, thank you so much and hope you are enjoying you're Ipsy goodies!!!

I might add some nail art in a few days, I will post it on my Instagram: _j4ckie_ 

This polish is pastel yellow which is not something I would buy myself. After putting this on, I love how the yellow just pops and compliments my tanned skin!

Lime Crime is a cruelty-free and vegan so it's all made with great quality ingredients! They are known for their lip products which is in my beauty wish list, and their cute packaging, and that purple unicorn, OMG!

Again for you who are interested to join Ipsy, please use my referral link:

And every month after two people use my referral link, they will be including a bonus item in next month's bag! Once you have signed up with Ipsy, you will get your own referral link as well which you will find on your Ipsy profile at the website. 
And for those of you who have used it, thank you again and I do hope you are liking you're Ipsy beauty goodies!

For those who have gotten their Ipsy bag, how do you like the items you received this month? I might retake my quiz and just double check what my answers were.

August 14, 2013

PopSugar Must Have AUGUST Box

And here we are in August and it's that time again where we are all receiving our monthly subscription boxes! Here I have my PopSugar MustHave August 2013 Box! Here's what they have to say for this month's box:

"We're thrilled to officially celebrate our first birthday! POPSUGAR Must Have kicked off last Summer, so we're rewarding our amazing subscribers- yes, that's you!- with a special gift in this August box. In addition to this piece, the end of the season always makes us think about getting organized, staying healthy, and taking care of ourselves. Thank you for sharing in the POPSUGAR Must Have fun with us, and enjoy this August box!"

No thank you for the amazing things you bring to my doorstep every month, though it's only my second! 
And happy 1st year!!!

Must Have Anniversary Gift
First off, this necklace they used as a spoiler in their emails. This, Gorjana+Griffin Open Circle Necklace was exclusively designed in celebration of PopSugar MustHave 1st year Anniversary.
This is an 18k gold plated, 17' chain necklace. If you're interested in purchasing one, here's the link:
 I have been browsing the site, and they have nice pieces! Great if you're looking for an awesome gift for your girl friend, mom or sister OR for yourself!
This necklace would be great to layer with other delicate necklace pieces or just alone!

I have worn this and layered it with my other gold toned chain necklaces
very simple yet pretty!

Must Have Home
Next is this shiny red bowl. It came in this nicely packaged black box. This is the Lunares Apple Bowl.

"Designed in our home city of San Francisco, the bright red enamel won't chip and is also suitable for any hot or cold foods. The possibilities are endless. . ."

This I am planning to keep in my jewelry drawer and just put all my earrings or rings in it. 

Must Have Beauty
So I have been using this, Dermalogica PreCleanse and Special Cleansing Gel pair, every night since I received my box last Friday, and I looove what this makes my face feels! 

The "PreCleanse, which is an oil-based, water soluble cleanser that rids skin of oil-based debris and pollutants. It's formulated with plant oils, so it won't clog your pores and will leave your skin ready for the cleansing gel...The special cleansing gel is a soap-free foaming cleanser that is gentle, yet thorough on your face. The mint and lavender will leave you feeling cool and relaxed."

I love the scent as I massage this all over my face full of makeup. It has a nice lavender, citrus scent that just makes me feel calm and relax as I get ready for bed. It definitely removed all my waterproof eye makeup and foundation just by massaging it all over. No rubbing required!

Must Have Beauty

This was a nice full size Lulah Body Wash! I see other PopSugar members got different scents and mine is in Magnolia Fig. Very cute bottle too! This had a strong citrus, refreshing scent, which is okay I can get use to it. It's not something I would pick in a store, so thank you PopSugar! It lathers so nicely and does not leave my skin with that dry feeling afterwards. I actually feel clean and soft and refreshed!

even hubby likes it!

Must Have Home

"This Bentgo meal-storage container can keep your lunch well-organized and offers a great, eco-friendly way to eat healthy every day."
It's microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe! And don't worry if you forgot your utensils, it's included with this set! The strap is also awesome so it's pretty secure in your bag

Must Have Home

I just love the cute chevron pattern on this thin planner! It's not too young-looking for a  (early-)30-something gal like me to be carrying around! And also just perfect for students to be jotting their upcoming semester/ year! 
size comparison to an iPhone =)

"There's only so much electronic calendars can do, and we're still lost without our good old-fashioned weekly agenda stashed away in our bag everywhere we go."
I use my iPhone calendar a lot so. . .not sure what to do with this one yet.

