December 28, 2012

Fave Lip Products of 2012!!!

let's take a break from reviewing all this beauty bag subscriptions and let me share you my best lip products *or some call "lippies" of 2012!!!
I have never been this excited to have accumulated so many lip glosses, lip stains, lip balms, lipsticks and everything else in between this year. I have never really been this obsessed with what I wear on my lips until this year!
Plus, when I get lazy and don't really want to spend...a really long time! doing my whole face I just grab my tinted lip balm or put on one of my lip stain on, just powder my face and conceal any blemishes and I'm out of the door in five minutes!
*If you click on the name for each product it will take you to their official website and you can get more info there, instead of me trying to explain to you all that stuff.
Ok enough intro and let's start the list! In no particular order and categories since I am no pro with what the different types and kinds of lip products are out there, here is MY FAVE LIP PRODUCTS OF 2012:

1- Fresh Sugar Lip Balms

      Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy: Got a sample size of this from an even they had during this summer and my lips love this balm! Especially after wearing heavy lipstick on all day, scrub it off then put this on and my lips feels very moisturized and no dryness or chappy lips the next day!

      Sugar Rose Tint: This year Sephora gave out the Sugar Lip Balm and this one on your Birthday month. Very moisturizing and has a very slight tint on my lips.
     Sugar Berry Lip Tint: Purchased this during Spa Week because of the deep plum tint it leaves on my lips! It looks great with my tanned skin and keeps my lips hydrated during this cold weather.

2- Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter: These are very hydrating, very pigmented and has awesome color choices! These are great during the winter months also. Only con is it's not long lasting, you do need to retouch after eating and drinking, and so for my next favorite is the. . .

3- Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm StainI love how it leaves a nice stain on my lips all day, I really don't need to touch up that many times! It is not drying either but it is not moisturizing enough for me during the winter season. I would layer a lip gloss over it or the Lip Butter and I'd be fine. Color is pretty pigmented and leaves a little minty feel on your lips after you put it on. Revlon really hit a home run with this product because I would stock up *a lot! on these if they would ever stop making them!

4- L'oreal Colour Caresse by Colour Riche: This may look like a lipstick but it feels like a lip balm on my lips! As like my other faves I can never get enough of moisturizing lip products and this one is one of it! They have a very limited color choices from this line but Silky Java is my go-to color for doing a nude lip look *layering this over the Creme Brulee Lip Butter. Again it is not long lasting so it is something you need to touch up a few times in the day, but I wouldn't mind pulling this out of my purse since this has a really nice gold packaging with a strip of the lip color inside.

5- Maybelline Baby Lips: in Cherry gives me that red lips as if I just ate one of those cherry Popsicle. I use this mostly in the summer since it is not hydrating enough for me during the winter days. I don't put this as often as I thought since it has a very long lasting moisture on my lips not like other lip balms I have tried.

6- Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balmin Hibiscus is my perfect match! Not only it keeps my lips moisturized, it also leaves a nice tint to my lips. I have dark pigmented lips so I always go for the darker tinted lip products and this one gives me a nice just right deep red color I need when everything else in my face is neutral.

7- bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Glossin Daredevil was one of the sample sized products I received in my November Ipsy bag and I love it! This has a dark red tint to it which I love. This leaves a nice minty tingling sensation on your lips and it feels nice when the cold air blows on my face! This has no tacky feel to it at all and helps to keep my lips hydrated in the winter, so this is definitely a winter lip product I would be using a lot this next three months!

8- NYX Mega Lip Shine Lip GlossDefinitely another product I would love to collect all the colors! I call this my liquid lip balm since it goes on so smooth with no tacky feel to it at all! I love using this on top of my lipsticks that gets my lips chappy afterwards. You get a lot for what you pay for with this product, actually with this brand overall! No need for me to be splurging on high end lip glosses to get that perfect shine since this one covers that!

Oh my gosh, that summed up my favorite "lippies" of 2012! I have never really collected that much lip products before but most of this drugstore brands turned up the notch and released a lot of really good lip products this year! win-win!!! I'm sure it will just get better in 2013 and I can't wait to see what they have up in their sleeves!

What's on your list for 2012? I'd love to know and see if I missed any lip products out there that I should have in my collection.

December 27, 2012

December 2012 Ipsy/ MyGlam bag

"From Ipsy With Love; Happy Haute Holidays" is the theme of December's Glambag.

*FYI ladies: On their Facebook Ipsy Page, they would post a clue on what's going to be in next month's bag. So if you want to be surprised when your bag comes DO NOT check their FB! But if you're like me who can't wait to see what kind of beauty products we will be getting go take a peek and join the guessing game!
Since I have joined in October, Ipsy hasn't disappointed me. Though my dresser is overflowing with lip, eye and face products and sample sized make-up stuff, I am not going to complain. For $10, I am still pretty lucky to get an eyeliner, lip gloss, an eyeshadow and a primer that will last me more than a month!

And here is a picture of Ipsy December Glam Bag:

This month it came in this awesome dark metallic silver boxy pouch with the signature "Ipsy pink" lining zip up case. This has replaced my old, worn out everyday make-up pouch. I love it!

Obviously, these products is to help you prepare for the holiday parties coming up, but I want to see if I can use this in a day-to-day basis such as a day-to-night look!

Oh for this month's bag, I also got an extra sample product. Ipsy included a note saying as being an active member on their Ipsy site (All I did was participate in their monthly challenges, comment, like other's Looks and sharing my own Looks), they have asked me to try the Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm! This is not available in stores until January!

Just like any other BB creams out there this claims to do a lot of stuff besides priming. It supposedly  perfects, protects, treats and hydrate skin *click HERE to read on what they mean by all those!
I have only used it a few times and I am a fan! I used this as a primer since it goes on clear with no coverage at all. It did helped keep my make-up on all day and gave me that glow and hydration my skin needs during this cold season. It didn't make my skin greasy or greas-ier or irritated my sensitive skin. No breakouts which is great news! I can't say anything about the other stuff they claim such as firmer skin, even out skin tone and lesser fine lines since I have not used it that long. I actually might purchase it when it comes out since my make-up did goes on smoother, lasted all day and great to use in the winter weather.

If you didn't get the BB cream, there's another primer in the bag, Mirabella Primer for Face & Eyes. I used this as an eye primer since I don't want to try out too many different products on my face, and this worked great! No creasing and the eye shadow looked more saturated.

