July 26, 2012

FreshCleanse Pop Up Truck Event

So yesterday after I have fed the dogs and made myself a smoothie, I go check my e-mails and Facebook. And there in my Facebook news feed, a post from Birchbox! Fresh is having a Pop Up Truck event that day and they are giving away free samples and a tote! I debated for a bit if I should go as I quickly try to finish my smoothie since I did want to get some free Fresh samples. After a minute or two, I decided to go.
I have never bought anything from Fresh but I do got two Sugar LipBalm samples from Sephora for my birthday and I just love 'em! I have heard good stuff about Fresh but they were just not in my budget.
So when I saw they're giving away Free Fresh Samples - I'm there! Fortunate for me it was only happening yesterday and today in two different locations here in New York. *I hope they do more of these type of events though.
I got there and the line was already half a block long! I wasn't sure how fast the line moves but I was in no rush and thank goodness it was on the only day this week that is nice! I was ready tho and had my fan and water bottle with me.
It didn't take long and I got my samples of a tote bag and Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and an extra surprise, a bottle of BluePrintCleanse Lemon Water with Cayenne! I've always wanted to try their line and I was glad they joined Fresh for this event.
And then they give us a small card to bring to their Fresh Store across the street to get another free sample! It was a sample size of their Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Balm! And if you spend over $25 you get another sample of their Soy Face Cleanser, a deluxe sample this time. This was my chance to browse and find an excuse to shop over $25. I actually want to see if there's anything I can buy here for my pregnant sister who was unable to join me.
I got her an addition to our baby shower gift for her and of course I got something for me too hehehe. They were having a promotion that day on their Soy Face Cleanse Kit. Since it was all natural ingredients and good for all skin types, and can remove all my make up with one small dot - I was sold! Plus this is my chance to pamper myself with Fresh products paying half of the price :) woot! Woot!!!!
I will let you know how the cleanser works for my very very sensitive skin but just from using it once I can tell you it literally did remove all my makeup! Mascara, eyeshadows, eyeliner and foundation! Gone! No trace on my face towel. Impressive!
If you don't like the rose smell, this has a slight smell to it, and a hint of cucumber scent. It's not overpowering smell, its just enough to calm and soothe your skin as you wash away all that oil and dirt on your face. It doesn't lather up like your handsoap at all, it actually reminds me of my Cerave Face Wash or like Cetaphil, but just fancier and rose-cucumber scented.
I'm liking it, hopefully my skin approves!

July 22, 2012

Baby Wipes


Before I go to bed and forget to share this awesome tip to all u ladies on a budget out there, lemme tell u quickly that baby wipes works better than those make-up wipe removers they have in the drugstores!
I may not have tried them all but with ma very very sensitive skin I have only tried the Neutrogena in the purple packaging, since that's what my sister has and she said it works great on her skin. I liked it, bought a packed and I just couldnt stand the smell of my face afterwards! It was way overly scented and I noticed my face towels in the morning after I have washed will still have remnants of my makeup from the day before! Ewwwwwww!!!!
Walked by the baby aisle at CVS, since they grouped it with the ladies Tampons and Pads, and saw Huggies baby wipes were on sale! At first I wanted to get them for when I get my monthly period instead of using the wash n then I started using it to wipe my feet after wearing opened toe shoes in the city (another Ew!) and then a lightbulb moment hit me when I was running low on my neutrogena wipes which i had no plans of repurchasing but I so love the convenience of a wipe to remove my eye, lip and face makeup - why not use this baby wipe! If its gentle enough for a baby's bottom this should be gentle enough for my very very sensitive skin!
I have been using the wipes for mmmonths now and I havent broken out or got a rash or got any bad karma from it! Its really hard for me to find products out there that my skin will agree with, and when I find one that is affordable and just works awesome I just needed to share it!
I have only used the Huggies and Pampers baby wipes since those are d only baby brand i know. If you can't tell by now, I have no kids just two dogs and a cat, and o yeh my lovely hubby, Mike :)
I really don't like to go buy the drugstore brands when it comes to my face even if they say its all d same stuff in them - I trust d experts Pampers and Huggies and leave it to them to know what's good for the baby's skin. Plus its my face we talking here people! Let's not go cheap on my pweetty face now!
Go try it, see for urself!
*oh u can use it downthere too instead of using that wash for d odor, it works good for that too!

