November 27, 2013

We Shop. We Find. We ShopStyle!

This is for POPSUGAR + ShopStyle's campaign: We Shop. We Find. We ShopStyle!
ShopStyle by POPSUGAR is a social shopping website for anyone who loves fashion, giving style-conscious consumers a place to shop the online stores they trust, all in one place.

Using ShopStyle's new ad campaigns that came out this month as the inspiration for this lay down blog post. I have included my Must-Have style for my
  All Day Out n'About in the City Look!!!

I like to be comfy with what I am wearing as I know I'll be doing a lot of walking from store to subway to a store to a coffee house to another store to...just a lot of walking for short! I need a bit of a heel as I am short, but I prefer wedges for comfort! I will sacrifice my feet though for those special night outs with the girls or the hubby so a nice pair of highheels is a must in every girls closet!
 I like to keep my purse small and light but don't be fooled by it, as I have a foldable bag in there for those surprise visits to a farmers market! And as you can see, I don't get conservative with my accessories! A girl can never have too many accessories! Especially when I'm wearing a simple Tee, I can take forever picking out the accessories to wear as it is endless in my eyes! I would wear them all but...yeh I would hahahaha!

So here's the rundown of all my Must-Haves in the picture:

on me:
  • "We Shop Style" Tee from ShopStyle + POPSUGAR
  • Uniqlo Women's HeatTech long sleeves shirt 
  • Uniqlo Polka Dot pants
  • Beige wedges from a small shoe store in Park Slope, Brooklyn
  • *and if you're wondering about my makeup- it's the same make-up look from my Studio Gear Review post HEREThat is the Milani Black Cherry! Gorgeous color right?!?
the rest of the clothes are:
  • Uniqlo Burgundy Jeggings
  • Peep toe black studded heels are from a Korean shoe boutique in New World Mall (Flushing, NY)
  • Gray Blazer jacket with black piping is from Target
  • Oversizer blue Tee with kitten graphic is from a Korean boutique in Flushing, NY

the accessories
  • Michael Stars wrap from my POPSUGAR Must Have November Box! (check it out here!)
  • Gold bangles from the Brooklyn Flea 
  • Sterling Silver bangles are from my Mom's closet (Don't tell her I kept it!)
  • Hubby's dog tags from when he served the Army
  • Potpourri Bib Necklace in white from BaubleBar
  • Silver stud earrings are from BaubleBar (shown on main picture)
  • iPhone Owl case from a street fair
  • Cream colored beanie hat is crocheted by moi!
  • H&M Bolero Hat (It's the black thing in the picture. Sorry it didn't picture well from this angle!)
  • My ear muffs with the green feather is made by moi! (if interested check out more here: Quelimade)
  • Bucket bag with gold hardware is from called Portobello
  • Rebecca Minkoff Women's Mac Ikat Clutch

Here's another pic of me of standing outside this time so you can see how I would style this Tee. Had to get the dog in the picture as hubby/photographer wants to show him off as well. 
  • Military green biker (denim fabric) jacket from
  • Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses (I've had this since 2006 and love it!)
  • German Shepherd Dog (he's optional but hey how do you say no to that face!?!)
  • lips: Milani Uptown Mauve Colorstatement lipstick

green military style jacket is from; Aviator shades from Ray-Ban; German Shepherd Dog is optional

I hope you enjoyed peeking into a small part of my closet as I have enjoyed sharing with you a bit of my...urban-chic(?) style or what I call my comfy-but-stylish-in-my-eyes styling! Don't forgot to check out to find your next must have clothing, shoes, accessories or home products!

**to my U.S readers: Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!! #Thanksgivukkah
**to my other gorgeous lovely readers, hope you are all enjoying your week and getting some holiday shopping done!

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