July 31, 2013

my Husband/Boyfriend Bought My Makeup Tag!

This is a new tag that I collaborated with Debresha of Life of a Makeup Junkie. She has great beauty reviews and hauls, check her blog here: http://makeupjunkielife.blogspot.com/
She came up with this idea when her husband grabbed a beauty product for her that she have never used or noticed before. We thought it's a good idea to start a tag on it since this is a great way to try new products we usually don't notice in the store! Because a new set of eyes who have no idea what it is for picks it for us, it becomes a challenge to see how this would work in our beauty routine! 

Here's how it works, ask your man or your guy friend to pick you a beauty item or two at the drugstore, Target, Walmart, beauty supply shop or anywhere you go beauty shopping. If it's something you already have, just tell them to pick again, besides that you cannot help them pick! Whatever catches their eyes! And then try to make a look out of it once you get home with your new beauty item(s)!

So this is what my hubby picked when we were at CVS, Milani Runway Eyes Palette in 05 Glamorous Gems ($10.49). He said this caught his eye because the Milani products was in the main aisle, instead of the beauty aisle, and so the display sticks out more. The pretty colors of the eye shadows caught his eye because he wants to see what I would do with these bright colors. He basically just got excited when I told him about the tag, and really wanted to challenge me so he goes pick the most colorful set in the display!

unfortunately there's no name for each shadow, but look how gorgeous those colors are!

The colors are so gorgeous and how I don't have those shades in my collection so this will be a good challenge! I have never really tried the eye shadows from Milani, I do love their Color Statement lipsticks which has been in my monthly favorites, and their baked blushes are just pretty and pigmented, so let's see how this holds up!

Without further ado, here's what I came up with! A pretty soft green smokey shadow that can be worn day or night, perfect for Summer don't you think?!?

  • After priming my eyes, I used the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk to hopefully make the green shadow stand out more. From the inner corners up to my crease.
  • With the lightest shadow (very top shadow in the palette), I used a small flat brush and patted that in my inner corner and 1/3 in towards the middle. I added a little bit of the yellow shadow because I want that to be really bright.
  • With a medium sized flat brush, I took some of the second lightest green shadow in the palette and patted that all over my lid. Keep patting until you reach the desired color.
  • And with the darkest green shadow, grab your crease brush and put this in the outer corner doing a V-shape motion. 
  • I wanted to make that outer corner really dark, so I grabbed the dark blue shadow, Matt Johnson, from my Meet Matt(e) Nude. Applied this with a light hand and focus this where your outer eye socket area is.
  • For the lower lash line, do the same color gradient! Lightest color in the inner corner, the medium green shadow in the middle then a mix of the two green shadows towards the outer corner! Pretty easy right?!? 
  • I lined my top and lower waterline with Ulta Smokey Eyes Automatic Liner in Ivy. You can use black but I just wanted to see how this dark emerald green would look, and it's not as harsh as black. Not bad, but my eyes were burning afterwards. I have never used this liner before too so that's my fault!
  • And as usual, I add my winged liner using my new Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liner in 02 Black Gems, this has glitter particles in it so it catches light and leaves a glossy finish to my line, and my Benefit They're Real mascara for the top lashes + my lower lashes gets the waterproof mascara, my go-to mascara right now, Maybelline Lash Discovery Waterproof in black!
  • For lips: I used my favorite pink lip color right now, Starlooks lip liner in Tickle Me Pink and topped that of with NYX Megashine lip gloss in Tea Rose. 


I love the colors on this palette a lot and cannot wait to try this out with a wet brush, the colors will probably stand out more! The shadows aren't as pigmented comparing it to my theBalm shadows. I had to keep going back to the palette to grab more shadow to build it up using a dry brush. I will keep playing with this palette since these are very wearable colors for me! 

Hubby by the way just smiled when I showed him the look I came up with. I'll take that as a good job on my end since he usually have witty, funny remarks when I dress up. Men do not understand fashion nor makeup so a smile is a good sign!

So I challenge you all to do this tag and let your man pick your makeup! The only RULES are to follow Debresha and I back! Mention and include our links of the tag on your post, and comment below the link if you did the tag!

Hope you enjoy this tag as much as we did! Goodluck =)

July 30, 2013

Pacifica Wanderlust Beauty Set Review

A while back, Ipsy had an IpsyMe Sale Event on their Facebook page. If you don't know what Ipsy is, please read my blog post about it: HERE, to read more about it.