July 20, 2012

My First Birchbox Has Arrived ! ! !

Birchbox is a $10 monthly beauty box that has 5 sample size of various products. Brands that you probably have never heard of OR brands that you are familiar with and they could have come out of a new product!
Birchbox basically helps you to test out products out there you probably would not even dare to try because you are not familiar with the brand or help you decide in a brand of product that you have been eyeing on but has no budget to buy the whole product right now. Whatever is your excuse, Birchbox has samples worth more than $10 in the box that they would love for you to try, review, buy and spread the word about them!
To learn more of this company just go to their website: Birchbox.com.
First time I heard about them is from the youtube beauty gurus and it seems to be a popular beauty box there! After doing further research and watching more videos, I found out there's more than one beauty box subscription outthere! There's Glossybox, MyGlam Box, Beauty Army and so on. I don't have a lot of budget towards makeup so this was easy to narrow down to the cheapest one which were MyGlam and Birchbox. I went with Birchbox because their Headquarters is in New York and it ships from here too which means I would receive my box in less than a week! *and so i did! It took three days actually. And from the past box reviews online they seem to have pretty awesome samples that I would love to try out!
I signed up last month and there was a waiting list to subscribe! After three weeks I got my email to sign up and just last week I signed up! I thought i was too late for the July Birchbox but three days ago I received another email from them saying my box has shipped! Everyday after that I was so anxious to get my box since I see what the other girls have received in their July Birchbox online.
And today was my day! I finally got mine and am so happy to see the Stainiac from TheBalm in there. I was hoping I get that. I also got a full size Eyeko eyeliner in Olive which accdg to the card that it came with costs $15 to retail! With just the eyeliner alone, I already know I spent way less than what it's in it. There was also packets of the Suki Nourishing Kit, which I'll be giving to my sister since I am on my derm's medicated regimen for my face. I also got a sample size of a Larabar, a perfum sample size and an extra surprise which is a Birchbox exclusive earbuds!
A review of the products will be posted soon.

July 17, 2012

New Hair Routine

Few months ago I went to my dermatologist and ask about my dry scalp. She told me to use Neutrogena T-Gel in my scalp and wash the rest of my hair with shampoo and conditioner afterwards.
This was not working on me, my scalp was still dry and itchy as hell. And so she gave me samples of the T-Gel Extra Strength and told me to use it everytime I shampoo, which is every other day! I did that for about a month and I noticed my ends getting brittle and tons of split ends! Ugh the nightmare! My scalp is better but my hair was overly dry!
I have up to my boob-length, color free all black hair and I was not about to get it cut short because of this! I'd only cut it short right now for charity, that's it!
Anyways so I googled and googled and have decided to dump my T-Gel and find me a better hair remedy than this. At first I thought because I always have it in a ponytail. On other days I thought because I did not brush it as much as I used to. Or sometimes I just thought it's the sun slowly burning my hair!!! Nightmare!
I have been using the Organix Macadamia Oil Shampoo & Conditioner for about a week now and I see how my hair is reacting to it very well. She Is Loving It!!! After taking a shower and my hair is hmmm...60% dry (if that makes sense)- its not all the way dry, I rub two drops of Ojon Oil on my palms n rub that all over my ends for more hydrating power. The next day when I skip shower I just add two more drops of Ojon on my ends, and this keeps it from frizzing.
It is not 100% split ends free... yet! but I see the improvement with dumping the T-Gel. My scalp aint that bad now either, not itchy as it used to. Yay!