Special Extra
Naturebox Granny Smith Apples

"We've teamed up with the amazing subscription NatureBox to bring you this healthy snack of apple rings. With no added sugars, these are perfect to enjoy when you need a quick treat in the middle of the day or when you're on the go. Check out the NatureBox to learn even more about getting its healthy, delicious snacks delivered right to your door every month!"
 Use the code POPSUGAR in the promo code when you fill out your information for the box.
These were a little chewy for me so I baked them a few more minutes under 200-250 degrees to get them crispy like chips!


  •  Lulah Body Wash: Receive 20% off your Lulah purchase at Offer expires until Sept. 30, 2013. Use promo code: POPSUGAR
  • Dermalogica: Save 25% on your order at Use promo code: POPA1AI3B
  • May Designs: Enter the code for $5, $50, $500 on ps_1343309518
  • visit  and enter for a chance to Win a Trip to a PopSugar Party in Los Angeles and meet Lauren Conrad!

Not bad for my second box from PopSugar! These are stuff I wouldn't buy myself but I am willing to try them all out! I can't wait for next month already and what other goodies they have in-store! 

If you guys are interested in signing-up for POPSUGAR Must Have Box, you can use my referral code:
And for first time members also use the promo code: REFER5 to get $5 off your first box!

August 13, 2013

No Buy Beauty Challenge

So I have seen some beauty gurus go on a no buy challenge for a month or so to either save up for an upcoming IMATS event, huge makeup sale, a beauty event or because they have accumulated enough beauty products in such a short amount of time. And yes, I will be taking this challenge starting today! Can I get some applause please?!?

Why, you ask?
It is my own choice and conscience to do this. It has nothing to do with my hubby, who actually forwarding me emails from MyHabit sales and BaubleBar newsletters, that he gets in his inbox! I also told myself after I go check out the Baublebar Sample Sale yesterday I will go on a beauty hiatus to give my credit card a break. . .And just enjoy all the products I have accumulated sitting on my desk and in the storage cabinet. I have so many hair products from the Allure Summer beauty box I still have yet to try, samples from my BeautyArmy (that I have actually unsubscribed), Ipsy and PopSugar subscription boxes. 

For how long?
I will try to do this for a month, until Sept. 10 (Tuesday). And if it goes well, maybe I will extend it to another month or week!

What's part of this No-Buy Beauty Challenge?

  • No makeup products from drugstores,  Ulta, Sephora, department stores, beauty supply stores, online stores such as Hautelook, Amazon, MyHabit and so on. These are:
    • face and cheek products (bb/cc/dd creams, foundations, concealers. . .)
    • eye products (eye shadows, liners, mascaras. . .)
    • lip products  (balms, glosses, lipsticks, lip stains, lip liners. . .)
  • No beauty products. This includes:
    • hair products (hair spray, hair texturizer, serums, oils. . .)
    • skincare products (face moisturizers, face masks, scrubs, face wash, eye creams. . .)
    • body products (hand and body lotions. . .)
    • nail polishes 
  • No fashion hauls! Online and In-store as well. This includes:
    • jewelry
    • hair accessory; hair clips
    • clothes
    • shoes
    • handbags; wallets

*OMG!!! I am just listing this as I type it, and that's a pretty long list! I am kinda freaking out here but I do need to take a break and focus on what I have and not what I want, right now.
Anyways, I am noting and sharing this to you all because that way I have no excuse to back away and change my mind when I have told the public what I'm doing. 
You are all welcome to join me if you like and we can all share our experiences here!

Before I forget, some Footnotes:

  • If I do run out of shampoo and conditioner OR body wash OR sunscreen, obviously I will need to run to the drugstore and get me one! This will be unlikely since I just bought them recently!
  • I will be keeping my monthly beauty subscriptions though (Ipsy and PopSugar boxes), since I only have two. That will be the only two places where I will be getting new products from this month I am on a beauty break.
  • Any gifts are of course welcome! I didn't buy it and it's rude not to accept it! I will have to exclude hubby on this one since he is just too nice to buy me whatever!
  • I will update you guys how I am doing every week, maybe a Saturday update post on my blog, to let you know how I am going through the shopping withdrawal or if I fell off the wagon (Is that how the saying goes?). So keep an eye for one this coming Saturday!
  • This also excludes DIY face masks or lotions OR any DIYs that I already have in my cupboard! 

These are just rules that I will be giving myself during this challenge. If you are interested in doing this challenge with me, use this as an outline. Do this for yourself so think of the rules on how it will apply to your lifestyle. You have a great coupon for a product and it's expiring next week, you can exclude that. Or you work at a store and they're having a huge sale at the end of the month or something, it's up to you if you want to exclude that or skip the sale! It is all up to YOU!

And if you ave you ever gone on a beauty break before, how long did you last? And do you have any tips?!?

August 9, 2013

BaubleBar NYC Sample Sale

. . .need I say more?!? Watch out for my BaubleBar haul Lookbook soon!