An IpsyMe Sale Event is an exclusive event to Ipsy members only. Ipsy will announce a few days before the event the time and date but not the product until the day of. On the day of the event they will give you a word to comment under the picture of the featured product on that specific time! And the first 50-100 (I am not really sure!) Ipsters that comment with the word will get a confirmation e-mail that the credit card they have on record with your Ipsy account will be charged for the product featured that day. Just like that you have basically purchased the product! Sounds so super easy right?!? Well sorta. . . .This event goes quick since the featured product is slashed to more than 50%off! The products aren't even that expensive and they cut off the price more! You just gotta watch out their Facebook for announcements on when's the next one will be since it's been pretty random.
And so back in May, they were selling the Pacifica Wanderlust Beauty Set!

This includes:
  • 1 ALIGHT MultiMineral BB Cream, .34oz (travel size)
  • 2 Coconut Water Infused Mineral eye shadows. Shades: Treasure & Mermaid Aqua
  • 1 full sized Color Quench Lip Tint in Sugared Fig
This retails for $22 on the Pacifica website and still can be purchased, so if you're interested here's the link: http://www.pacificaperfume.com/face/wanderlust-beauty-set 

At the IpsyMe Sale Event, Ipsy was selling it for $12.95 + free shipping! It was such a steal I could not resist. I was really happy to get the confirmation email later on since I do love this brand and would love to try more products from them. 

A little tidbit about Pacifica. Their products are all natural, 100% vegan, cruelty free, paraben-, phthalate- , triclosan- FREE! And all other toxins you don't want. Pretty impressive right?! If you are concerned of what you put on your body, check this brand out! Even if you are not, the quality of their body butters, perfumes and makeup are such a great quality which I will tell you more about now.

ALIGHT MultiMineral BB Cream: This is a sheer moisturizing cream that hydrates, prime and illuminates that has anti-aging botanical ingredients. The cream adjusts to your skin tone and can be built up to your liking. 

The cream has a watery consistency and goes on very sheer. Definitely no coverage at all on my acne scars, and the dewy effect it suppose to give me just gave me more of an oily look. This little tube is still sitting in my makeup drawer. I may try this out again in the Fall/ Winter months when you want to achieve a nice glow to the skin. Right now, I am focusing on mattifying my oily face with this heat.

Coconut Water Infused Mineral eye shadows in:
swatches look so pretty when hit by the light! and size comparison with the UD Stargazer shadow
  • Treasure: This is a dark bronzy shade with gold shimmers in it. I love this to just put on all over the lid for a quick everyday eye look. This did not crease on my lids nor got splotchy after a few hours of wearing it. I am super impress and love to get more of their shadows!
  • Mermaid Aqua: This is a soft teal shade with gold shimmers. This is great to just put all over the lid as well since the light teal shade is not overwhelming to my tanned skin. Would not have thought of wearing this shade at all but I can even use it in my innner corners or lower lid with Treasure all over the upper lid! Very gorgeous colors!

Color Quench Lip Tint in Sugared Fig: This has avocado and coconut oil that leaves the lips moisturized and looking healthy! Unfortunately I don't see any SPF in the label so this has only been used when I am just indoors all day. I love the sheer red tint it leaves on my lips. Another great product from Pacifica that I would purchase again and again!

All in all, it's a great set for the price I got it for! Their prices aren't bad either for an all-natural product. I can't wait to try out more from them.

July 29, 2013

quick Summer beauty haul!

So over the weekend, I had coupons and weekly sales that I needed to check out at CVS, Walgreen's and Target! 
First stop was CVS, early Saturday morning. It's the last day for the weekly sale and I wanted to stock up on my Organix Body Wash which was on sale for $4.99! It's a super steal when they're originally $6.99. My favorite is the Coconut scent since I go daydream in the shower I am in Hawaii or somewhere tropical and the ocean is just a view away! *sigh*
Moving on!
Next was a Milani Runway Eyes palette that will be used for a collaborated tag with DeBresha of Life of a Makeup Junkie! Watch for that post coming soon! I had some Rewards Bucks to use so I went to check out their beauty aisle. More on this palette on the coming tag post soon!