The NYX Loose Pearl Shadow in Walnut, stayed on great. For the DAY look, I just patted this on lightly all over my eyelids giving me that light bronzey smokey look but not too heavy for a day out. I've never used a loose eye shadow before but I learned by using a flat brush with synthetic bristles it goes on well. This does not have a lot of fall out either which means it's not gonna end up all over your cheeks or blouse! *Just tap out the excess from the brush before patting it on! I kept the rest of my eye shadow matte since this one was shimmery enough. I used a matte taupe on my crease and matte white eye shadows on my brow bone and tear duct area for highlight.
for NIGHT: I used the same flat brush but sprayed a bit of water to it before getting more of the loose eye shadow and this helped to make the color more pigmented on my lids.You will see the little gold pigments in the eye shadow more, so it gives you more shimmer when you wet your brush. I patted more in the middle, used a dark brown eye shadow in my corners and just blended this a bit on my crease, and this gave me a nice brown smokey look for a night out!

With the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero:
For DAY: I tight lined my upper lids with this awesome eyeliner, and smudge a brown eye shadow on my lower lid.
For NIGHT: I used it on my water line, lined my upper lids and smudged it a little. And with an angled brush I took some of this color to wing out the corners. Go as dramatic as you want with the eye liner but because I was just going to a dinner that night I just made a subtle wing.
This is like the best eye liner I have used! It goes on so smoothly and this stayed on all day and night with no smudging! You really need to use a make up remover to get this eyeliner off!

To finish the look, after contouring I used the Mai Couture Highlighter Paper on top of my cheekbones for a DAY look. For the NIGHT look, I added some blush and swiped on some more of the highlighter paper on my cheeks, on the bridge of my nose and chin to give me that "JLo Glow". For pictures, it made my face look oily (I think) but in person I love how it gave me a great glow *harsh flashes don't do justice!

Oh and of course I used the Be a Bombshell in Hot Mess Lip Gloss at NIGHT, lining my lips with a red lip liner first but just a nude lip during the DAY time. This lip gloss does not feel like a gloss at all! It doesn't have that tacky feel to it. I actually forget I have this on because it feels like I just put on a lip balm. It's so hydrating and that red- OMG! is so perfect for the holidays! Or for day time just wear it by itself and keep everything neutral and it will look awesome! It's pretty opaque that you don't need to line your lips before putting this on but for long lasting color, a liner would help. This comes off easily once you drink or eat so you do need to touch up a few times.

And here's a pic of my day-to-night look that I came up with. Nothing too dramatic since I still like to keep it simple. I am no expert with make up. I am learning the same time I have been receiving my Ipsy bags every month, so judge as much as you can; suggest anything and I will make notes. Love to hear any feedback you have =)

This is another great bag from Ipsy! These brands are pretty much well known brands already in the beauty world but they are definitely products that I would not have purchased on my own. So thanks Ipsy, I get to try something that I wouldn't think these brands would make such great quality primer, eyeliner, beauty balm, loose pearl eyeshadow or lip gloss besides for what they are known for. 
Again, just to remind you guys, if you click on the product names above, it should take you to the link to the discount codes on those products from Ipsy. I was in debate on getting more of those NYX Pearl Shadows but during the holidays a lot of the colors I want were out of stock so I'm out of luck, boohoo!
I can't wait to get next month's already!

December 5, 2012

Influenster Cosmo Voxbox 2012

Finally, I have been selected by Influenster to review one of their Voxbox! If you don't know what Influenster is, I wrote a blog on it here: Influenster
They have given out a lot of their themed boxes this year and I am not sure how they choose. They email you to fill out a survey to see if you qualify for an upcoming box and in a week or so you either get another email if you are qualified. Besides that as a factor to being chosen, also your social media connections helps to be chosen.
I signed up with Influenster in July of this year but my social media connections were weak. I think it has improved but it's still not as strong as others have. My blogs don't have a lot of subscribers or readers. My Pinterest don't have a lot of followers since I wasn't really active on it. My Facebook which I cleaned out recently have fewer people. I may know hundreds of people but only a third of them really knows me, what I post on FB is like welcoming you to my home. I do have a Youtube account but that's only to post my dogs cute videos and comment at others videos, plus to keep all my Favorite videos in hand! And back in July, I didn't have an account with Twitter. All these social medias are connected with my Influenster account and just today they asked me to connect my Foursquare which I recently abandoned since I really don't have friends who uses it but whatevs. Either way, all these apps or websites are out there and what's the harm for getting Influenster inside my profiles with all these "apps"?!?
Okay I know you're dying what's in the Cosmo Voxbox I received so here's a picture:

I've only had this for a day but I have tried the. .
Forever Red Exclusively at Bath&Body Works and it's a scent I would not buy myself. It has a blend of pomegranate and red osmanthus , and vanilla rum. It smells very very sweet and musky but it is definitely perfect for the winter months. It is a scent I do need to get used to since I have always worn ligth floral perfumes, this is one I'm glad I get to sample.
there's also two pens they have included in my box. . .
FriXion by Pilot Pen in Black and Purlple Ink: I was excited to test these out since the day before I received this box, my husband was asking me if I were going to write love letters to him since I recently just bought a set of journals from the Target Limited Edition Holiday24 Collection . I was surprised he brought up the topic since he's not the mushy type, but I am! I was going to wait until the New Year to make this part of my resolution but what's the harm on starting that early!?! It's so nifty how the rubber end of the pen really do erase the ink! Not messy as rubber erasers either! Great excuse for me to use my new fancy Carolina Herrera notebooks and make my husband smile with little love notes he needs to find around the house, his closet and socks!  =) next were some blades!
Gilette Venus Embrace razor & Venus&Olay Razor refill I already am a fan of Venus. I have tried Schick and Bic and Venus is the only one that gives me that perfect shave. Smooth skin all the time! I am excited to see this in the box since that's $10-12 I don't need to spend to buy me some Venus razors! *a final review on it coming soon!*
Finally for the chocolate tooth on me, and what a perfect timing since 'tis the season I go overboard on sweets, they have included a huge bar of. . .
Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Sea Salt Escape bar: A milk chocolate with sea salt and crushed roasted almonds. I am already drinking a new found recipe I found of Sea Salt Caramel Hot Chocolate this season, and what's another sweet seat salt to add to my diet! I'm not a fan of nuts of any kind on my chocolates tho so this is another one I'll see if I will get use to or just not like it at all. Check back soon for the update!

For the price of. . .FREE, this is a pretty great box to receive! But just because I got it for free doesn't mean I will be giving these products flying colors. They will definitely hear my honest opinion and suggestions! That's another thing I do here online. I have left reviews on Amazon and Sephora and other sites and now have started my own review blog! I read other's reviews when I go online shopping or when I am researching for products or I am on debate what to buy and these reviews surely helps with the decision making.

