June 12, 2018


I thought that by my adult life I would have a vanity like my Mom's, bottles of her favorite scents and her signature perfume. It's this Ylang Ylang scent, I can't remember the exact brand name but it comes in this beautiful white floral bottle, which I sometimes steal and spray myself with. Instead, I have a drawer full of perfume sample vials, bottles gifted that aren't really my scent, and maybe two bottles of perfume that I really like. I thought I would have a signature scent by now, but I have such a hard time sticking to one scent, like with handbags I love to change it up and match my scent to my mood or to the season. I do like muskier scents during the colder months and fresh, citrus scents in the warmer months, and with new perfumes coming out all the time I sure want to try them all!

If you're like me and you like to change it up a lot, and just cannot commit to a huge bottle of perfume that may cost a lot, then you may want to check out

$14.95/ monthly

Scentbird is a luxury fragrance subscription service. 
Each month you receive a 30-day supply (0.27 oz/ 8ml) in a travel-friendly spray of a fragrance that YOU choose (Gucci, D&G, Burberry, PRADA & more!). You get this chic white reusable case with your first order, and you can cancel anytime! 
They partner directly with top brands/ wholesalers and only sell 100% authentic fragrance.

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Born out of frustration with the “perfume graveyard” — expensive bottles of designer perfume collecting dust on your dresser or cabinet — Scentbird was created to provide an alternative that is both practical and exciting.

I really love the concept of this monthly subscription. I don't know how long I would keep this subscription but there are tons of perfumes I'm really liking right now and with Scentbird, it's so easy to commit to as many perfumes that I want to try. It's one flat fee per perfume and the travel-size bottle is just enough for me to move on to another perfume if I want to. I won't be stuck with a huge bottle of perfume that costs hundreds of dollars!

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