BTW, my CVS had all Physician's Formula for 40%off! Which was such a huge temptation but I didn't need anything so I skipped on that. See if you're local CVS have that going on still since that's a good discount. I am in-love with their Super BB Powder which covers and evens out my skin tone! That would be the one thing I would have bought from that sale but they were out of stock.
Walking out pretty proud of myself to have not gone shopping crazy in CVS, I could not wait for Target!

On my phone I always have a list of beauty products I want to check out so I don't get overwhelm by all the aisles and aisles of beauty brands in front of me when I do go to a drugstore or any beauty stores! Plus my mind goes blank when I get distracted by all the pretty colors of shadows and lipsticks in the store, so notes are key to focus!

But my list had failed me when I saw the red stickers all over the almost out-of-stock Milani Cosmetics shelf! Would you ignore it or check out what's left over?!? Wouldn't you join me too? I wouldn't really shop make-up products that are on clearance, which could either mean these products are expiring or they're getting new products from Milani so they're trying to clear the shelf for newer products! Either way I will not keep this long in my dresser and use it as much in the next weeks or so.

First thing I checked were the Milani Color Statement lipsticks. The only shades left were nudes and this one Orange-Gina shade for $3.48! I have been eyeing this shade but was not really sure how to wear it. The swatch of it looks so pretty on my tanned skin but I really have not worn it so we will see in a few weeks if I will like this. It's a nice shade to wear though for the Summer.

Next was the Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liner in 02 Black Gems for $4.88. I have heard great reviews on this liner and this was the only color available and a purple one I think. I wanted a brown one too but I didn't see one. I wanted to compare this with my go-to liquid liner for now, Jordana Fabu Liner liquid eye liner, since that one smudges on me pretty easy.

After swatching this liner, I love how sturdy the fine felt tip of this liner! It does have a little sparkle/ "gem" effect to it so it's not totally matte or just a glossy finish, so we'll see how this will look wearing during the day time.

And lastly from the Milani Clearance was the Milani Nail Lacquer High Speed Fast Dry polish for only $1.98! Only a few limited colors were on sale and I grabbed this #26 Rapid Orchid shade. It's a super dark plum color that it looks black from afar and in direct light or sun light, you can see the eggplant shade to it. This will be great for the Fall, if this don't dry out on me first! I don't owe any Milani High Speed Fast Dry polish so we will see how this is!
Before I went to leave the beauty aisle, I went to grab one of the new Maybelline Color Tattoo pigments. There were tons of colors to choose from but I went for the Summer-y wearable everyday color, #35 Breaking Bronze  for $5.99. I read and saw great YouTube reviews on this so I was intrigued since I do love the Color Tattoos. Watch for a review and a look using this in a few weeks!

Hubby and I decided to stop by Walgreen's before we go home since it's on our way home and only two blocks away from the house. Plus I know once we get home, we would not want to leave again so we try to go to everywhere we need while we are already out!
Anyways, so again I go check out the beauty aisle first just to check out the sales and what nots. Lo' and behold they finally have the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers for $4.99! I have been looking everywhere for this lip product and now my Walgreen's have it, but then there was only a few left and then most are opened! I would have grabbed more but only settled with Galaxy which I always wanted to get. I am wearing this today and I love it!
This has a nice purple tone to it and that's what I have been wearing lately too. Goes on smooth and does not feel thick and creamy on my lips. It actually feels like I only put on a lip balm! They better stock up soon because I want more of these!

Besides the sticker seal telling me this one has not been opened, the product itself also has this clear area in the tube that when the wand is pulled out the clear tube will be filled with product. This tells you that not only they broke the seal but also took the wand out! See from the photo above.

Finally some swatches!

swatches fr Left: Milani liquid eye liner, Maybelline Breaking Bronze, Orange-Gina, Rimmel in Galaxy

So that's all the drugstore beauty products I bought over the weekend. Nothing super new here. Seems like my area gets the deliveries pretty late when new products come out so I am pretty behind with some of this products.
If you have purchased any of these, let me know in the comments below what you think of them! Is it worth collecting the rest of the line or not?

July 25, 2013

Top Three Tag

I have collaborated with two gorgeous ladies, Cynthia Del Rio from Cdel Beauty and Shalunya TheChronicBeauty from Shalunya & Boyet, to create the Top Three Tag!!! Basically just tell us about your top 3 in each of the topics below. 

"Top Three Tag" Rules
We'll keep this short and sweet. 