December 4, 2012

UPDATE: Coastal Contacts Dilemma

From my recent post Coastal Contacts Disappointment, I have written what I went through to get a pair of free glasses. It was a test of my patience and good thing I am ordering a pair not because I needed one but to have an emergency pair if ever my glasses break on me. I feel bad for those customers who had waited as long as I did and others who have waited longer and have no eyeglasses at all to see day to day as they wait for Coastal deliver the said free pair to their customers. I've always wanted a pair of cat eye frames, and what a great way to try this out by getting them for free!
It has been 7 weeks since my order from and when I have given up on waiting for my glasses to come - last week there it was by my patio door a little box left by my mailman, Mike. It didn't have the Coastal logo all over the box, so I wasn't really sure what it was until I saw the mailing label says "international mail" with an address from Canada.
I couldn't believe it. It's finally here! After  TWO FAILED deliveries across the border, my free glasses is finally here. Though it wasn't the Derek Cardigans that I have originally ordered, I'm actually satisfied with my Love L740 Black Passion pair. My eyes are still trying to adjust to the frames since I have never worn thick framed glasses before. I love how they look on me, and definitely gonna keep them. I can't wait to play what make-up looks would go great with the glasses and the outfits to pair it with. I am pretty excited as it is not just to help me see but it's fashionable enough that I am proud to wear it outside the house!

November 27, 2012

2012 November Ipsy/ MyGlam Bag Review

This is my second month with Ipsy and I have never been excited on what will come the next month, and the next, and the next! There's just so much make-up for the price of $10! 
*They started this month to ship to Canada, and I think they get theirs at $15/month which is still a bargain for the sample products in the bag!
Ipsy made it very interactive with its Ipsy members by giving you your own profile at their site: There you will find Challenges that is related to what you received in your bag for the month. Every month are different challenges that can win you more beauty products! It really brings out the make-up fiend in you! 
I am no make-up pro but I recently just started building my make-up collection and learning a few tricks that I have learned from my fave beauty gurus on Youtube. And Ipsy is the place where I get to share and find tips and tricks on make-up, nails, hair and whatevers in trend with other Ipsy members! 
I can sum up Ipsy as the place for Make-up/ Beauty Lovers! Everybody here is encouraged to show their own style and their individual beauty.
On to this month's beauty bag! They themed this month's "Party Perfect", which was great timing since I had a wedding party to attend to during the Thanksgiving weekend, and this bag was very handy. I left the brown bag at home since it looked cheaply made, but it's good to store my lips in my drawer!

Chella Defining Eyebrow Gel: OMG! There is such a big difference with a brow that isn't defined and filled in, and a brow that is well groomed! I have noticed on my pictures how my eyebrows looked great and  just picture perfect! This clear gel did an awesome job keeping my bushy eyebrows in place all night. This is defnitely one step I would not miss when I go get ready for a night or day out!

For the wedding, I went for a "retro-glam" Look. With my perfect groomed eyebrows I just went for a simple cat-eye and a touch of smokey eye. With the help of. . .
TheBalm Meet Matt(e) sample eyeshadow in "Matt Batali": which was a dark gray shade, it helped me capture that smokey matte eye look which I didn't want to be overpowering since I wanted my lips to stand out that night. This sample came in a cute little case that has a magnetic closure just like how their palettes come! This is great to have when travelling or just need a touch-up so it's good for the make-up bag!

Starlet Intense Eyeliner in Black: Came in handy when I was tight lining my upper and lower water lines. This was also great to do a subtle smoke on the eyes. Just draw a line on the upper lid and smudge, and whatevers left on the brush can be smudged on the bottom part of the eyes!  

To finish my look for the night, I went for the Dark Red Lips, which is the trend for the Fall. I have always been a fan of dark red lips since I have dark pigmented lips the nude or pink lipsticks don't look good on me. With my tan complexion, a dark red lips looks more natural for me. Plus it makes me look more glammed and sophisticated =) After putting my favorite lip product of the moment: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Crush, I added the. . .
bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Daredevil: This leaves a slight tint of that dark red on your lips. And the shine was just perfect to help my lips stand out on my look. I'm never a fan of lip glosses because of the tacky feel to them but you don't get that with this lip product. It actually leaves a minty or cooling effect on my lips which I loved. Throughout the night though, I had to retouch my lips since it is not long lasting. 

Unfortunately, most of the pictures that night were all taken under a dimmed lit room, my make-up doesn't show well =( The best one I found is this: 
 *not the most flattering angle but im loving my eyebrows here and my lips* this is my first time trying out this night out look and i'm loving it! 
Last thing in the bag was a Nailtini Nail Lacquer in Millionaire: I love this polish! It's my first glitter polish! This had mostly gold little tinsels in it, with a few red and teal ones. It's like a New Year's Eve confetti in a bottle! It was  overwhelming to see all my nails on glitter so I came up with this look to help me transition to an all-glittered nails =) I just added some oomph to my favorite polka dot nail look by dotting some of this polish right in the middle of the big dots and add small dots all around the nail. Top coat is your friend here to keep the look last longer.

Overall, I love this bag! These products are so versatile, I can use them with my everyday look; use them when I go travel; use for touch-ups for a day-to-night look or give my look a little glitter or "oomph" if I'm feeling bold and daring that day. 

I forgot to mention with every Ipsy monthly bag, they include a card with discount codes on the products from that month if you are interested to purchase full size of those products. I unfortunately threw out my card already but if you click on the product names above it should take you to the Ipsy page where they have the discount codes, and I will try to do this with every blog review of my Ipsy bags from now on so you can all check out the discount codes if you're interested in purchasing one! "Sharing is caring!" I am not sure how long the discounts are since I haven't really tried to purchase one yet. I am very satisfied with my samples that I have been receiving that's why I haven't really bought any full sized products of these great brands! *I do regret not getting the full Meet Matt(e) Palette but I'm over it! 

