October 24, 2018

Different Sunglasses, Different Attitude

Shopping for a new pair of sunglasses? Or just in a mood to browse? Why not check out this new site that has an amazing selection from huge designer brands such as Ray-Bans, Gucci, Burberry, Pradas and many more. SmartBuyGlasses.com is one of the largest eyewear e-retailer worldwide!
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These Prada sunglasses I picked is from their "Influencer's Collection". Unfortunately it's not available on their site but still take a look at the other Prada sunglasses they have.
You'll never know, you may like the other pairs they have.

A pair of sunglasses for me, can change the attitude of how I carry myself. It's what completes my whole look, and tells what kind of vibes I am going for that day.
My pair of aviators, exudes confidence for me. It's the pair that has that Cool-Girl vibes. A huge pair of dark sunglasses, is my "Do Not Talk To Me" sunnies, because I may not be wearing any makeup that day or just haven't had my coffee yet. My cat eye shaped sunnies are for days when I want to rock that red lipstick and channel my inner Audrey Hepburn. I just want to feel pretty and girly, and so I grab my pair of cat eye sunglasses.

This particular pair was calling my name because it has that street style vibe but can also be dressed up if needed. I do see myself using this as my daily sunglasses when walking the dog, or getting coffee. I think it just fits my casual chic/ athleisure style. You can never really go wrong with a pair of black sunglasses, and these just sits on my face comfortably.

When you know a pair of sunglasses fits and looks good on you, it'll boost your confidence to get through the day so go get you a pair and strut that look on your way to work or home or to Starbucks or to Mcdonald's, I would!

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