  • Kindly follow the person who tagged you (and more if you wish!)
  • Kindly link the blog post in which you were tagged (feel free to also link other great posts)
  • Kindly add your link in the comments section of the post in which you were tagged
  • Tag as many people as you would like

1- Top 3 Lip products
Be it long wearing stain, super bold lipstick, ultra shiny gloss, what three shade specific products are the ones purchased time and again?

  •  Revlon Kissable Balm Stains: the only long-lasting lip products that is not drying to my lips. The colors are just gorgeous too!
  • fr TOP: Trail Blazer; Renegade; Rebel & Maverick
  •  BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lipglosses: I bought this set from QVC and these glosses are non-sticky, pretty pigmented. Definitely can be worn by itself or a lip liner underneath. Love the tingly sensation every time I put this on too!  
  •  Josie Maran Argan Balm: My HG lip balm! I have been using this since I bought it in Feb-Mar and look how I still have more than half of this tin! Not only this is hydrating my lips every night but I also put some on my eyelashes before bed!  

2- Top 3 Hair Products
Do you rely on an expensive finishing spray, a drugstore conditioner or DIY mask for silky, health, shiny tresses?

  • Clear Scalp Therapy (1)Shampoo & (2) Conditioner: This has just been so nice to my scalp and has kept my hair looking so lush, shiny and healthy! 

  • Nume Finishing Serum: This is a great pick-me-up when my hair is looking dull. It gives the shine and tames my frizzy ends pretty well!  
I got this from my Ipsy March 2013 Glambag

3- Top 3 High End Products
Have you ever crossed your fingers, opened your wallet and discovered a holy grail product? Please tell us what you would recommend we splurge on.

  • Benefit They're Real Mascara: I hate wearing false lashes and this gives me the nice long, wide-awake lashes I want. And no spidery lashes either! 
  • Josie Maran Pure 100% Argan Oil: This is my HG face moisturizer! I put this on and this just keeps my skin feeling hydrated. I dab it around my cheekbones to get a nice dewy look.

  • BareMinerals Mineral Foundation: I've tried drugstores and samples at Sephora of other foundations and nothing seems to make my skin look as nice as my BM! It's light and does not give me that cakey look. Definitely my HG foundation!

4- Top 3 At home beauty treatments
Divulge your secrets.  Do you slather on ultra rich creams, don strange masks, or create your own scrubs; tell us we're dying to know?

  • After reading on the health benefits of lemons, I came across a YouTube video and articles on how lemons are great deodorants! After putting this to the test for a week now, I can truly say I agree to this statement! It's actually better than my Secret Clinical Strength deodorant! Plus it suppose to whiten your underarm too so I am stocking up on lemons here!
  • Aloe Vera plant: We buy ours at an asian market and they would sell this per "leaf". The clear gelatin meat of this cactus-like long "leaf" is great to use as a hair mask; on sun burnt skin; a cut OR in a drink (though I have never tasted it but my Mom-in-law likes it!). This is a great all-over natural first aid to have around the house.  
  • After a sweaty work out I love to have a wet towelette to just get a quick refresher before I take a shower later (after I take the dog out for his afternoon walk/play). What I use is my Witch Hazel Toner + Paper towel cut in halves in a ziplock! to make my own wet towelettes! Not only it refreshes me but cleans all that nasty sweat all over my face and chest!  

5- Top 3 Eye shadow palettes
Beauty knows no limits but your stash can only hold three palettes. Chose wisely.

  • theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude: love this palette for a quick daytime look!

  • theBalm Nude 'tude: This is my very first eye shadow palette, and I do still grab this once in a while. I use the matte black and brown to line and the lighter shadows for highlighting and in the inner corner of my eyes.
  • Unfortunately I don't have a third fave! I may have other palettes in my small makeup collection but I am really not in-love with them as I am with my theBalm palettes. 

6- Top 3 Makeup discoveries
Did you know that tightlining is the best way to deepen a smokey eye or that tea bag is the best remedy for depuffing your eyes?  We all want to look fabulous, so tell us your your best discoveries.