November 23, 2012

Coastal.Com Website Review

So I have read about from MarieClaire@Work magazine. It said that your first pair of glasses from their site is free! So I had to check it out. At first I thought, there has to be a catch so I better read the fine lines, FAQs..everything! Just to make sure I do only be paying the shipping & handling.I also looked online for reviews about this website and see how legit this is.
Of course MarieClaire will not publish a company that is not truly legit so that was one factor that helped a little bit for me to trust Coastal. And after reading reviews online and watching videos on youtube about, which were mostly great reviews; very satisfied customers with their nice looking glasses, I went online myself and started shopping for a pair of cat eye shaped glasses.
Unfortunately the free pair excludes their Luxury brand models which I don't care much. I really have nothing to lose getting a free pair since I still have my year old glasses working well right now. So I went with the Derek Cardigans 7005 Brown TortoiseShell glasses which I'm so excited to get since it got good reviews and the pictures look so cute! At check out after putting in the offer code, I only did ended up paying the s&h, tax and the Coating Bundle ($19.95), totaling to only ~$40! Very cheap compared to my $100+ RayBan glasses now!
I ordered on a Monday. two days later I received an email from Coastal that they have upgraded my shipping to Fedex and I should be receiving my glasses by Friday! Now I couldn't wait for the end of the week to come! Friday came, waited all day at home for the Fedex guy and I got nothing! Checked the tracking number and my package is still on Clearance Delay! I thought the site was not just updated and it will come but nothing came! First thing I did Monday was to speak to Coastal. I first went on their online chat assistance and she told me the same thing that my package is on clearance delay and they have no idea when it will be delivered since it's all in the hands of the FDA now. *Not a really good answer
I decided to just keep waiting and maybe it will come sometime that week and still nothing came. I have been checking their Facebook to see if I'm the only one affected by this "Clearance Delay" dilemma and it looks like a lot of their customers who ordered the same time I did are all in the same boat!
Coastal did acknowledge the problem and posted on their Facebook that they are trying to handle everything as much as they can and asking for everyone's patience. Another week gone by (week#3 of waiting) and customers are losing their patience. Their facebook page became a wall of complains and unhappy customers. By this time, I have written a facebook message to them and an email in regards to my eye glasses!
Week#4 of waiting I see they have posted on their Facebook that they will re-producing the orders that were held by the FDA and customers should be receiving them by the end of the week or the next. Instead of getting that good news of an email, mine says how they have ran out of the Derek Cardigans 7005 and I will need to pick a different pair with no additional cost at all, Luxury brand or not. I still wanted a cat-eye shaped glasses so I went for Love L740 in Black Passion. The person I spoke to over the phone made sure she will put this order right away to their lab so I will get it immediately. This was two weeks ago.
Last week I emailed them to get an update on my new order and they gave me a USPS tracking number. I received all of my other packages I have ordered from other online sites and they used USPS too. I see the updates from those packages but nothing from Coastals USPS tracking number. At this point I felt I was being scammed. I already have asked to refund my shipping because of all this ridiculousness but tricking me with a USPS tracking number is just beyond stupidity in their part! I complained and emailed and Facebook messaged them, and they have assured me they will be giving me a full refund.
My refund has been processed and yet still no glasses. I received another email last week telling me how they had to resubmit my new order of L740 to their lab since there was a problem again with the shipping that it is being held in customs again! I'm not sure if to believe this anymore, I am tired of hearing the "Customs" excuse as I call it since it shouldn't be this difficult to ship one pair of glasses from Canada to the US! He goes to write the new glasses has been shipped via Airmail, that has no tracking number and I should get it in 6-10 days. Does that sound like another lie to you? It does to me! I am on day 9 of waiting and still nothing. I chatted with their chat assistance and she goes it should be here by nov.28, that's another week from now! That's already two weeks of waiting if it was truly shipped on the 14th.
This time it would be a miracle if my mailman comes and deliver me a box from since I believe I just have been dropped by the company since I already got my full money back. This is not about the money anymore but the principal! I gave you my patience which was slowly diminishing as the end of the year is right around the corner and you can't even mail one pair of glasses out of Canada! We have ordered other stuff from other sites that came from Canada and it did not take this long for them to deliver it to us! Your company obviously needs an overhaul since this is one huge mistake you cannot take out on Customs. You have kept my hopes up and I expected to be treated better than this.

November 13, 2012

luv d cat eye look, hate d work

i am such a noob in the make-up department. For the past 28 years (i'm 30 now), all i wore was a lip balm or a lip gloss and a little bit of eyeshadow and mascara.
Not until two years ago I got introduced to Youtube (YT). I couldn't help but admire my girl friend's makeup one lunch date, that's when she told me she learned to put make-up on from watching Youtube! I never browsed YT before that and all I know of the site is it has some hilarious home videos. I never thought it would teach me how to get a flawless face! Well almost flawless.
This is when I started making notes of my make-up shopping list since I have a lot to catch up on! Foundation, Concealers, Blush, Lipsticks and make-up brushes! OMG! Did you know there are tons of different make-up brushes for different areas of the face?!? It's overwhelming and I felt very behind. I felt pretty down after watching tons of beauty gurus that are probably years younger than me, showing me how to put on foundation, contouring and all that! I also felt sad for them since they have put all this stuff on their face before heading out of their door. After watching thousand more videos and applying this to myself, I slowly understand why these girls have to put on make-up, and help noobs like me how to properly put it on. For me, it helps my confidence because I know the make-up I had put on is not to hide myself from all the pretty colors of the palette but it is to accentuate what is already there! I never thought my big round eyes will ever be my best feature.
And this is where my eyeliner obsession started! At first I didn't like it because it just made my eyes bigger and rounder, but as I learn it is how I put it on that makes a difference! And then I got introduced to the cat-eye look! So this is when the search for the right eyeliner to perfect that wing began...Did you know there are different kinds out there?!? Gel, pencil, liquid, felt pen and basic black eyeshadow!!! I do have one of each in my make-up collection except for a liquid liner but my favorite is the gel liner method. I have more control with the brush in how I want to put it on, either thick or thin. For my everyday wear I make it thin and thicker in the end then a small wing. For night, since I suck at smokey eye make-up, I do a thicker line and a longer wing which looks great with or without glasses actually!
Recently I have added the liquid liner in my collection and still iffy about it. I have theBalm Schwing liquid liner and just the word liquid alone intimidates me! I was not sure how to put it on. Do I use the same method as how I put my gel liner OR do I pretend this is a pen liner since it has a really fine tip that should basically would just glide. Most of the Beauty Gurus on Youtube seems to prefer liquid liners and they make it look so easy using it, but on my first try...well, it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that great as how I would like compared to my gel. Maybe it is just me too since I am so used to the gel and have only given the liquid liner a few tries.
I have been practicing though, and it still not as perfect as I would like, but hey I have a whole liner I can use and just keep practicing until I perfect this liquid liner! I would really like to love this product and hopefully cut the time in my make-up routine too since I see it suppose to be faster to put on than the gel!

this first picture was done with theBalm Schwing eyeliner. As you can see, it's not that clean looking. I still have to perfect the use of liquid liner here.

this second one was done with my new fave liner! Be A Bombshell eyeliner - I got this product from my October Ipsy bag and this felt tip liquid liner is amazing! It has a fine felt tip perfect to draw that wing. I outline first with an eyeshadow and then trace it with this eyeliner and voila! It's cleaner looking than with the Schwing. 

