November 12, 2013

Clarisonic Mia2: 1 Month Update

Quick update, for you guys wondering how my Clarisonic Mia2 journey has been going.

So I still am using my Mia2 every Sunday and Wednesday nights. On Fridays I would use Michael Todd's Jojoba scrub for a good exfoliation. I don't want to increase my use of the Clarisonic yet as I can feel my skin feels sensitive/ tender after using the Mia2. And after being on this routine for a month now, here's what the results are:
  • Sis noticed my skin looks more even, I do still have acne scars but overall she said my skin looks better than before.
  • I do noticed my pores aren't as noticeable as before. 
  • I haven't had any bad break outs except for my hormonal acnes which dries out after a few days. Nothing extreme at all just a few spots around my jawline and big one that's drying out now by my cheek.
  • My dry patches have disappeared but I believe this is from using my Michael Todd Acne Skin care regimen (a review of this kit coming soon!).
  • I have noticed my foundation application looks more even and smoother.
  • I also have been doing my neck and collarbone area and I can tell my neck feels smoother now too!
So that's all what I have noticed so far.  I do love how there are more pros than bad results. I really think when starting it slow and not using the machine everyday on your face helps with your skin adjusting to it. Like anything new that needs to be introduced to your body, it needs time to adjust. That is just my opinion and what I have learned through life. Not sure what experts would say and think but this seems to be working with me and so I will stick to it!

I'll update you all again in a month, maybe do a once a month update from now on. I'm sorry for the lack of pictures but I am not really ready yet to disclose a close-up of my skin. I do owe you guys a before and after picture so that I will include on a future post, not sure when though.

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