    • I use my JM Argan Balm to remove my waterproof eye makeup and this works great! You can use any balm like Vaseline Petroleum Jelly or that lip balm you are not using (just make sure it is not minty or flavored to avoid any eye irritations!). Massage it and wash off or wipe off with a cotton pad! No rubbing required! 
    • Baby wipes are the best make-up remover wipes! It's cheaper and less irritating than those annoying scented wipes advertised as gentle wipes! If this is gentle enough for a baby's bum, then it will be as gentle to my sensitive skin!
    • A cat eye look never fails my round eyes: Winging out my liner every time elongates my round eyes. Did you know Angelina Jolie has round eyes? No, because she always wings out her liner so it always looks "catty" and sexy! 

    7- Top 3 Nail polishes
    What do your phalanges fancy? A bright fuschia, a subtle neutral, or royal purple.  Glitter, cream or shimmer finish?

    • Butter London in Yummy Mummy: is my go-to nude shade. It's skin tone color with a little gold sparkles in it so it doesn't look flat at all.
    • Butter London in Jasper: This is my favorite bright color to wear. I would wear this all year long!
    • Orly in Rage: This metallic rose gold nail polish is just so pretty! To use as an accent nail or on my toes, it is the perfect pink-metallic polish. A nice break from my gold, bronzey metallic polishes.

    8- Top 3 Long bath/shower products
    When you've had a hard day at the office, need time away from the kids, or just need to luxuriate, what products join ducky and you in the tub?

    • my fluffy Loofah:  I always have this in my shower! Love how this makes me feel I have removed all the pollution from the commute home off of my body!
    • Organix Body Wash in Coconut: This just takes me back to Hawaii; poolside or snorkeling with the Honus (sea turtles). 
    • Fresh Sugar Body Scrub: Once a week I would use this to further exfoliate all the dead skin and dirt from outside. This is great to use too before shaving my legs and armpits since it leaves a nice oil on the skin, razors goes on smooth; no cuts or bumps!

    9-Top 3 Drugstore Heroes
    We all have heard about NYC's Bronzer in Sunny and Maybelline's Color Tattoos.  What other drugstore gems have you discovered that we should know about?
    • Nivea Creme tins for 99c: I have this in every purse just like how I have a lip balm in every makeup bag! It's cheap, flat and tiny to just slide in any pocket for a quick touch-ups on dry hands, knees, toes or heel!
    • Ecotools Travel pack makeup brush set: These are the brushes I use for my neutral eye look. When I don't feel like playing with color today or I'm in a hurry, I bust this set out and a palette, and I will be done in 10mins! The brushes are so soft, and I don't need to look around for the next brush to use since it's right here on this set! This is definitely a great set for travelling or like me for a particular go-to eye look.
    • Maybelline Color Tattoos: I need more of this color tattoos since they really do save time when you're in a rush. This stays put all day and no creasing at all! These are also great to use as a base for powder shadows.

    10- Top 3 Worst Beauty Purchases
    Ever fallen victim to the hype of the latest beauty product only to get it home and have it do nothing for you? What products would you skip if you could do it all again.
    • Maybelline FitMe foundation: I tried this when it came out last year and I had to return it the next day since it just made my face look greasy. Not dewy but literally oily all-over! Very traumatizing so I have never tried this out again even if other bloggers swear by it.
    • ConAir hair dryers: If you have read my "7 Deadly Sins Tag" post (here) I mentioned how the drugstore dryers don't last on me so I invested on a high-end one. I don't drop them that it breaks easy on me. I just use it to quickly dry my hair not even for styling and it breaks after a few months use! 
    • Almay Smart Shade Foundation: I used to love this as my drugstore foundation since I don't have to try and match a shade but after seeing photos of me, OMG! This gave me a white cast and made me look like I was trying to look pale! Tip: Do a flash photo check with your foundation before sticking to it!

    Phew! That was a long one but hope you enjoyed my top three beauty products!
    If you want to read the other ladies' post on this tag, here are the links:

    Cdel Beauty: (will be added later as she has not posted hers yet)

    And the bloggers I tag are:

    . . . and to all who are interested to do this tag, feel free to do it, and comment your link below so I can read it! I am curious what's on your top 3!!!

    July 24, 2013

    in-depth review: Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque

    After using this product once a week since I bought it late May, I can now share you my in-depth review on this hair mask. I bought this in Target for $9.99. It was pretty cheap I thought for the 12oz of mask you get, comparing it to my favorite Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque (MNO) that costs twice that or more! If this will meet my high expectancy hair needs, then I am ready to put my MNO aside and use this. 
    Trying to keep my hair long is a lot of maintenance and I am literally overwhelmed with so many hair products out there! But I want to keep it simple and stick to the simple ingredient products such as this.