October 29, 2012

October Birchbox & Ipsy box reviews!!!

Let me start off by saying this month has been crazy! Besides debating on whether to stay or leave Birchbox depending on how I would like the box this month, it was also my husband's birthday and our 5th wedding anniversary! It was a lot of decision making and surprise planning going. I am just glad all went well and everybody's happy!
oh, maybe not for Birchbox. I'm sad to say I will be unsubscribing to Birchbox after seeing what I received in this month's collaboration with Goop box. Let me list down below the products and give you a quick review on them but overall I am not very impressed and satisfied though I am sure it costs more than $10 for the total of all the products in there.

Essie nail polish in "Carry On"-  I was really happy I received this color since I don't have a dark plum color nail polish in my collection! This brand is my favorite nail polish besides being formaldehyde free, I can put on the polish without putting a topcoat and it will not chip on me! It will last me a week with minor chips. If my nails just don't grow that fast then I can probably keep it for more than two weeks!

Joanna Vargas Daily Serum - I have been putting this on every morning after I have washed my face and before I put on my sunscreen. I mentally do think my face have improved and looked healthier and has a glow to it. I won't be purchasing the actual size product of it since it cost $85! 

Marie Veronique Organics Body Oil - I have not used this product yet since I am hesistant to put it on actually. The smell is just into my liking, but of course I will give it a chance and try it one night but not right now.

Sprout Lip Balm Flights - This comes in 4 different...flavors?scents? and I got the Cocoa Butter one and I love this lip balm! I use at night before going to bed. Since this does not have SPF, I only use it inside the house. And it's so exciting and I'm proud to say this one is made in Brooklyn- my hometown! woooot!!! it's truly moisturizing and goes on so smoothly on my lips.

for my Lifestyle Extra I got yet again another food bar, this time it's a LUNA Lemon Zest Bar. Nothing exciting there. It's good to have these bars in my purse when my hunger pangs decides to kick-in when I'm on the subway or at the train station waiting for a delayed train.

As you can see, it wasn't that exciting besides the nail polish that I put on right away since the color was perfect for Fall. And I had a dinner to go to the next day. 

And so with this disappointment I went to spy on the other beauty boxes and see what they have for October! The best one I saw was from Ipsy, aka MyGlam! Surprisingly this box has improved their monthly 4-5 samples recently! I watched a few youtube videos of girls openning their Ipsy October bags and maaan they got really good products in there! They have a theme every month too and for October they themed it "Hello, Bombshell"...before I go on to the products let me tell you I signed up the next day after sleeping on it, and praying that if I do sign up tomorrow, oct.12, I will still get the October Ipsy Bag.
The Lord heard my prayers and before the end of that week, my October Ipsy bag came! And here's what's in my October Ipsy Bag "Hello Bombshell"

theBalm What's Your Type? "the bodybuilder" Mascara - I love theBalm! But I did not fall in-love with this mascara. It really didn't do anything to my lashes but clump it up. It can't even hold the curl =( So disappointed on this one.

Mirenesse Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain in no.9 - As you can see in the picture, the lip gloss is a very light pink shade. This is a very opaque gloss that you would only need to dab in the middle of your lips and spread it with your fingers to get a stained lips looks. For full Light Pink Shaded Lips, then just use the nice wand that came with it and swipe it all over. That look didn't go well with me so I only dabbed a little bit and topped it off with another lip gloss with a hint of red since this color is just too light on me. I am still trying on how to make it work, so I will update you guys on that! I do wish I got another color since this shade is just too light for my tan skin tone.

Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment - this hair oil is great! It smells like coconut oil but not overpowering at all. It's non-greasy and it does keep my fly aways in place and my dry ends hydrated. I definitely need this in the fall since this cold weather is not good for my hair!

be a Bombshell Eye Liner in Onyx - I love this eye liner! This has a fat felt with fine tip eye liner. Goes on very well. No smudging either. Really great to do those dramatic cat eyes! Never heard of this brand before but I am so impressed with this eye liner I can't wait to try out their other make up products!

Coastal Scents Eye Shadow 4 Palette Sample (Maroon Berry, Flesh Tone, Caramel, Light Bronze) - this was great in doing an everyday eye make up look. There was not a lot of fall out from the shadow and great pigmentation on them. I have never tried anything from Coastal Scents but I do have heard a lot of great things about their palettes. Definitely thanks to Ipsy for letting me try this brand out before I can go and buy one of their 80 or 120 palettes!

For now I will be sticking with Ipsy Glam Bags and see what they have to give! They seem to have makeup products to sample than Birchbox and that is what I am looking for. I'll keep you guys updated and see how I feel about Ipsy. Maybe in a few months I will get bored again and switch to another box subsciption. 
I really don't want to spend more than $10 on a monthly beauty box subsciption because with that money I can basically just go buy myself one product that I will definitely like and keep.

UPDATE(1/3/2013): I have been subscribed to Ipsy/MyGlam for 4 months now and I am actually on debate on switching it to a yearly subscription. Though this October bag has misses on the lipgloss and mascara, I'm still amazed how I can make a whole look out of this one bag! 2 out of 3 misses aint that bad for $10! Comparing that to Birchbox who made me fall in love with a face serum that I realistically will not buy; a Luna Bar that was gone in one day; an oil that is accumulating dust on my dresser and one awesone nail polish... More misses there for me!
I really like the samples I have been receiving with Ipsy. Two deluxe size samples and three sample size of makeup products that I still am using! I also like how their website: let me share my looks with other Ipsy members that are also beauty-holics like I am! Definitely gonna be staying with Ipsy for a while.