I might go on a no-beauty-accessory buy for a month or so after this. This Summer has been full of shopping, so I should be good for the year =)

RSVP already and maybe I will bump into one of you Monday!

Happy weekend guys!

August 7, 2013

Tarte haul + FOTD

After seeing most of the bloggers post on Tarte's 30% off Friends&Family event, I could not help but to check out the site and see what this can get me. 
If you have never heard of Tarte cosmetics, it's a beauty brand that "specializes in good-for-you glamour, makeup and beauty products that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Visit us anytime at"
These are my very first Tarte products ever! I know I am behind jumping on their infamous, award-winning Amazonian clay 12-hour blush line band wagon, but I just had tons of other blushes and had no need to buy one. And if you have been following me on Instagram: _j4ckie_ (#fivetwocertified), you would have seen my Tarte haul already. Okay, here's the clip I posted.

It was super exciting how I just ordered Thursday night and it was already here Saturday morning! Now that's what I call super fast shipping! Lucky me they ship from New Jersey! 
Let's check each products now, shall we?!?!

This Amazonian Clay 12-hr blush in the shade fearless (golden pink) was on sale for $18 +30%off! So this only cost me $12.60! Of course, I went on the Sale page first to see if I can apply the 30% off to the discounted Tarte products and believe it or not all the stuff I bought are from the Sale page, and all were 30% off more the sale price! 

So from the swatch of fearless this blush has shimmer to it and is very pigmented! What you see in the pan is the color you will get on your cheek.

Next thing that caught my eye was this SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay waterproof eyeliner in champagne. I have dry eyes and so I like to push a yawn to hydrate my eyes with some tears hehehe (*hope that made sense*) so I wanted a waterproof inner corner highlighter and this one was on sale for $10 + 30% off = $7.00 !!! Why did I not get all three colors? I am shopping what I need and not what I want so I was being shopping conscious and not go overboard.

The swatch looks so pretty and shimmery. I also used the smudge brush on the other end and it works pretty good! No need to be rubbing the brush since it smudge smoothly.

Next product is this Amazonian clay eye collection On sale for $30 + 30%off = $21.00 !!!

This 3 piece set came with:

  • gifted™ Amazonian clay smart mascara in black
  • smolderEYES Amazonian clay waterproof liner in gunmental (gray) and chocolate brown
  • sharpener

I wanted the brown eye liner from this set to use for my waterline. Both pencils swatched so smoothly but my only problem with them is they're chubby pencils so if I want to use it for a fine line, I will need to use my angle brush.

Here's my FOTD (Face Of The Day) look I made with the Tarte eye makeup products:

I already have theBalm Cabana Boy on my cheeks that day, so I'm not wearing the blush and bronzer on this photo. The champagne shade in my inner corners; gunmetal shade all over my lid then the chocolate brown shade in the outer corner and the crease, also winged out. Under the eye I just smudged both gunmetal and brown with a smudge brush.
I did one eye at a time so it don't set before I am satisfied with the color and shape. They were easy to blend and had no need to use other eye shadows for blending!
On my lips are a mix of Milani Color Statement in Orange-Gina and NYX Xtreme Lip Creme in Buttery Nude on top.

And for my free sample I received this mineral powder bronzer "hotel heiress"!!! I was looking at getting the bronzer in their Sale page but getting it as my free sample is more awesome!

"A longwearing mineral-based bronzing powder infused with Amazonian clay for a healthy, natural looking glow."

This bronzer has no shimmer to it, and the pan size is just a little smaller than the blush pan. The cute faux leather print cardboard packaging has a magnetic closure to it so this will be good for traveling.  

bronzer swatch is all the way to the LEFT, but yes it's hard to see it in this picture 
When swatched on my arm, it almost matched my tanned skin! That was only one swipe of the bronzer so I'm not sure if I can build this up. My arms are darker than my face though so this may still work for me! If not, it's a good shade as my blending color on my crease.

I left all the swatches on my arm all day, to test out the longevity of these products and to my surprise they all withstood the water from hand washing (no soap use by the swatched area though). The bronzer, blush and the eye pencils all held up (even after falling asleep on my arm on the couch for an afternoon nap!) and only until I had to remove them with my makeup remover that everything came of! I am super impressed and cannot wait to use all of these products!

Do not panic if I do not have a FOTD here using the blush and bronzer, eventually I will be using this and featuring this to upcoming Face of The Days here on my blog, and we'll see if these products ends up on my monthly favorites!

I will post an update on these products after I have used them more. Did you guys get anything from Tarte's 30%off Friends&Family Event? Or got any other recommendations on what I should get next from the Tarte line? Not that I will be shopping anytime soon, but something I should add on my Beauty Wish List.