    Let me tell you a bit about my hair before I purchased this to understand my review on this mask.
    • I have below-the-shoulder length medium thick layered hair.
    • It's non-color treated hair for 3-4 yrs now. I just want a low maintenance hair so I've stayed away from coloring it.
    • I have minor split ends since my last haircut in March (I hate going to the hair salon!).
    • My ends aren't super dry or damaged, just a little bit because I need a trim. 
    • My scalp is actually pretty dry and itchy. I was hoping this would help give me a healthier scalp, which is the most important thing on my hair needs.
    • I do have breakage since I always have my hair on a bun or pony. Yes even with those no-dent hair ties. So strengthening my hair is another goal of mine.
    • I do have fall out in the shower, but I look at that as normal for me since I have a lot of hair! *Am I wrong?!

    Now onto the product!
    This has a very thick, paste-like consistency. Only a palm-ful is needed for my long hair, and looking at the jar now, it looks like I didn't even made a dent on it. It still looks pretty full, so this will definitely last me for the rest of the year.
    What sold me to this are the three most important ingredients and what it will do to my hair!
    • Shea Butter: Deeply moisturizes while conditioning hair and scalp. Bingo! Scalp treatment !
    • Argan Oil: Restores shine while helping promote hair elasticity. Another ace here for strengthening hair!
    • Sea Kelp: Mineral-rich nutrition seals and smoothes hair cuticles. For my stubborn split ends and damaged ends - sold!

    If you guys are pretty conscious or sensitive of what's in your hair products this has a list of chemicals that are NOT in it! How awesome is that?!? This was such an awesome bonus!

    My Thoughts On It:

    • My hair felt soft and smooth afterwards. I usually air dry my hair, and it wasn't frizzy as usual.
    • My dry scalp improved! Using this and my Clear Scalp Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner, my hair never looked so healthy! I actually have not used this for two weeks, and I see my dry scalp has gone back, so I think this had something to do with keeping my scalp healthy!
    • My hair do feel thicker, but I still am having fall outs and breakage here and there. 
    • I don't see any split ends, yay! Nor dry ends! 
    All in all, it has met my hair needs and will be a staple in my shower! I have noticed my hair has been growing a lot lately too, I am not sure if it has something to do with massaging my scalp, which I read somewhere helps, and I am all for that!
    Besides my hair begging for a trim and fall out on days I don't brush as often as I usually do and breakage on days I have my hair on a pony all day, this mask has helped to keep my hair and scalp healthy!
    I do recommend this product highly (1) because it's cheap! Cheaper than the Macadamia hair masks brands. (2) It's an all-natural product which is what your hair really needs! and finally (3) it's a mask that also treats your scalp. Starting with a healthy scalp will result to healthier locks! And if you are like me who's trying to grow it long, hair products that will keep your hair healthy from roots to ends is what you want!

    July 22, 2013

    DIY: makeup brush cleaner

    I have been seeing the Sigma brush cleaning glove for $35 (see it here) on YouTube a lotI wouldn't mind buying this if I have a lot of brushes to wash, but I don't. . .yet! It got really great reviews and I would eventually get this when I see my brush collection have grown to crazy! For now I have been inspired by another YouTube video to DIY my own make-up brush cleaner!

    July 17, 2013

    Ipsy July 2013 Glambag

    "Beach Beauty"
    is Ipsy's July's Glambag's theme.
    A lot of great products featured in this month's bag, and I can't wait to share you what was in my glambag! Before I go into that though lemme tell you a little bit about Ipsy. Ipsy is a monthly beauty bag subscription for only $10/ month (+tax if you live in NY, NC or CA). Every month it comes in different make-up size themed bags, and has 4-5 deluxe to full size samples of beauty, hair, nail or body products! 
    You pay month to month so you can cancel after one bag or two if you are not satisfied. If you are interested, please use my link: http://www.ipsy.com/?refer=u-h87i2ncxga2bg8g - once two people have used my referral link, Ipsy will include a nice gift in my next month's bag! You will get your own referral link after you have signed up. Share this with your followers, family and friends! 
    Ok here's what's in my bag!!!
    Ipsy July 2013 Glambag

    The bag is this see-through, plastic neon pink cylindrical shaped makeup bag. Perfect to carry the essentials when going to the beach! I'd probably use this as my travelling first-aid bag so I can easily see where my Tylenol or Band-Aids and my emergency lip balm is. 