Influenster VoxBox

So here's another sample box that I found on youtube a few months ago. I signed up as soon as after I watched a Youtube Beauty Guru unbox her Influenster Voxbox and a few more other videos.
Once you signed up for free with them, you fill out different survey questions, share the social media sites you are on: youtube, facebook, twitter, pinterest and so on, and you get different badges such as a beauty badge, urbanite badge and so forth and this may or may not qualify you for the upcoming Voxbox that they will be sending out for free! in return all you need to do is give your personal review on them either through blogging or video review.
I am not really sure how often they send out these Voxboxes since I haven't been able to meet any of their past qualifications to get any of their past voxboxes =( 
And so with so much frustrations and disappointment, I stopped loggging on to my account. I felt like this was for the popular kids online or in social media to qualify for a voxbox and I was just not one of them. And everytime I see a new Voxbox was just sent out and I was not one of them I felt more sad of myself that I am not as popular as these people are!
When I have almost forgotten about my account with them, I received an email recently that they have revamped their website and it seems to have better way navigating through different badges, filling out the surveys, sharing your reviews is easier than before. So here I am promoting them and sharing them to the social media world in the US Continent *yeh i don't think they ship internationally, do check your local websites maybe they have something similar going on! Because I do like this company and what they are trying to promote.This is really a great way to try never-heard-of and new products out there that we usually would not spend our own money on. I think the Voxboxes have themes like a Mom-box and recently I saw a Beauty voxbox was sent out, so it really depends on the badges you earn from filling out their surveys and the social media platform you have.

DISCLAIMER: I am not paid by Influenster to promote their company. Like I said I even have not received any of their VoxBoxes that they have been sending out lately! I am just using my blogging platform to share you this nifty company that will send a box of products that you either have heard of or not for free if you meet the required qualifications.

There's no harm in trying, its free to sign up and you can do this on your own time since this will really take up your time. So besides watching those reality TV marathons or catching up on gossip online and just taking a break from work emails and work projects, go try it out and see how you like it yourself. Don't just rely on people's reviews since we all have different expectations 

September 27, 2012

September Birchbox Review

So this month's Birchbox has the "September Issue" theme and according to their little card that comes with every box: "September marks the starting line for the season's fashion bonanza."
Inspired by the fashion world and the start of Fall, the have filled this month's Birchbox with what will be trending in the fall of 2012. In that note let's look at my box!

NOTE: This box also came with their very own fall Lookbook, which is pretty much a compilation of fall inspired trends from make-up, hairs to nails. The products used can be found in their store and the quick tips are also posted in their blog. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too since they do a lot of giveaways there!!!

Color Club: Birchbox Custom Polish in Insta-This: This is a very opaque cobalt blue and with my tanned skin this looks great on my toes! I just love how I only need to put one coat of it. It's not streaky and it dries quick. Without a topcoat, my toe polish have lasted two weeks! 
Jouer- Matte Moisture Tint in Hazel: My first thoughts were "oh my goodness this is tiny! This will only last me one day!"- Wrong! I have used it three times already and I think I have a little bit left for one more day. I actually don't need a lot! Two dots in the cheeks, forehead and chin and I am good to go! I don't use concealer for my acne scars and this evens out my skin pretty well. It does go matte and it do help with my oily T-zone. Still need to blot after a few hours but not as much as before! I love this product.
kate spade new york: Twirl:  This is my third Birchbox and this is my third perfume sample. I know I can get this perfume samples after walking in every counter in a department store and so I am not thrilled to see this another perfume sample in my box =( I don't hate the smell (light and and sweet and floral) but I am still in-love with my Juliette Has A Gun perfume sample from two months ago.
Skin, An Apothecary: Soy Body Whip in Poppy: This is a great sample size for a lotion I was excited to see this in my box BUT do not put your nose to close to the jar because this one has a strong floral smell! Don't tell me I didn't warn you! I use this all over my body after a great shower and the strong smell kinda goes away after a while so you don't really smell very "Poppy" all day or night that you would get sick of yourself. It feels good on the skin, not greasy and very moisturizing - pretty perfect for the weather change when my skin do dry up big time! 
twistband: Birchbox Custom Lace Hair Tie: I have seen this twistband from others Birchbox unboxing videos on Youtube a few months back but this lace design is a Birchbox exclusive. I was excited to try this out since I have long hair and very intrigued why this is better than my cheap hair tie when this is basically just an elastic fabric knotted to form a hair tie. Unfortunately this didn't hold up after two-three uses, the lace design wore out and all you see is white with a hint of orange. Not impressed with this one and I am surely gonna pass buying this even if it's 99cents. *Sorry*
I also got a Lifestyle Extra of Hollywood Fashion Tape: It came in different sizes but not in pairs, so my left boob will be hanging out while the other one is all taped up! I guess. This will be stored in my Fashion First Aid purse when I do decide to go wear that daring low plunging black dress in my closet. =)

All in all, not bad I have my fingers crossed that Birchbox will hopefully stop putting perfume samples in mine and put more make-up products specifically lip and eye products since I looove playing with those and anything to enhance my big wide eyes and pouty lips =)

September 11, 2012

Fashion Night Out 2012

If you have never heard of Fashion Night Out (FNO), it is Anna Wintour's answer to the slow fashion business economy. By bringing a one night only extended hours for shoppers to shop at their favorite participating department and high end stores, Miss Wintour thought this will help the fashion economy back in business and not through depression. Okay, that is more of my perception and personal opinion on FNO, you can google it for a better explanation on it.
I have only gone twice, last year and this year. This 6-11pm shopping night with freebies of alcohol n other treats once a year never really got my interests when it started in 2009, until my sister drags me to go with her last year. I looked at what they had to offer, the stores that she wanted to check out: more of scouting what they have to offer. Obviously, its impossoble to go to everything so we sorta agreed to stay midtown. I didn't know it's a night for people to party with their favorite celebrities too but I didn't really care about that because I know they will still be surrounded by security and after a picture and autograph you gotta move on! And that's what happened anyways, for u to be able to get a pic with them and their autograph, you need to buy their own branded product or from the store! So forget that and I'll just go have fun, shop what I want while drinking champagne!
The stores I went to has really nothing special to offer for that one night except maybe a good discount if you spend a good amount of cash in their store. Best deal I got is from Henri Bendel this year, but if you didn't know about it the associates won't tell u either. It's after spending $50 in the store you get a free iphone4/s case with customized swarovski crystals on it! This deal was posted on their Facebook wall two weeks before FNO and it seems like none of the employees that night know about it or something. I had to ask a few associates and go up and down their floors to find a nice associate to help me out, and eventually I left with my goodies and my blinged out iphone case! Yay me!
My tip to u guys whose planning an FNO2013 is to check out the site, their Facebook and Tweeter of the stores you want to go to before. Since its all over the city and impossible to go to every store, see which store has the most exciting party and celebrities (if you wanna see one) and just stay in that area. Mostly the stores around it too will have their own FNO party so you still not limited to one store.
I don't think I will be attending anymore FNO's after this year since I didn't see a lot of stores giving out good discounts for shopping, there's really no point to come out anymore for me. Plus I see articles online on how this night turns out into a disaster of drunk mobs on the streets and it's not really a scene i'd like to be if i am carrying newly bought stuff! Noo thanks! Ye just be careful guys. It's fun to experience it but I am not a fan of crowded stores either. I went to Henri Bendel early because I plan to check out other stores but nobody else beats the free gift I got from Bendel so I went home early. *i really just wanted to shop at Bendel since Uniqlo or Zara or Sephora didn't have anything to offer but cocktails.
Plan out before heading out! Best way to enjoy the night :)

