November 18, 2013

*CLOSED* Just Because + FiveTwo Certified GIVEAWAY!!!

Winner is Lily from Beauty With Lily blog

Don't you just like those random, out-of-nowhere, "Just Because" gifts from either the hubby, boyfriend, best friend or sibling or cousin?!? Coming home to a bouquet of flowers not because you had an argument; he comes home with your favorite chocolate or pastry from your favorite bake shop not because you asked him; Sis paying for today's impromptu lunch; Or bestie paying for your coffee --- Just because!

So here's one to all of my lovely, gorgeous readers/ followers...
  • Just because you are here and following and commenting and supporting me on what I started just as a virtual diary for myself. 
  • Just because you are here to take your time to read what I have to say and share with you all. 
  • Just because you have helped me grown to more than just a beauty junkie into a beauty blogger.
  • Just because you all have been there for me through Instagram, Twitter or Google+ or any other social media apps. 
  • Just because for making 2013 pretty awesome for me!

This is basically just my way of saying Thanks! I am seriously touched that you all want to read what I think! Your comments on my posts means a lot to me. It is that part of my email I usually check first and starting my morning with! Reading your positive feedbacks just makes my heart melt. Seriously, you are all special to me and I just want to give you all a big virtual hugs for being part of my beauty blogging journey! 

Now onto this awesome giveaway!!!

Prizes for this giveaway are:
- PopBeauty Pop Portfolio Eyeshadow Palette
- PopBeauty Face Magnet Primer
- Nailtini Coco Loco Smoothie Mani/Pedi Sugar Scrub + nail file and pedi foams
- Sephora makeup bag
- deluxe size of Clarisonic Acne Daily Clarifying Cleanser

*DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored giveaway! This giveaway consists of items that I have received from my contest winnings and freebies from events I have participated this year.

  • I would give each and everyone of you a gift if I can but unfortunately only one can win this giveaway. 
  • This will only be a U.S only giveaway. I will do another giveaway soon for my international readers.
  • To enter, just enter through the Rafflecopter down below, that easy!
  • This will be running until Dec. 8, and I will contact the winner with the email provided.
  • If I do not hear from the winner within 3 days after she/he was contacted then I will draw another winner. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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