October 29, 2013

drugstore haul

Just want to share you all my small drugstore haul from the past two weeks. Everytime I am in the city, I make sure I stop by the drugstore in the area since not every place has the same stock of beauty products especially the new products! I have gone far and beyond to check for a lot of old and new beauty products out and a lot of the drugstores here are either out of stock or just never on stock or will never get the products 'til next year (maybe!). I won't name any products nor brands since I don't want to start any beef now hehehe!

Excuse my attitude, but now that's out of my system let's see what I got. First off, the ones I got at DuaneReade!  DuaneReade is the oldest drugstore in the city like Starbucks, they're almost in every block! I think they are owned by the same owners of Walgreen's since I use the same Rewards cards for both stores now.  From DuaneReade, I only picked up some old goodies that I want to stock up on since they had none of the new products out.

The very first DuaneReade opened downtown, at the corner of Duane St and Reade St in Manhattan, hence the name!


Let's start with the Buy One, Get one 50%off! I got. I bought one of these Almay Liquid Lip Balms before and am just in-loove with it! They feel so smooth and moisturizing on the lips! This gives a sheer tint on the lips, just like a tinted lip balm! I have been using this at home as a lip balm when my lips got dried out from a lipstick I sampled. It's not sticky at all and I just love applying this over a lipstick too! The colors I got here are "Apple A Day" and "Pink Pout". 

The other buy one, get 50%off product I got is from L'oreal and was just so happy I almost did a happy dance in the aisle since I have been looking for this shade for like ever! I have been seeing this on YouTube beauty videos - it just looks so pretty that I MUST have it. And now I do!
L'oreal Infallible Eye Shadows in Amber Rush & Eternal Sunshine. Amber Rush is described as this Rose Gold eye shadow shade on reviews and OMG! This shadow is just so lovely! It is perfect for the Fall to put all over the lid and a plum shade (like Nude 'Tude shade in Sexy!) on the crease is just beautiful! There were other such beautiful colors to pick from since this store was fully stocked of all the Infallible Eye Shadows but I went for a neutral shade that I know I will use most of the time for my second choice. Eternal Sunshine is this nice champagne color that is gorgeous as well to put all over the lid with a winged eye liner or just for the inner corners to brighten up any eye look!

This was taken under direct sunlight so sorry if doesn't show the beautiful shades here.

Amber Rush all over the lid + dark plum shade on the crease
The Walgreen's by me do not carry any Jordana products at all so I made sure to check DuaneReade for their stock and I'm not surprised to see the Jordana shelf not stocked with their new products of balm stains! So I just went to stock on my fave Jordana products! Jordana Fabu-liner in brown, Jordana retractable lip liners in Plush Plum & Tawny. I got another Plush Plum which is this nice deep brick red color for my Sis. She asked what's a nice dark red color she can wear for the Fall. I thought the Plush Plum is a good one to start with since she's a nude lips type (so opposite of me!). These liners don't dry out my lips so I like using them as an all over color on my lips.
Tawny is this dark nude shade which I don't have in my collection. Good way to start building my nude lips collection!

The Wet n'Wild section did not have any sales plus I bought enough WnW from the last time Rite-Aid had a 40%off all WnW for that week! So I just went to grab this Wet n'Wild Megalast Nail Polish in Undercover. It's a nice mauvey-pink color that I'm missing in my collection.

I am running low on body wash so I went to grab this, which was on sale! I have never used or heard anything from this brand before, Skincare Naturals Revitalizing Body Wash in Coconut Water. I got sucked in with the coconut scent, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and made in the USA on the label - all a good sign on my check list!

Last thing I bought from here is from the Beauty Section of DuaneReade. They have more higher end brands in this section such as Pop Beauty, theBalm cosmetics, Cargo, Pur Minerals, Nailtini and so many other ones! I only picked one item from here which is from 100% Pure, a concealer in Toffee shade. I have only bought a lipstick from this brand before and love it. I have only found this brand though at some DuaneReade's so just check out their website on where else you can buy their products: http://www.100percentpure.com

Their price range is around what you would buy in Sephora (Benefit, Urban Decay price range), and so it wasn't budget friendly for me and definitely not drugstore price! This concealer cost $19 so compare that to Maybelline's concealer, it is pricey. BUT the ingredients that this concealer was made of is just unbelievable! This is a Certified Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free brand and their cosmetics is mostly made of 100% natural fruits and oils! An in-depth review on this concealer soon, after I have used it some more.  
"Organic Green Tea*, Organic Rose Hydrosol*, Organic Green Coffee*, Organic Rice Powder*, May contain all or some of the following pigments : Organic Peach*, Organic Apricot*, Organic Carrot*, Organic Pomegranate*, Organic Cocoa Bean*, Organic Goji Berry* and Organic Tomato*, Aloe Vera, Organic Lavender*, Organic Chamomile*, Organic Rosehip Oil*, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Extracts of Organic Rosemary*, Organic Oregano*, Organic Thyme*, Organic Grapefruit Seed* and Organic Goldenseal* 

Sunscreen Active Ingredients: 15% Titanium Dioxide and 10% Zinc Oxide"

Lastly, two products from CVS:

  • L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara: I haven't opened this since I am still finishing the ones I have opened right now. This claims to stretch the lashes in the outer corner of your eyes. I always try to achieve that look (ala Angelina Jolie's eyes!) Lashes like that will look so good with a winged liner so we'll see!
  • Revlon by Marchesa 3D Nail Appliques in Guilded Mosaic: The CVS only had three of these boxes left and I was so happy to find one of them is this design that I really wanted to get! I love nail appliqués, it's cheaper than going to a nail salon and the design is just beautiful to glam up any outfit! I have never tried any nail appliqués from Revlon so we will see how this holds up. 

I think I have done a pretty good damage with my card with my new goodies. I am definitely loving my Amber Rush eye shadow, and can't wait to paint my nails with this WnW polish! 
Let's see which ones will make it to my monthly faves (for November!), and some I will write an in-depth review so just subscribe to this blog so you don't miss out on that!

Sidenote: I just want to thank you all who left such sweet comments on my Instagram over the weekend. Our wedding anniversary is such a personal part of me that I am happy to share with you all. Celebrating our marriage for 6 years is something truly exciting and just so brag-worthy hehehe! I didn't want to post any more selfies so I just kept posting food pictures and so sorry if that wasn't your cup of tea but I do hope you all had a great weekend and I'll see you all on my next posts!

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