September 3, 2012

August Birchbox Review

Its the end of another month and it's that time again to update you with what I think of this month's birchbox after trying it out before the September box comes.
Disclaimer: I subscribed to Birchbox with my own money and all my reviews here are real and true.
Honestly, I am not impressed with this month's theme of "Back to School" box. The Schick Razor that was an extra in this month's box would have been more useful in the beginning of the summer since duuh! its beach season! I'll still thank you for it since that's one less thing I need to stock up on now.
Now on to the samples I received for August:
 - LashFusion XL Mascara: I have never heard of this product and was excited to see a lot of good reviews on it online. Personally though, I really don't see any wow-factor compared to my Shiseido mascara. It didn't hold my curl, I had to recurl my lash after putting it on, but I really didn't see any added volume or length to my lashes.
- Viva La Juicy La Fleur sample perfume: I love this scent! It's light and sweet and a little bit floral. But again this would have been a nice scent to wear during the summer, not in the end of summer! I'd still wear it when I do my weekend morning errands because its a good wake-me-up scent with my cup o'latte in hand.
- Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream: I used this on my dry toe cuticles (not sure if that's a real term) since all that sandal wearing all summer really dries up my toe cuticles, and it works! The menthol smell goes right away as what the paper that came with it say and it's not as greasy as it looks. It may remind you of vaseline petroleum jelly but it is not the same consistency. My skin absorbs it right away and I can go back to texting or to my iPad and not leaving greasy finger marks on the screen. I tried it on my lips but its not moisturizing enough for me. So if you're looking for a non-greasy cream for dry skin, this totally works!
- Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo: I got one packet of this and to give you a review after just using it once is not a true opinion for me on what I think of the product. I only have a Shu Uemura lash curler so I really don't know how his hair products are either. I suggest to read reviews online before buying this product.
There's no harm in doing a little bit of research before buying any products peeps so take a few minutes and Google instead of impulse buying.
Hopefully the September Birchbox will have more exciting products since it is the Fashion month so I have learned after watching "The September Issue".

August 13, 2012

July Birchbox: Suki Nurishing Kit Review by Sis

My sister is in her third trimester of pregnancy and has the best pregnancy skin I have ever seen. Even before her pregnancy, she has always been conscious of what she eats and puts in her body. Now there's a little one coming she is more conscious on what's in the products these days. 
And so with her own words and few questions for guidance, my sister has written her own intense personal review on the Suki Nourishing Kit that I gave her from the July Birchbox I received. Here is what she had to say:

--had read about this brand in one of the fashion magazines within the last year or so
--wanted to try it but the slightly expensive price kept me from seeking it out, since I also was not sure how effective it would be

The Creamy Foaming Cleanser is made with acai oil and apple juice to hydrate skin as it washes away impurities. 
--it was like creamy milk with a hint of botanical scent 
--slathered it on my face and neck and massaged for a good 3-minutes or so
--after rinsing , it left a very light waxy feeling; it was not able to take off the light mineral powder make-up I had on so I followed it with a cotton ball soaked in toner; the toner removed all the left-over make-up

Rich in green tea and other botanicals, the Concentrated Nourishing Toner balances out skin’s pH levels. 
--fresh light scent; this was very refreshing and didn't leave my skin dry

The daytime Intensive Nourishing Cream and nighttime Pure Facial Moisture keep skin hydrated 24/7 while fighting the signs of aging. 
Intensive Nourishing Cream 
--very creamy to the touch and  went on my skin with an almost opaque rye tint; hint of botanical scent but not off-putting
--massaged it onto my face until it vanished; surprisingly, it didn't feel heavy on
--used it in the evening as I wanted my skin to absorb as much nutrients 
--woke up with soft skin but I looked kind of ashy; I didn't break out which usually happens with any creamy moisturizer 
Pure Facial Moisture
--used after toner as instructed; slightly botanical scent 
--it is an oily serum with a slight yellow tint and a few drops went a long way; it was easily absorbed by my skin and did not feel heavy at all
--woke up with soft skin and a hint of a glow which stayed even after I washed my face; my skin looked so good that I went out of the house with no make-up that day!

Finally, the Intensive Nourishing Masque evens out your skin tone with a unique time-released form of potent vitamin C.
--thick masque with a slight botanical smell, but not overpowering
--left it on for 15mins as instructed and splashed warm water to rinse off; it left a waxy film on my face so I used a damp tissue to wipe the film off
--left my skin slightly moisturized and woke up with the same soft skin but looked a bit ashy

--I would definitely recommend this product especially for expecting women given the pure ingredients; our skin at this time is so prone to breaking out and the rich moisturizers in this regimen kept breakouts away, at least for me
--However,  it would be good if each item could be purchased separately as only some of the products worked very well with me

August 8, 2012

July's Birchbox Review & August Birchbox is Here!!!

After a few weeks of using my samples from the July Birchbox, here's my review on it:

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Olive Green
  • the felt tip is pretty pointy, but I had a hard time getting the "ink" to the tip
  • love the deep olive green color, it really compliments my tanned skin for the summer! Just needed to built up to get to the dark color I wanted, but that might just be the sample I got since the color is not evenly distributed on the felt tip.
  • its smudge-proof which is great for the hot summer days! This one is definitely not for smokey eye effect since it dries quickly as soon as you put it on
theBalm cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen
  • the gel consistency is not greasy to the skin
  • the color looks great on my cheeks and its buildable if you want a more flushed look
  • it didn't look great on my lips since it's a sheer stain, it looks uneven on my two-toned lips. Maybe putting a concealer first will help, but I really don't do that on a regular basis.
  • over-all: love theBalm since I have a very very sensitive skin
Juliette Has a Gun in Miss Charming
  • love the light sweet, fruity smell just perfect for the summer
  • the scent seemed to have lasted day on my skin, even after sweating a little bit under the hot summer sun.
    • dab it behind the ears, collarbone area,wrists, and inner part of the elbows and knees
suki Nourishing Kit 
  • it came with one packet of each: a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, nourishing cream and nourishing masque
  • i gave this to my sister since I am on a strict face regimen from my dermatologist
    • her first impression: its unscented, she said " It don't smell pretty, smells like just what the natural ingredients are in it."
  • she also said the packets can only be used once since as soon as you open it, the product are exposed to the air and need to be used immediately so you can really only give a first impression on products that comes in small packets. 
Overall, it's a good box since I got two extras in it which are the Birchbox Exclusive earbuds and a LaraBar!
I love most of the products that came with it and just with the eyeliner alone that costs $15, pays off the box already.
In other news my August Birchbox is here!!! I was not expecting this month's box to be coming this early so that topped of my day yesterday after a long exhausting day in the city. I will include a picture of the box and will give you the review on it at the end of the month.

