February 7, 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Seductive Beauty

A few things I like about face palettes are how they don't take up a lot of space on the vanity. They're travel-friendly, super easy to use, and you are done with your makeup in no time!
One of my favorite high end beauty brand, Charlotte Tilbury recently launched this 
Instant Look In A Palette
5 Minute Face On The Go

February 3, 2017

Men's NYFW F/W 2017: Steve Aoki x Dim Mak Collection

Steve Aoki's recent hit song "Just Hold On" with Louis Tomlinson (from One Direction), has been on repeat on my playlist. Steve Aoki has been a regular on my playlist, and yes dance music helps me think and write, as well as workout, cook and clean faster, and walk faster to the subway. 
I honestly, have never seen him played live. I don't really like those dance concerts in the park, I think I'm too old for that anyways. BUT when I saw he's showing his DIM MAK Collection at Men's NYFW, I knew I had to see it. 

"Do It Yourself... By Any Means Necessary."  -Steve Aoki

January 27, 2017

HASK Chia Seed Oil Volumizing Collection

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I think the first time I've heard of chia seeds is from a Dr.Oz episode. He mentioned how this is a great superfood. Superfoods are foods that are nutrient powerhouses. They're fully packed of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and chia seeds are fortified with proteins, antioxidants, calcium and nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids. 
I hate taking vitamin supplements, and since these were tasteless, I easily just add these seeds to my oatmeal or sandwich or make a yummy chocolate pudding with it. A few years back, I had put myself on a strict diet (not now, not anymore), and I read how this will help with weight loss as well. It helps you to feel full, eat less and shed pounds! I still am adding this to my oatmeal or any meals I have but not as often as I did before. I do like how this keeps me full so I'm not craving for an unhealthy snack mid-day.
Besides the great health benefits chia seeds have, I was very excited when I found out one of my favorite drugstore haircare brands, HASK has incorporated it to their new haircare collection,
 HASK Chia Seed Oil Volumizing Collection

January 24, 2017

The Body Shop Make-Up Collection

100% vegetarian ✔
cruelty free ✔
no petrolatum, no mineral oil, no carmine ✔✔✔
What else can you ask for from the new
The Body Shop Make-Up Collection

January 19, 2017

M•A•C VIVA GLAM Taraji P. Henson

*In partnership with M.A.C Cosmetics*

Since 1994 every cent from the selling price of M•A•C VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass has gone toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/ AIDS.

Available online & in-store February 2, 2017 until February 1, 2018