    1. Nailtini Straigh Up Nail Lacquer in Mai Tai: This has a nice deep orange color to it, which looks great on my tanned skin! The orange is not neon bright but bright enough that it complements my Summer tan!
    If you have not heard of Nailtini brand before this is a 3-free nail lacquer (formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene free). They also have lips and eye products, so use that code (hot4ipsy) to get 30% off their site!

    2. Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray Conditioning & Texturizing: I love this spray! I used it on my dry hair and I can see the texture of my hair changed! After I spray this, I scrunch my hair or twist it into a bun as I do my face and get ready for the day. This has a nice scent to it, and holds its texture and my loose curls all day! Actually until I wash my hair, so even the next day my hair is perfect to do a big bun since it holds up and it looks so big and fluffy! 

    I know I look white on this picture but I want to show you my hair on this pic! Look how nice those curls are!

    3. BH Cosmetics California Collection Eyeshadow Sample: I already own a BH Cosmetic palette, which is the Jenni Rivera Palette, so I know I would love this sample palette! Their eye shadows are pretty buildable to how deep you want the color on your eyes to look; It's not chalky at all and it blends well.
    My favorite from this eye shadow sample is the Malibu one. It's this nice shimmery yellow gold that is just perfect for Summer looks! The nice matte deep purple is great to use as a liner and compliments the gold very well! Plus purple compliments every eye color so take a break from your black and brown gel or liquid or pencil eyeliners and try purple!

    4. POP Beauty Pouty Pop Crayin in Coral Crush: This glides on my lips like a lip balm! It also has that tingly, minty feel at first and goes away eventually. It doesn't feel drying on the lips but this sinks into the lines of my lips even after I exfoliated. My girl friend loves hers and it actually looks good on her too so it might just be my lips since this is not the only lip product I have that problem with. 
    The color is more on the bright pink side which is too light on me, so I apply on the Revlon Butter: Tutti Frutti on top to add more orange to the color. You will see in the picture below how the orange comes out more than the pink when those two are applied together. Bright pink toned lip products never looked good on me so I made the orange stand out more.

    Here's the swatches for the eye shadows and the lip crayon:
    fm Left: POP Crayon in Coral Crush: BH shadows in Hollywood, San Francisco, Malibu

    5. Coola Mineral Face SPF20 Unscented Moisturizer: This feels non-greasy and pretty light on my skin. Other Ipsters received tinted ones and I'm glad to get an unscented one since I'm picky with my face sunscreen. This do make my face white if not blended well. The lotion has a light consistency to it, so this is easy to blend and only a little bit is needed. I am so used to a thicker cream consistency for face sunscreens so I kinda used a lot on the first day trying this out. So apply one dot per area (forehead, nose, chin and cheeks) then blend, and then the rest down toward the neck area.

    So here's the look I came up with, using this month's products! It's just light and bright perfect with the heatwave we are having here in NYC. My face still have color but not a lot of products are needed to achieve it, especially that Malibu gold eye shadow! The spray by the way didn't make my hair frizzy which was awesome! 

    *used my Cailyn gel liner in Purple to get a deeper purple for this look

    All in all, I am loving all the products in my Ipsy July Glambag! Again they hit my right spot and that sunscreen just came in time since the sun is really burning me! Not literally but I get dark too easily! I am actually leaning towards my coral colored blushes, lips and eye products too! Ipsy is really challenging me to use more color lately and so I take this challenge, and keep bringing it because I will make it work!

    Again, if you have not joined Ipsy yet, please use my referral link: 

    Once, two people have joined, Ipsy will include a gift on my next bag! And when you sign up you will get your own referral link as well to share with your readers, friends and family!

    * Ipsy is only $10/ month (+tax in NY, NC and CA) with 4-5 deluxe to full size beauty samples
    * Past brands that have been featured on bags were Urban Decay, Josie Maran, Pacifica, Starlooks, NYX, Be a Bombshell, and so many more!
    * I actually want to say THANK YOU so so so much to Wanda and Kathleen for using my link! I received an e-mail from Ipsy that they both used my link so I can't wait to see what gift will be included in my next month's bag!