August 2, 2012

I'm in loove with my sunblock!

The Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydrating with SPF30 Sunblock is my all time favorite sunblock!
My skin feels so moisturized! I guess you can say hydrated as that is what the packaging says, duh! And supposedly keep your skin hydrated for 12hours! I don't usually believe packaging ads like that but I gotta say they're pretty true to what they say. My skin feels "silky" moisturized all day! Even after being outside sweating a bit from playing with my dog, it does not have that greasy feel like all the other sunblock lotions I have used before.
The SPF30 seems to be just enough coverage for my Filipino dark skin. I really don't get sunburn, I just get really really dark like a burnt toast so I usually like to put at least an spf50 lotion but since Walgreen's didn't have it in stock then I just bought the spf30 one. It actually covers well! My dog, Major and I will be out for 30mins to an hour outside - every morning, mid-afternoon and late afternoon, and I see no tan lines on me or darker spots on me at all from the scorching hot July sun. I've had enough sun exposure and tanning in the beginning of summer and really have no plans to be darker. I really just want to keep that tan color on me and Hawaiian Tropic is doing it's job keeping me "just right" and not burnt-tan.
The scent, OMG! It just takes me back to Hawaii since it has that tropical: coconut smell that is not overpowering at all.

It's not too late to purchase the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydrating Sunblock since we still have one more month of Summer2012 peeps. Add this to your must-try shopping list cuz this ones a keeper ;)

July 26, 2012

FreshCleanse Pop Up Truck Event

So yesterday after I have fed the dogs and made myself a smoothie, I go check my e-mails and Facebook. And there in my Facebook news feed, a post from Birchbox! Fresh is having a Pop Up Truck event that day and they are giving away free samples and a tote! I debated for a bit if I should go as I quickly try to finish my smoothie since I did want to get some free Fresh samples. After a minute or two, I decided to go.
I have never bought anything from Fresh but I do got two Sugar LipBalm samples from Sephora for my birthday and I just love 'em! I have heard good stuff about Fresh but they were just not in my budget.
So when I saw they're giving away Free Fresh Samples - I'm there! Fortunate for me it was only happening yesterday and today in two different locations here in New York. *I hope they do more of these type of events though.
I got there and the line was already half a block long! I wasn't sure how fast the line moves but I was in no rush and thank goodness it was on the only day this week that is nice! I was ready tho and had my fan and water bottle with me.
It didn't take long and I got my samples of a tote bag and Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and an extra surprise, a bottle of BluePrintCleanse Lemon Water with Cayenne! I've always wanted to try their line and I was glad they joined Fresh for this event.
And then they give us a small card to bring to their Fresh Store across the street to get another free sample! It was a sample size of their Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Balm! And if you spend over $25 you get another sample of their Soy Face Cleanser, a deluxe sample this time. This was my chance to browse and find an excuse to shop over $25. I actually want to see if there's anything I can buy here for my pregnant sister who was unable to join me.
I got her an addition to our baby shower gift for her and of course I got something for me too hehehe. They were having a promotion that day on their Soy Face Cleanse Kit. Since it was all natural ingredients and good for all skin types, and can remove all my make up with one small dot - I was sold! Plus this is my chance to pamper myself with Fresh products paying half of the price :) woot! Woot!!!!
I will let you know how the cleanser works for my very very sensitive skin but just from using it once I can tell you it literally did remove all my makeup! Mascara, eyeshadows, eyeliner and foundation! Gone! No trace on my face towel. Impressive!
If you don't like the rose smell, this has a slight smell to it, and a hint of cucumber scent. It's not overpowering smell, its just enough to calm and soothe your skin as you wash away all that oil and dirt on your face. It doesn't lather up like your handsoap at all, it actually reminds me of my Cerave Face Wash or like Cetaphil, but just fancier and rose-cucumber scented.
I'm liking it, hopefully my skin approves!

July 22, 2012

Baby Wipes


Before I go to bed and forget to share this awesome tip to all u ladies on a budget out there, lemme tell u quickly that baby wipes works better than those make-up wipe removers they have in the drugstores!
I may not have tried them all but with ma very very sensitive skin I have only tried the Neutrogena in the purple packaging, since that's what my sister has and she said it works great on her skin. I liked it, bought a packed and I just couldnt stand the smell of my face afterwards! It was way overly scented and I noticed my face towels in the morning after I have washed will still have remnants of my makeup from the day before! Ewwwwwww!!!!
Walked by the baby aisle at CVS, since they grouped it with the ladies Tampons and Pads, and saw Huggies baby wipes were on sale! At first I wanted to get them for when I get my monthly period instead of using the wash n then I started using it to wipe my feet after wearing opened toe shoes in the city (another Ew!) and then a lightbulb moment hit me when I was running low on my neutrogena wipes which i had no plans of repurchasing but I so love the convenience of a wipe to remove my eye, lip and face makeup - why not use this baby wipe! If its gentle enough for a baby's bottom this should be gentle enough for my very very sensitive skin!
I have been using the wipes for mmmonths now and I havent broken out or got a rash or got any bad karma from it! Its really hard for me to find products out there that my skin will agree with, and when I find one that is affordable and just works awesome I just needed to share it!
I have only used the Huggies and Pampers baby wipes since those are d only baby brand i know. If you can't tell by now, I have no kids just two dogs and a cat, and o yeh my lovely hubby, Mike :)
I really don't like to go buy the drugstore brands when it comes to my face even if they say its all d same stuff in them - I trust d experts Pampers and Huggies and leave it to them to know what's good for the baby's skin. Plus its my face we talking here people! Let's not go cheap on my pweetty face now!
Go try it, see for urself!
*oh u can use it downthere too instead of using that wash for d odor, it works good for that too!