November 15, 2013

PopSugar Must Have November 2013

"With the holidays kicking into high gear very soon, we wanted to make your life easier with practical but swoon-worthy pieces. From a cozy wrap to a new way to remove nail polish, you'll find everything to get you through November and beyond. Of course, the season wouldn't be complete without a touch of caramel apple or pinecone scent, so look out for that as well as a few items to brighten your Thanksgiving whether you're a hostess or a guest. We hope you enjoy this month's goodies as much as we do. Let the festivities begin!"

Must Have Home
Illume Candle
"Enjoy a Naughy or Nice Illume candle this time around, and fill the house with a spicy wooded scent or sweet vanilla fragrance."
I received the Nice soy candle which has a mix of Tahitian Vanilla, Spun Sugar and Coconut Cream scent to it. This is definitely a scent I have been leaning towards since the weather has gotten cold.

Must Have Beauty
Absolute! Nail Polish Remover Pads
This is Acetone free with Vitamins C & E. I love the convenient size of this product as I can just throw this in my purse. 

Must Have Food
Maison de Monaco Strawberry & Blackcurrant Cream Preserves
"Hand-cooked in San Francisco in small batches and made from 70 percent fruit, the strawberry and blackcurrant jam will become your go-to spread all year long."
Ok, just typing this out just made my mouth water! I love fruit preserves over crackers or buttered toast and I am just a big berry fun so I am excited to try this out!

Must Have Beauty
The Soap & Paper Factory Roland Pine Shea Butter Soap
"...nourishes while giving off a delicate, captivating pine scent. You'll feel as if you stepped straight into a forest. . ."
I don't use bar soaps anymore but I will see if hubby will like this. I am not a pine scent fan either. In the shower I would either like to smell like vanilla-coconuts or lavender cream - like fairies! hahahaha! 

Must Have Home
Land's End Single Canvas Wine Tote
OMG! If you're not a wine lover you can use this to carry your soda or juice or water bottle. This is a really cute tote and handy when I go to the liquor store. Now I can tell them, "Oh no need for a bag, I brought my own!" I don't care what they think, my wine bottle will be looking cute in this tote!

Must Have Fashion
Michael Stars Wrap
"Meet your new favorite wardrobe essential. With its ubersoft feel and bold print, this Michael Stars wrap is all about effortless style."
I love this wrap! The black and white color is very versatile with any outfits, the size of this is huge enough to keep me really warm in this bone-chillin- NY weather, and the print is just so me! I love fun, bold prints and this scarf is just it! This retails for $42.

Must Have Home
Canvaspop Gift Card
"...make a quality canvas print to give as a gift or hang in your home."
Pick our your favorite pictures from Instagram, your phone and put them in a canvas! Neat right?!?
 Feel free to use the code down below as this isn't in my budget right now so you guys are welcome to use it!

Special Extra
Barefruit Crunchy Sea Salt Caramel Apple Chips
"...baked with 100 percent real fruit."
This was gone the same day I opened my box as hubby loves to snack at night, and this is just perfect as it is only 100 calories! I added some to my gelato and the rest, he just ate it from the bag. This was really delicious and I will be on the look out for these in the supermarket!

Overall not a bad box. I really love the scarf as I am in need of a nice warm scarf this winter! And that scarf alone paid for my box! The rest were okay, the candle I do hope fills my house the sweet scent of vanilla; the nail polish remover pads will be handy and the food will definitely be eaten before the end of the year!

Again, if you guys are interested to sign-up for a PopSugar Must Have Box, please use my referral link:

This subscription is $39.95/ month. The items are personally hand picked by the PopSugar editors of what they think are the Must Haves for the home, beauty, fashion and food for the month!

Hope all of you have a great warm weekend, and if you're bored, you can go check out the YouTube unboxing video I did with this box!

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