January 18, 2018

Slowly but surely getting results with PMD Beauty

This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own.

Investing on really good skincare tools can get expensive, but it is an investment as in-time it will give you great looking skin!

Keep reading to see if the
PMD Personal Microderm is meant for you.

January 12, 2018

I Am Awesome, Unique, Strong, Perfect... with RealHer Cosmetics

I've been very distracted (and lazy) lately and have neglected my blog. Now I got the holiday-mode out of my system, I do feel refreshed now. I don't have big plans or goals for this year, I actually want to take it easy... Well more of like -- see how it goes instead of pressuring myself to get more likes and readers by end of the month or year OR get as many paid posts which can get overwhelming since those come with due dates.

On that note, let's begin with today's post which is a makeup review on a brand that I'm really excited to share with you! Most of you may have seen it already all over my Instagram, and know that I love what this brand stands for. Keep reading to see what I think of 
RealHer cosmetics

December 20, 2017

#EverydayMasking with SkinForum's Botanical Fuse Masks

This post is for all the men & women out there who loves to pamper themselves before an upcoming Holiday party or wedding or dinner date or girl's night out or for whatever occasion.

We all know it takes more than a day or two to get to that healthy, glowing skin that's ready to party! So for an upcoming Holiday Dinner gathering, I wanted my skin to have that happy, healthy glow so 5 days until the night of the dinner, I used one face mask every night from
SkinForum's Botanical Fuse Masks collection

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 **excludes subscription boxes**

December 11, 2017

Gift Guide: The Luxury Edit

We are at the end of this 2017 Gift Guide, and I hope it helped you get some ideas on what to get for friends, co-workers and loved ones.
So for those who are willing to splurge; who have no budget for their favorite people here are some ideas you may want to get 'em! But not all luxury gifts have to be over $100 and so you will find some items below that are still pretty affordable with a luxury quality to it.